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32 Parenting Influencers Ready To Inspire, Advise & Collab!

Parenting is a tough job, whether you’re new to it or have years of experience. Following the right parenting influencers on social media can help parents get answers to help make their journey of raising children so much easier and way more fun.

Here are the inspiring parenting influencers who share a great wealth of knowledge on raising kids and also work with a variety of top brands.

But first, before I carry on…

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Now let’s carry on with today’s round-up of parenting influencers.

Chantel Schnider – @chantelschnider

Chantel Schnider spending time with family at home

Chantel Schnider, a mom of three and the vibrant force behind The Alexander Family fills her Instagram with heartwarming glimpses into their life.

As you scroll through @chantelschnider, you’re treated to a tapestry of genuine family moments. From Walmart adventures to cozy days at home and precious times with her newborn, Chantel authentically shares the highs and lows of parenting. The beauty lies in the unfiltered portrayal of a family simply being themselves. It’s not just curated content; it’s a real, relatable journey.

The Alexander Family has an undeniable charm, and @chantelschnider has become a treasure trove of joy. As you explore their world, you’ll likely find yourself smiling at the candid, everyday magic that they effortlessly bring to life. The warmth and love emanating from their photos and stories are infectious, making it easy to understand why The Alexander Family has captured the hearts of many, including ours. Prepare to be captivated by the genuine beauty of family life.

Jordan Boncquet – @california_belles

Jordan Boncquet IG posts | Parenting influencers on Afluencer

If there’s a must-follow mom-life duo on the internet, it’s got to be Jordan and Robin as Jordan Boncquet.

Based in the USA, these two sisters are moms, wives, and best friends.

After moving to the south of California, Jordan and Robin share their life journey with their community and are all about sharing things they love.


With an engagement rate of 2.4% and a fantastic audience of mainly 25 to 35-year-olds, their bubbly lives and vibrant attention-grabbing posts are an instant charm—and quite a whirlwind of excitement as you’re snatched into all the wonderful things they share on Instagram.

A few posts in and you may find yourself with an air purifier, appetizers for the big game, facial products, arcade games, online coding subscriptions for the kids, cat food, and an awesome air fryer because they’ve persuaded you to add-to-cart and simply make your life better.

Lots of FOMO if you miss anything on their page.  There’s no shortage of great finds and amazing bright mom-life energy.

“Aww, you guys are so adorable.  I want that sweatshirt too!”  We agree!

Jordan and Robin are so magnetizing and such a breath of fresh air on your feed that you’ll enjoy following.


Family, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, home, and health brands—Jordan and Robin are the sisters to collaborate with for a bright and upbeat campaign.

Traceyann J. – @traceyannn_

Traceyann J | Her children on  Instagram

Coming to you from Georgia, USA is this lovely mom of three: Traceyann. She has a love for all things beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle. But above all, she loves sharing her experiences on motherhood and marriage.


Not only is Traceyann a mom, but a birth and postpartum doula as well! On her Instagram profile, you’ll find adorable pics and updates of her kids, as well as tips on motherhood and some personal updates about her own journey. Her family pops up a lot on her feed. It’s clear that this is where her passion lies.

As a lover of beauty, this micro-influencer also posts her favorite products and skincare routines. As a busy mom, she prefers to keep things simple coz #aintnobodygottime. Moms out there are sure to relate!

She recently started a blog called Joy of the Johnsons where she has a goal to share content on all that she enjoys while encouraging moms everywhere to stay true to themselves.


Traceyann is fairly new to the game but is not shying away from any potential Collabs. On her blog, she’s inviting brands to reach out to her to “build something together”. And, naturally, over on her Afluencer profile, it’s super easy to reach out 🙂

If you’re here for fun parenting influencers, then tapping that “Invite to Collab” button will be the best thing you do today!

Susie Bachar – @wearejustthe3ofus

Susie Bachar promotes kids products on Instagram

Hailing from the sunny vibes of South Florida, USA, Susie Bachar effortlessly juggles multiple roles – a parenting influencer, a skilled photographer, and a dedicated small business owner. Juggling these hats with grace, Susie invites you into her world where her husband and the adorable Reef, their sweet toddler, make frequent heartwarming appearances on her vibrant Instagram page.

Susie’s feed is a delightful mix – from showcasing quick and healthy family meals to highlighting must-have eco-friendly products. Whatever she shares, rest assured it’s a blend of information, fun, and inspiration. Susie Bachar is the influencer you never knew you needed – delivering content that leaves you wondering how you ever lived without her unique perspective on family life.

Her diverse and engaging content promises not just a peek into her world but a valuable addition to your daily scroll. You’re going to want to not only hit that follow button but click on that “Invite to Collab” button too!

Beverly Spanninger – @yurtfarmmama

Beverly Spanninger's kids having fun | Parenting influencers

Meet Beverly, the heart and soul behind @yurtfarmama, your go-to lifestyle and parenting influencer! With three homeschooled kids, she effortlessly weaves the bohemian hippy spirit into her daily life. As a small-scale market farmer, Beverly cultivates not only vegetables but also a love for nature, reflecting her passion for the outdoors.

Beverly’s content immerses you in her world, making you reconsider that corporate 9 to 5. Who needs that when you can be home doing what you love? Her genuine joy at home showcases a unique blend of parenting, homeschooling, and embracing a bohemian lifestyle. A true advocate for holistic living, she dives deep into health, creating a vibrant tapestry of wellness.

Imagine your brand Collab’ing with hippie Beverly—an opportunity to tap into a new market through an influencer who effortlessly combines authenticity, nature, and holistic living. Join forces with @yurtfarmama and let your brand resonate with a community ready to embrace a life inspired by Beverly’s wholesome approach.

Alexandra Nicole – Yahoo Calls Her One of the Most Inspiring Influencers

Alexandra Nicole - laughing while sat on a chair wearing a green dress

Nicole is a single mom, blogger, and entrepreneur. Also, a Ph.D. student, Nicole is one of the most reliable parenting influencers and can help parents find ways to handle children. In fact, Yahoo called her one of the most inspiring influencers.

She works as a business consultant and spends a large part of her day with her children.

Nicole runs her own blog, City Chic Living, where she shares parenting tips, health ideas, travel suggestions, and home decor inspiration. She has more than 85,000 Instagram followers and a small e-commerce store.

Nicole works with all sorts of brands and offers various packages through her site including product images, blog posts, travel, product reviews, and even TV commercials. Moreover, brands can even hire her for a personal appearance.

Alaina Bullock – Lifestyle Influencer with Parenting Tips

Alaina Bullock - headshot portrait of lifestyle blogger and parenting influencer

Alaina identifies as a lifestyle blogger but you will also find some great parenting tips on her blog, Bullock’s Buzz.

She lives with her husband, stepson, and three cats (perfect opportunity for a cat brand Collab), in Birmingham. The Alabama mom enjoys the outdoors, cooking, and reading. She’s also into gardening and animal welfare.

She’s quite a well-known name on Pinterest with close to 1 million monthly viewers. Brands interested in finding a foothold on the photo-sharing site can work with her.

Bullock has a degree in Early Childhood Education and she worked as a full-time teacher.

She uploads new content on a regular basis in the form of tips, fun ideas, and opinions on products. She also hosts giveaways and is known for partnering with different brands.

So if you’re looking for parenting influencers who pretty much reps the very definition, then Alaina is the perfect creator to partner with.

Jenna Liu – @sixxcoolmoms

Jenna Liu | Instagram Posts | Mom Influencers Featured on Afluencer

Representing Maryland, USA is Jenna Liu. She’s the founder of a national tight-knit community for fun moms and moms-to-be: Sixx Cool Moms. Here you’ll also find a network of mom influencers and content creators who are sure to tickle a rib or two.


Calling all moms! Jenna and the community she created are everything many moms out there need in their lives. Here you’ll find content on so much. Support. Shout-outs. Mother-in-law jokes. Encouragement. Businesses to support. Hot guys (look out for “hot guy in the wild”), wink!  Real talk on all things women and motherhood. Stories. Jokes. Family, fun and SO much more.

On Instagram, Sixx Cool Moms is full of realness. Just everyday women being themselves. You can feel the positivity and support.

Jenna is also a host of a podcast called @BadAskMoms where she and her co-host tackle questions about motherhood, relationships, sexual health, and life. We love Jenna’s commitment to her inspiring community of moms.


You know this mom has her Collab game on point. She’s partnered with various clothing brands, from fitness apparel to shapewear for moms; as well as photography, beauty, children’s education, beverage (mama needs her wine), toys, and so much more. She’s clearly all about that mom’s life. You know what they say, “when mom is happy, everyone is happy”.

If you’re also all about that parenting mom life, a Collab with our influencer, Jenna is a sure win!

Diana S. – @forevermylittlemoon

Diana with daughter and husband, and kids products | IG sponsorships

Meet Diana, the heart and mind behind the Forever My Little Moon blog, a haven for parenting enthusiasts. Based in charming Minnesota, Diana embarked on this blogging journey to document her path from the anticipation of conceiving to the joys and challenges of parenthood. Her blog isn’t just a narrative; it’s a supportive community. Many of her followers have found solace and guidance through Forever My Little Moon.

Beyond parenting insights, Diana uses her platform to be authentically herself. Her blog and social media are vibrant spaces where she fearlessly shares personal, opinionated posts. What sets Diana apart from other parenting influencers is her ability to keep things fresh and engaging. With a constant stream of captivating content, Forever My Little Moon ensures you’ll never tire of exploring the exciting and diverse world of parenting through Diana’s eyes. Get ready for a journey that’s not only informative but also entertaining and endlessly fascinating.

Taylor Franklin – All About The Mom Life

Taylor Franklin with her children | Instagram posts

Based in Florida, Taylor Franklin is a buzzing mom with a straight-to-the-point approach to sharing her family lifestyle highlights while hooking parents up with some pretty cool finds.

You know, the random everyday mom life stuff but with a sprinkle of “OMG I need that in my life”.

Add home and travel content and Taylor’s your new mom BF on your feed.


Her cute little relatable stories about her children seamlessly flow into fantastic product promos of stuff for parents.

I swear this boy could read all day. He loves to grab as many books off the shelf as possible and make up stories based on the pictures. You can usually find him hiding in my room or behind the couch flipping through all the colorful pages”.— that then flows into a children’s book ad that her followers adore in the comments.

From adorable portraits of her children (because a mom can’t help but share the “aww so cute” moments), home remodeling projects (of course), must-have granola smoothie bowl on the go (that’s how we roll), to really great mom finds like super cute frog knitted hats, epic toys, sunscreen, teeth whitening, and all-natural skincare (because all this stuff is pretty important—right?).

Oh, and then you’ve got to love it when she drops a funky manicure because she’s gotta show off a lovely piece of jewelry (that you’ll love, too!).

Did I mention that Taylor frequently treats her followers with fun competitions?  There really is so much to love about her.


Taylor is an amazing mid-tier influencer who will rock promos for family, lifestyle, and travel brands.

Joy Blanca – Parenting Influencer With All Kinds of Skills

Joy Blanca - profile picture of notepad corner

Joy is a content writer, entrepreneur, social media marketer, baker, and bookworm. And above all, she’s a mother to two boys, who have greatly helped shape her personality.

Joy works with all kinds of brands as she’s good at creating her own content, especially written materials. She covers press releases, product reviews, and other such pieces.

She shares her personal experiences on her blog Notepad Corner; however, she also operates several other blogs and contributes to a number of platforms.

If you are serious about improving your SEO ranking then she can be your go-to person.

2Dadswithbaggage – LGBT Family Adventures

2DadsWithBaggage | Jonathan Bailey, Triton Klugh, Sophia Bailey-Klugh, Ava Bailey-Klugh

We can’t talk about parenting influencers without mentioning 2 Dads with Baggage. They are an LGBTQ family travel blog that covers everything related to parenting including finding a connection with your children, traveling together, and having fun.

While it is a great platform, we must mention that it might not be all that suitable for new parents as it caters to parents with slightly older children.

The 2Dads family consists of:

Jonathan Bailey

Jon loves to explore faraway places and has a great interest in cooking. He loves to share his family recipes.

Triton Klugh

Triton enjoys eating out and is into fashion. He often shares fashion tips on his blog.

Sophia Bailey-Klugh

Sophia loves shopping, movies, and entertainment.

Ava Bailey-Klugh

Ava is into movies, fashion, and cuddly animals.

The family caught the limelight when Sophia, aged 10, wrote a letter to former US President, Barack Obama. The letter got media attention and the family went on to meet some popular people.

Christina Flynn – @indiedood

Christina Flynn's daughter happy with Cookeez Makery toy

Meet Christina Flynn, the warm-hearted parenting influencer hailing from sunny Florida in the USA. As a mom of two, Christina invites you to join her family adventures, where her toddler plays the starring role. Her Instagram is a treasure trove of family-centric content, from playful moments to thoughtful parenting insights.

Christina not only shares the joys of motherhood but equips fellow parents with practical tips. From handpicked toy suggestions that keep little ones entertained to invaluable health advice for staying on top of the parenting game, her feed is a go-to resource.

What sets Christina apart is her seamless integration of brand Collabs. A seasoned professional, her Instagram showcases a plethora of paid partnerships, assuring potential collaborators that their brand is in expert hands. Reach out to Christina for a collab that promises to elevate your business to new heights – because parenting is easier when you have influencers like Christina Flynn as your guide.

Cassandra Summers – @cassandra_blogs

Cassandra Summers shares son playing and learning on IG

Cassandra Summers, an Ohio-based mom of four, is your go-to influencer delivering a delightful blend of parenting, health, food, and lifestyle content.

Her page is a harmonious mix, providing a real and relatable experience for her followers. Instead of aiming for perfection, Cassandra focuses on sharing moments that make her audience exclaim, “Me too!” Her Instagram is a treasure trove of genuine family content, featuring laughs, adorable faces, and candid moments that resonate with all of us.

If you’re deciding on the right parenting influencers and you value genuine connections and authenticity, partnering with Cassandra is a no-brainer. Brands keen on reaching an audience appreciative of real-life experiences are sure to find a perfect match in this down-to-earth influencer. Her follower count is ever-growing and her engagement rate continues to rise. The proof is in the pudding. Dive into her world for a refreshing take on the chaotic and endearing journey of parenthood. What a refreshing take!

Kim Williams – @kimoune

Kim Williams in the forest | Instagram post

Hey there, Quebec! Get ready to meet Kim Williams – a fabulous mom, lifestyle and parenting influencer, and radio guru cheering for dream-chasers and girl power advocates.

Dive into the world of @kimoune’s Instagram, and the first thing you’ll think is, “Wow, what a visually stunning page!” But it’s not just about the aesthetics; Kim’s content is a delightful journey. Whether she’s rocking the latest fashion, proudly showcasing her strong-willed daughter, or sharing other lifestyle gems, her captions, mostly in French, add that perfect touch of detail.

What sets Kim apart is her authenticity shining through every picture, video, and caption. There’s a genuine, real, and relatable vibe that grabs your attention instantly. Her engagement rate is to be envied – moms out there are clearly hooked on her content. If you’re a brand on the lookout for a Collab partner with these qualities, Kim Williams deserves a prime spot on your list of Canadian parenting influencers to connect with.

Lexie Undem – @lexienoelleundem

Lexie Undem on IG | Parenting influencers on Afluencer

Introducing Alexandra, affectionately known as Lexie, a parenting micro-influencer weaving a tapestry of positivity, creativity, and practicality in her online realm. Lexie’s Instagram is a haven for those seeking inspiration in recipes, motherhood, sustainability, and delightful DIY ventures.

As a devoted mom of two, having recently given birth to her youngest, Lexie’s captions are not just words—they’re thoughtful narratives, providing a peek into her world with detailed insights. Navigating through her Instagram, you’re not just a follower; you become part of Lexie’s extended family, invited to share in the joys of family moments.

Lexie effortlessly integrates paid partnerships with diverse brands into her content, bringing authenticity to Collabs. For those aspiring to elevate their brand’s presence, inviting Lexie into your journey is akin to adding a touch of stardust. Brace yourself for a Collab that transcends marketing—it’s a genuine connection that resonates with audiences and propels brands toward new heights.

Join forces with Lexie, and together, you can create something extraordinary!

Mayra Operio – @tinytimetraveler

Mayra Operio | Parenting posts on Instagram

Step into the vibrant world of Mayra, the California-based parenting influencer who effortlessly blends the sunshine of the West Coast with the chaos and charm of motherhood. Her content is a celebration of life’s simple joys, with a focus on the dynamic interplay between family and a lively lifestyle.

Mayra’s trio of outdoor-loving sons infuse her days with laughter, adventure, and a touch of muddy chaos. And then there’s her fur baby, a spirited husky, adding a dash of wildness to their daily escapades. But it’s not just the chaos that defines Mayra; it’s her love for storytelling that gives her online presence a unique flavor.

Each post is a journey, a narrative that transports you to magical realms while you sip metaphorical tea with Mayra. Her captions, sincere and relatable, create a sense of intimacy, like sharing secrets with an old friend beneath a starlit sky.

In the world of Collabs, Mayra doesn’t just stop at one niche. From fashion to gastronomy, her partnerships with diverse brands add an extra layer of excitement to her already captivating feed. Ready for a dose of lifestyle inspiration and a peek into the enchanting world of motherhood?

Join Mayra on her digital escapades and let the adventure unfold!

Hannah Denison – @hannahmarieden

Hannah Denison's children on IG

Explore the enchanting world of motherhood, beauty, and lifestyle through the lens of parenting influencer, Hannah Denison. Hailing from the picturesque Pacific Northwest in Seattle, Washington, Hannah infuses a delightful British touch into her content, reflecting her English roots.

As a devoted mom blogger, she shares the joys and challenges of raising her two adorable kids, who play starring roles in her heartwarming posts. Hannah’s Instagram page is a treasure trove of product discoveries, as she enthusiastically reviews and recommends gems to her engaged audience. Her genuine passion resonates, creating a strong connection with followers who eagerly anticipate her insights.

With a thriving engagement rate, your brand is in capable hands with Hannah. Embrace the warmth, authenticity, and joy that define her space—a haven for those seeking a blend of motherhood tales, beauty tips, and lifestyle inspiration. Hannah’s Instagram is not just a feed; it’s a heartfelt journey, and your brand can be part of this delightful adventure.

Brooke Etter – @lifeofetter

Brooke Etter | Christmas themed IG posts

Meet Brooke Etter, the warm-hearted parenting influencer hailing from Ohio. As a dedicated wife and mom of three beautiful girls, her content revolves around the joys and challenges of motherhood, sprinkled with insights into maintaining positive mental health. Brooke’s husband and adorable children frequently make delightful appearances, adding an extra layer of authenticity to her parenting journey.

For those seeking influencers with great parenting inspiration, @lifeofetter is your go-to. Beyond family adventures, Brooke, a self-confessed foodie, shares tantalizing treats and culinary delights. From heartwarming family moments to delicious recipes, her content is a blend of love and flavor.

Brands across various industries have a golden opportunity to Collab with Brooke, amplifying their message through her genuine and engaging platform. Don’t miss the chance to connect with this influential parenting figure whose content is a delightful mix of family, food, and genuine moments.

Sydney Eacret – Sweet-natured Nano-influencer

Sydney Eacret | Parenting Influencers Featured on Afluencer

From Washington, USA, Sydney Eacret is a lovely single mom and an authentic nano-influencer who shares sweet glimpses of heart-warming mom-and-daughter moments.


If there’s anything that stands out about Sydney’s content, it’s got to be her genuine expression of who she is and what she loves.

And her treasured baby girl is a beautiful part of what she shares on her Instagram profile.  From classic holiday photos, and baby milestone updates, to adorable moments that will make you go “awww” post after post—you can’t help but fall in love with Sydney’s world through her lens.

Sydney also has a particular love for the outdoors—sharing soulful hiking and sweet berry-picking experiences with her baby girl.

Sun, nature, baby coos, and all the things that will warm your heart as you watch Sydney’s motherhood journey is what you can expect to consume on her feed.

And it’s no surprise that she expresses some soul in her captions too.

“We needed time to unwind and unplug from everything!  I forgot how much happiness and peace nature brings me and I can’t wait to get out and be more active with my little girl.”


Sydney is a sweet-natured nano-influencer that would make the perfect match for baby, lifestyle, parenting, outdoor, and fitness brands.

Aiyna Dhillon – Milan’s Mama is a Parenting Influencer

Aiyna Dhillon | Parenting influencer with her baby Milan in cafe

Dhillon, who became a mother in 2019, and is happily married, runs her blog Milan’s Mama where she shares her experiences, advice, recommendations, and ideas.

The Canadian mom is working to strengthen her social media presence but mainly concentrates on her blog which also has a Shop section.

Her posts are humorous and full of life. In addition to parenting tips, you will find articles on travel, cooking, and hobbies on the platform.

Heather Wone – aka Miss Frugal Mommy

Kids of Miss Frugal Mommy, Heather Wone

Heather is the name behind the Miss Frugal Mommy blog. However, she also concentrates on social media and has more than 5,000 Instagram followers.

Consider following her if you are interested in tips on how to save money as a parent. Many parents find it financially difficult to make ends meet.

She has three kids and years of experience that she shares in the form of blogs. She works with different brands and can be seen posting reviews and detailed guides.

Anitra Jackson – Business Owner, Educator & Parenting Influencer

Anitra Jackson | The Momtessorian | Parenting and Mom Life | Instagram Bio

Jackson is a mom, small business owner, and educator. She has around 7,000 Insta followers and an engagement rate of 2.8 percent.

She collaborates with a lot of brands and often posts reviews, overviews, and sponsored photos. Since she’s a Montessori educator, she’s usually followed by new parents interested in finding ways to educate young kids.

In addition to this, she’s also making kids’ yoga popular. She caters to kids between the ages of 2 and 12 and is certified by Cosmic Kids Yoga.

Certainly a great choice for brands looking to work with parenting influencers.

Parenting Advice While Bringing Up Babe

Bringing Up Babe Instagram posts | Parenting influencers

The popular Instagram page Bringing Up Babe has amassed more than 169,000 followers.

The family page is dedicated to their everyday life as parents. The couple shares gorgeous photos and videos of themselves and their adorable 4-year-old daughter, Babe.

These influencers have received immense praise due to their unique parenting methods. You will find parenting tips, product recommendations, and special DIY projects for kids.

Kathy Blouin-Potvin – Passionate Content Creator

Life with Kathy - Full-time mother with two daughters

Kathy, 27, is a full-time mother to two daughters, 5 and 7, and has been married for seven years. She enjoys writing which certainly shows in her blog where she started to share her experiences with others and fulfill her passion for writing.

Unlike other parenting influencers, she doesn’t concentrate on a single niche and identifies as a lifestyle blogger. You will find everything on her social media pages and blog, Life With Kathy. Such as reviews, traveling and parenting tips, lifestyle ideas, giveaways, recipes, and crafts.

She believes in posting honest reviews and only works with brands that she truly likes.

Kelsey Thelen – Lifestyle & Parenting Influencer Spreading Love on Instagram

Kelsey Thelen in Nightmare Before Christmas Onesie | Parenting influencer

Based in Basin, Arizona, Kelsey is a lifestyle and parenting influencer with around 45,000 Instagram followers.

A mother of four, Kelsey’s motto is to spread love. You will find a variety of inspiring posts on her social media that include product reviews, ideas for DIY projects for kids, and some beautiful photos of her children.

She believes that mothers shouldn’t stop taking care of their health and beauty and has joined hands with a bunch of brands that cater to moms.

Lavynder Lee – The Bold & Beautiful Millennial Mom

Lavynder Lee - posing elegantly in front of giant mirror

Lee is an activist and millennial mom working hard to spread the idea of sex positivity. She mainly concentrates on her website, Lavynder Lee Co.; however, you will also find her on social media platforms.

You will find a variety of posts on her Instagram such as pictures of her children, her motherhood journey, confidence-boosting images, and motivational quotes.

She is known for her bold avatar and enthusiasm. She also works with different beauty brands, lifestyle businesses, and fashion labels.

Nadia Gozdon – Parenting from Denmark to California

Nadia Gozdon - pregnant and ready to share parenthood advice

Whether you’re looking for parenting influencers for collaboration or tips, Nadia’s got you covered. This California-based wife and mom shares some great tips, stories, and suggestions with her 35,000 Instagram followers.

We must, however, mention that despite her location, Nadia seems to be more popular in European countries and about 90 percent of her followers are from Denmark, where she spent several years of her life.

Nadia loves to share the adventures and joys of motherhood and help other parents find answers to their parenting questions.

Priscilla Marie Cosme – Parent, Teacher & Coach

Priscilla Marie Cosme with newborn baby | Parenting Influencers

It’s not very often that you come across a parenting influencer with real-life teaching experience. Priscilla, however, fits the bill as she’s not just a wife or a mommy but also a teacher and a cheer coach.

This Texas mom has a huge following of over 198,000 on Instagram who enjoy her thoughtful posts on education, motherhood, and the challenges parents have to face.

She actively engages with her followers and is especially known for her detailed and honest reviews.

Aubrey Ellison – @aubellison

Aubrey Ellison | Mother and son IG posts | Parenting influencers on Afluencer

Bringing the best mom life smiles and chuckles to social media straight outta Idaho, USA, is Aubrey Ellison.

Mom of four, Aubrey loves all things health, beauty, fashion, and family, and she loves being an influencer.

In her words, “I believe in the influencer world and think there is so much good that comes from it”.  We can’t help but just love her.


Unforgettable, contagious, light-hearted, and so lovable.  Seriously, Aubrey makes mom life look like a fun ride—even in all the craziness.  And if you’re a mom, all you need in your day is Aubrey showing up on your feed to brighten you up.

It’s her cherry personality that will cheer you up through her funny mom life videos like “When your 3-year-old can do it by himself”, her cutest milestone updates of her family, and even her uplifting monthly giveaways like a recent beauty hamper with a “love ya, mean it” mug for extra sunshine in your day vibes (even if you don’t win it, her post still brightens you up).

It’s rare to find a personality like Aubrey’s that brings so much great energy to her followers through sharing simple, relatable, and even quirky experiences of motherhood.


Aubrey Ellison loves collaborating with brands she believes should be bigger and it’s a dream come true for her to promote something she is passionate about.

With her growing micro-influencer profile, Aubrey is a must-collab for brands that are looking to reach her family audience.

Louise Pentland – Best Parenting Vlogger in the UK

Louise Pentland | Parenting Influencer and Content Creator

If you search for the best or most popular parenting influencers, you will definitely come across Louise Pentland. A published author who is considered the best parenting Vlogger in the UK.

She enjoys more than 2.5 million followers who actively comment on her posts. The social media star often talks about body positivity and has worked with all kinds of brands including fashion labels and publishers of storybooks.

She’s equally popular on YouTube, where she has more than 2.31 million followers. You will see all kinds of posts on her social media handles including reviews, tours, tips, and Q&A sessions.

Tom Riles – Fun Dad Ready To Rock Your Social Feed

Tom Riles - Dad with his three kids

Last but not least, is an influencer dad with parenting memes to inspire and entertain for days!

Riley’s more popular as the warm-up act for The Ellen DeGeneres Show; however, behind the scenes, he’s been working on his page, The Life of Dad, which he started in 2010.

His social media page has more than 277,000 followers where he shares memes related to parenthood and some cool tips. If you’re looking for influencers with some relatable posts, then he’s your parenting go-to guy.

Concluding Our Parenting Influencers List

Want to get in touch with these and other parenting influencers? OR perhaps instead you’re looking for influencers from the realms of other niches to sponsor your brand, products, or services? Then you need to SIGN UP WITH AFLUENCER today so you can get INSTANT ACCESS to our platform where you’ll find thousands of influencers in different niches.

This originally appeared on afluencer and is available here for wider discovery.
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