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4 Messenger List Building Examples From Real Brands That Are Killing It


List building is important, and Messenger is no different. Did you know that Facebook Messenger subscribers are on average 3-5x more valuable than email subscribers when it comes to driving sales? Messenger subscribers are vastly more likely to open your message, interact with it, and ultimately purchase. In short, Messenger is going to be the next big revenue channel for businesses.

So how do you actually build your Messenger list to start unlocking that value?  Three words: ShopMessage Smart Prompts.

Yup, that’s it. Our Smart Prompts are the industry’s most powerful and effective tools for winning Messenger subscribers right from your store.

List Building Smart Popup All-Stars

Here are four real-life examples of how our customers are driving Messenger subscribers using ShopMessage Smart Popups.

Grunt Style

Grunt Style growth plugin overlay offering 15% off. Clicking the blue

The All-American brand, Grunt Style, loves the Red, White, and Blue and employs hundreds of Veterans. They use ShopMessage’s flyout-style Smart Prompt to turn their patriotic shoppers into buyers.

This offer alone drives $308 in sales for every $1 they invest in ShopMessage.


Blenders growth plugin overlay offering 15% off. Sunglasses on a warm sunset-reflecting beach with a blurry surfer in the backgorund.

The now iconic sunglasses brand, Blenders, continues to turn heads on the streets and on Messenger. One of their most successful Smart Prompts triggers at “purchase intent” when a shopper is showing buy signals but hasn’t yet committed.

This smart prompt delivers $360 in revenue for each $1 invested in ShopMessage. And like all the examples here, this is in the “post-pre-check” Messenger world.

Pandora’s Box

Pandora's Box growth plugin overlay offering 25% off. When the blue button is pressed, the completion screen will generate a discount code where the placeholder text is, denoted by the {{ }}. Warm gradient background.

Pandora’s Box is your one-stop shop for all your shopping and gifting needs. And ShopMessage Smart Prompts turn their casual browsers into serious buyers every moment of every day.

This Pandora’s Box “purchase intent” promotion earns $119 for every $1 they invest in ShopMessage.


iHeartRaves growth plugin overlay offering 10% off. Cool blue gradient background with a photo of a young woman wearing a neon green two-piece body suit with thigh-length black fishnet stockings on underneath.

iHeartRaves welcomes thousands of party goers with a discount to use on dancewear, accessories and more as they gear up for music festival season.

The brand earns $338 for every $1 invested in ShopMessage for this Smart Prompt discount promotion.

3 Smart Reasons to Use ShopMessage Smart Prompts

ShopMessage Smart Prompts drive real results every day because they are intelligently designed to not be “yet another popup” and they do not conflict with your existing lead capture efforts. To be specific:

1 They only appear to users logged into Facebook and have not already subscribed to your store’s messages, so you’re targeting only the most relevant audience.

2 They will not conflict with partner popups (for capturing emails or phone numbers), maximizing the experience for your visitors.

3 They can be easily configured to appear exactly where, when, and how you want them to on your store. There’s nothing generic (or dumb) about these Smart Popups.

Excited? Convinced? We are too. Start your trial or set up a demo anytime.

Want to learn more? Check out our guide to getting started with Messenger Marketing!

This originally appeared on Shop Message and is made available here to educate and cast a wider net of discovery.
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Rewards Case Study: LEGO VIP Rewards Program

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