4 Ways a Blog Can Help Your eCommerce Store



Your product pages are the meat and potatoes of your eCommerce store, but they shouldn’t be the only tools you use to promote your store. If your store doesn’t have a blog, you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to attract new customers, improve your store’s visibility on search engine results pages, and build a community for your brand.


We’ve put together 4 ways a blog can help your eCommerce store – if your store doesn’t have a blog already, you’ll definitely want it to after reading these tips.


#1: Blogs Build Trust with Shoppers

Blogs add a personal touch to your store. When shoppers read your blog, they can more personally connect with you through your written word. Shopify stores without blogs can feel like ghost towns to shoppers, but the addition of well-written content can show your customer that there are real people working behind the servers of your store.


You can also show shoppers you care about more than making a sale by adding a blog to your eCommerce store. Tutorials, reviews, tips, tricks, and lists are all excellent types of content you can use for your blog to show your shopper you care.


#2: Blogs Can Help Your Store Grow

Shopping online is less about impulse buys and more about making informed purchases. Blogs are an excellent way to help your shopper feel more confident about their potential purchase and less worried about the consequences of an impulse buy. In fact, your store could become more well-known for its blog than its products, which isn’t a poor reputation to have – the more your shoppers enjoy your content and trust your opinions, the more likely they will be to share your blog with others and buy your products.


In short, having a blog opens you up to many new opportunities for growth. You may be asked to guest blog for a large brand in your niche, or you could be asked to write content for a magazine wanting to promote your store. These situations aren’t guaranteed, but they’re more likely to show themselves when your eCommerce store has a blog.


#3: Blogs Improve Your Reach to Your Target Audience

Content marketing is a crucial part of inbound marketing. It adds an additional channel shoppers can use to find your brand. Blogs allow you to reach your target audience through actionable content they can relate to – in return, it makes your brand relevant to more searches and keywords.


When you fill your blog with search engine optimized content and shareable articles, you’re opening yourself up to a larger audience than ever. Without a blog, your inbound marketing efforts will not see their full potential.


#4: Blogs Are the Most Effective Content Marketing Tool

Without a blog, you have little content to market. Your product pages are one way to market your store, but they don’t leave much room for long-form content. Successful content marketing begins with a great blog, and without one you’re selling your store’s potential short. Updating and maintaining a blog will take time, but the more effort you put into blogging, the more it’ll benefit your store.


Does your Shopify store have a blog? If so, how has the addition of a blog helped your store gain exposure? Let us know in the comments below!


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