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5 Influencer Marketing Campaigns To Take Inspiration From In 2022


Are you stuck in a creative rut? Take inspiration from brands like Eos, SKINN Cosmetics, and Revolve to diversify your influencer marketing strategies and run your most successful campaign this year.

We’ve compiled stories from some of our favorite brands to give you some ideas for your next campaign.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Eos

  • The winning strategy: TikTok Influencer Marketing
    • Eos goes all in on TikTok and its creators for sponsored posts and new product lines, ad content, and more.
  • The results:
    • 2,500% increase in orders
    • 45,000% increase in site traffic
    • 32.3 million views on the branded hashtag

Skincare brand Eos is investing more in TikTok and its creators. In 2021, the brand spent 15% of its entire marketing budget on TikTok, working on sponsored campaigns with creators, running boosted ads, and more — and it all paid off.

For instance, TikTok influencer Carly Joy (@killljoyyk) posted a candid shaving tutorial explaining how she uses Eos’ shaving cream to get a bump-free shave. The video went viral, garnering over 19 million views and 5 million likes.

Since then, Eos has worked with Carly to launch a new (NSFW) product line called ‘Bless Your F#@%ing Cooch‘ and saw a whopping 2,500% increase in orders and a 45,000% increase in site traffic. Soyoung Kang, CMO at EOS, explained, “Carly Joy says our shaving cream is an absolute blessing—but Carly Joy’s the true absolute blessing here. Her raw, unfiltered take on how she gets the smoothest shave is being celebrated worldwide, so it only felt right to gift her a custom line as unique as she is.”

In addition, the brand is leaning into the app’s smaller communities and niche influencers — particularly the side of the app coined “ArtTok.” Its campaign around the Eos Flavor Lab lip balm enlisted 11 artists from TikTok to create art pieces out of the Eos lip balms, with each post boosted by ad spend and linked out to purchase at Target.com. Since launching, the artists have created videos that have each gained millions of engagements, and the hashtag #eosflavorlab currently has over 32.3 million views.

2. Mountain Rose Herbs

  • The winning strategy: Turning Customers into Affiliates 
    • Mountain Rose Herbs turn customers, professional herbal educators, and real brand fans into affiliates, rewarding them with a 10% commission for each sale they drive.
  • The results:
    • $330K+ in revenue
    • 900+ conversions
    • 95K+ clicks

Since 1987, Mountain Rose Herbs has served its loyal customers with the highest quality organic herbs, spices, teas, and more. As the brand has grown, it has invested in affiliate marketing to expand its customer base and stay fresh and relevant.

The brand’s incredibly successful affiliate strategy includes developing genuine relationships with customers, professional herbal educators, and real brand fans and turning them into affiliates. These individuals share Mountain Rose Herbs’ message with their community and authentically promote the products by showcasing their lifestyle. If they drive a sale, they’re paid a 10% commission — incentivizing affiliates to organically post about Mountain Rose Herbs and spread positive word-of-mouth.

Now, the brand’s affiliate program consists of over 1,400 brand partners, who have driven over 95,000 clicks, more than 900 conversions, and $330,000 (and counting) in revenue for the brand.

3. Revolve

  • The winning strategy: A Robust Ambassador Program  
    • Revolve launched an ambassador program, allowing brand fans and customers to participate in its famous influencer experience.
  • The results:
    • 3,000 new members
    • 10,000 applicants
    • Increased traffic, sales, and insights

In November, Revolve launched a brand ambassador program, which allows its customers to be a part of the fashion brand’s world-famous influencer experience. Not only do ambassadors receive rewards and prizes for engaging with their favorite brands and products from the retailer, but the program also offers commissions and incentives — including early access to new brands, participation in the brand’s iconic #RevolveAroundtheWorld influencer trips, and access to exclusive events like the Revolve Festival.

Revolve’s brand ambassador program comes when more brands focus on evergreen campaigns and long-term brand partnerships over one-off campaigns. The brand’s community-focused approach to the ambassador program is also smart, as the definition of ‘influencer’ continues to evolve.

Raissa Gerona, Revolve’s Chief Brand Officer, said, “With the changing landscape of social media, the term ‘influencer’ has also evolved. We always want to adapt and grow our network by leading the way with innovation. The Brand Ambassador program recognizes the influence and power of our community’s performance at many levels. It integrates members more fully in our world with special contests, such as the opportunity for top sellers to collaborate on an ‘X Revolve” capsule collection. This is truly an extension of the Revolve influencer experience, and we are incredibly excited to be able to offer it to a broad audience.”

The soft launch for the ambassador program boarded over 3,000 members and drew a waiting list of 10,000 applicants. Revolve also noted the program had become a leading source for online traffic, increasing sales and providing insights with data about customers and brands.

4. SKINN Cosmetics

  • The winning strategy: A Product Seeding Campaign
    • SKINN gifts its products to influencers with no obligation to post, creating an excellent opportunity for organic engagement.
  • The results:
    • 192% increase in sales
    • 19% increase in web traffic

As a small brand, SKINN Cosmetics needed a way to stretch its small budget while building awareness and attracting new customers. So, the brand decided to bet on product seeding — gifting products to influencers with no obligation to post but hoping to build a buzz through word-of-mouth and organic posts.

The brand identified over a hundred influencers with well-aligned audiences and invited them to try some of SKINN’s products — and the results were astounding.

For example, when a macro-influencer mentioned SKINN’s Luminous Skin Oil in their Stories late last year, the product saw a 192% jump in sales compared to the prior month. Additionally, a recent seeding campaign for the Divine Elixir Firming Algae Facial Oil made it one of the brand’s top-performing products despite being just one month since its launch. Plus, compared to the previous year, the brand saw a 19% increase in web traffic from social alone.

  • The winning strategy: Repurposing Content
    • Mejuri repurposes content created by its ambassador team on Pinterest to attract customers looking for similar aesthetics and drive them to its website.
  • The results:
    • 10+ million monthly views
    • 47K+ active followers

Jewelry brand Mejuri has mastered the art of Pinterest.

Not only is Pinterest a visual search engine that personalizes content for each user, but it also has many commerce features built directly into the platform — making it perfect for brands and consumers to find each other. Mejuri leverages all of these tools on its own Pinterest, which features a “Shop” tab that showcases all of its products, as well as several boards with ideas like “Ring Stacks” or “Pearl Jewelry” for its followers to take inspiration from.

Best of all, the brand has built a robust online community with the help of its ambassadors, called #TheFineCrew, who help create stunning content featuring Mejuri’s gorgeous pieces. Mejuri then repurposes its content to a dedicated Pinterest board to target those with a similar aesthetic. Each Pin is linked to the product captured in the image, allowing the brand to drive Pinterest users to its website quickly.

And clearly, they’re doing it right. By curating share-worthy content on their Pinterest page, Mejuri has earned over 10 million monthly views and over 47,000 followers.

Test and Invest

Whether trying out different channels or building an ambassador program, take inspiration from these five brands to test new ideas this year. Then, measure and re-invest in the most successful strategies.

Special thanks to our friends at AspireIQ for their insights on this topic.
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