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5 Ways That Top Brands Repurpose Influencer Generated Content


Source: @chrisbrinleejr for Powerbar

Do you have a rich content library, overflowing with top-performing content that engages and converts?

If you’re like most marketers, the answer is almost always no. In a world where brands struggle to cut through the noise, authentic, personalized creative is the only way to shine through.

The traditional content creation process requires a huge commitment of resources, time and money. The content is not always as authentic as it needs to be, and it might be lacking in personality and creativity.

Enter influencer marketing as a solid solution to these problems. Many top-performing brands are building vast, high-quality content libraries with their influencer marketing programs.

They are finding that influencer-generated content (IGC) resonates with their target audiences, and it comes at a much lower cost than content produced in a professional studio. This leads to improved campaign effectiveness and greater efficiencies across the marketing organization.

Building a content library using your influencer marketing program.

While influencer marketing has transformed into a full-funnel marketing channel, influencers themselves have grown to be mini content studios. The quality of influencer-generated content  can in many cases surpass what might be created in-house.

Influencers can create content that tells your brand’s story authentically. They have a deep knowledge of their audience. These things translate into content that resonates, engages and converts.

Beyond this, marketers are getting incredible mileage out of the content by repurposing it across their various channels. You can see many examples of brands using IGC on their websites, social platforms and other marketing channels.

Make sure you’re getting all of the benefits from your influencer relationships! Here are five ways that top brands are repurposing influencer-generated content to fuel brand marketing channels.

Brand-owned social media

Imagine yourself scrolling through posts from your favorite accounts and suddenly seeing a perfectly sanitized corporate image. It disrupts the experience doesn’t it? That is why many brands repost IGC on their owned social media channels. Creating content that works well on social media can be difficult. Social media users go to platforms like Instagram and Facebook to see funny memes and images from their friends and family, so branded content tends to stick out on users’ feeds, often in a negative way. IGC, on the other hand, is made with social media in mind and, because it is made by influencers your audience is most likely familiar with, it’s less offensive than an ad. As an added bonus, by tagging influencers on Instagram posts, you are more likely to attract their audience to your brand’s page, increasing your brand’s following.

Your Website

According to a Hubspot report, 30% of consumers now report that influencer recommendations are one of the most important factors in their purchasing decisions. In other words, consumers want to see how real people are using products before they purchase the product themselves.

Paid Ads

Influencer-generated content is the holy grail of advertising, especially on paid social like Facebook and Instagram. This is because IGC outperforms the content that brands direct themselves and it’s faster and cheaper to create, meaning that brands can use and test a wide range of diverse content and then use that information to quickly get more content with those learnings in mind. Brands like Bouqs Co. use influencer-generated content for paid ads on Facebook and garner 2x as much engagement compared to brand-directed content.

For more information, read Why Influencer Content Is Rocket Fuel for Facebook Ads


Now you know that influencer-generated content performs well on social media and your website, why not use it to drive engagement via email as well? Forever 21 is a brand that knows how to get their audience engaged. The brand uses influencer marketing to fuel many of their marketing channels, most notably their email campaigns.

Consumers enjoy seeing testimonials and reviews from other people. Using IGC in your emails makes them seem more inspirational and less like a sales pitch.

Offline Ads

Influencer-generated content is just as effective offline as it is online. This includes magazines, newsletters, billboards and in-store advertisements. Brooklinen, an Aspire client, is a New York-based company that specializes in luxury bedding. Brooklinen ran an Instagram campaign showcasing influencers and their adorable pets. The content received so much engagement online that in the following months the brand repurposed the content as ads in the New York subways.

Whenever you foresee the potential to repurpose IGC, keep in mind that you need to have usage rights to all influencer-generated content to avoid any copyright issues.

Special thanks to our friends at AspireIQ for their insights on this topic.
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