50 Online Business Ideas: Product Ideas You Can Sell Online


Looking for online business ideas and product ideas that you can sell online? You’ve come to the right place. We have our ear to the ground when it comes to all things ecommerce, so we have an idea of what’s selling well online and what kind of products are currently on the upward swing.

If you’re looking for business inspiration, this post will give you lots of great ideas, but if you’re looking to actually source some of these product ideas so you can start selling them online, then check out our directories. This is where we got a lot of the ideas for this post—from the suppliers that are currently already making these products available to business owners.

Interested in 50 great online business ideas you can sell online right now? Let’s jump into it.

50 Online Business Ideas: Product Ideas You Can Sell Online

Online Business Ideas to Sell Online


North America is the largest global market when it comes to fragrance products and in 2019, the global fragrance market was worth over 43 billion—by 2025 it’s estimated to be worth over 52 billion (Source). With more and more small brands creating their own fragrances, it’s not just a product left for celebrities and superbrands to develop—anyone can create their own fragrances with the right know-how. If you’re looking for a product idea in the personal care industry, consider creating perfumes, colognes, home fragrances, or hair fragrances (yes, that’s a thing!). Just be aware that shipping some fragrances like perfumes and colognes can come with challenges as they may not be able to ship by air, so make sure to do your due diligence to ensure you can ship worldwide if you want to sell to the global market.

Planners & Journals

Planners and journals have become increasingly popular over the years with all sorts of niche planners selling to consumers around the world. Whether it’s plain writing journals or planners with an organized system, consumers are hungry for the next-best planner product that will make them a better person—or at least, more organized. To learn all about how to start a planner business, click here to check out our full blog post on it.

Niche Food & Beverage Products

Whether it’s your famous hot-sauce recipe or grandma’s favorite cake recipe, you can make your own food and beverage products and sell them to the masses. Find a food manufacturer to turn your bespoke products into sellable items, or even source food and beverage products from wholesalers and private labelers. The world’s your oyster! (No pun intended.)

Sustainable & Earth-Friendly Products

The topic of sustainability is big right now, and consumers are looking for products that will help them live a more earth-friendly life. Whether it’s reusable bags, non-plastic straws, biodegradable single-use coffee cups, or even beeswax “plastic” wrap, consumers are open to trying new and innovative products if it will mean living a more sustainable life. Think of all the products you use on a daily basis that aren’t sustainable or reusable and find a way to make a similar product that is.

Sunglasses & Glasses

These types of products are relatively easy and inexpensive to source and they’re small to ship which means you’ll incur less in shipping costs, plus, they’re also highly brandable which makes them a great contender for entrepreneurs looking to start a new business. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with this business idea, you can just take the technology that already exists for sunglasses and glasses products and create cool frame designs that will appeal to your target market.

Haircare Products

Haircare is a personal care sector that’s picking up steam right now as consumers are becoming more aware of the types of products they’re using in their haircare routines as well as the types of ingredients that are in their products. There are so many different consumer niches within the haircare industry—like consumers with color-treated hair, consumers with curly hair, consumers with thin hair, consumers struggling with hair loss, etc.—that you can pick a niche and create haircare products specifically for that niche if you’re looking for online business ideas related to the hair industry.

Protein Bars & Energy Bars

This food-related business idea deserves its own shout-out because of how popular these types of products have been in the last few years. This market has grown enormously, and it looks like it’s just going to keep growing. Consumers living on-the-go and health-conscious lives look to protein bars and energy bars to keep them full throughout the day, and with so many consumer food preferences out there, creating a bar that fits niche needs can be lucrative.


There are so many different types of homeware products you can sell online, including pillows, towels, bedding, throws, vases, lamps, dishes, furniture, tiles, etc. so if you’re looking for home-related online business ideas, look no further. You can manufacture your own homewares, find wholesale suppliers, or even dropship some homeware products!

Fake Flowers

Real flowers are difficult to sell online but if you’re interested in the flora and fauna business, fake flowers are a great alternative. There are so many different ways fake flowers can be made, whether it’s with silk, plastic, fabric, etc. so if you’re interested in creating your own products then find a fake flower supplier to create yours for you or search for fake flower wholesalers. Fake flowers can be a really lucrative business—the more real they look, usually the more they can be sold to consumers for.

Everyday Carry Products & Small Leather Goods

Everyday carry (EDC) products and small leather goods (SLGs) are those small items you carry with you every day that you don’t usually think about but are actually really useful. Think wallets, keychains, laptop bags, pocket knives, bottle openers, money clips, etc. There’s a passionate niche around these products and consumers to look to spend good money on high-quality, beautiful, and well-designed versions of these items.

Phone Cases

Phone cases are big right now, and every time an updated phone is released, there’s fresh demand for updated phone cases. Consumers have wide-ranging tastes in phone case designs and look for cases that meet their aesthetic and durability requirements. How often do you see someone with a smartphone who doesn’t have a case for it? Exactly—usually not that often. So if you’re looking for small products that you can custom manufacture, wholesale, or dropship, then think about phone cases. Head over to our How to Make Phone Cases to Sell Online article to learn more.

Pet Products & Accessories

People spend a lot on their pets, and there are so many different kinds of pet products out there that you can sell online. Whether you want to design your own pet products like our readers Tuft & Paw do (head over to our case study on Tuft & Paw to learn about their pet product business), or create pet accessories like collars and leashes, or even dive into the pet food industry—there are lots of different pet product online business ideas out there. Think about what pets use and need, or what products would make pet owners’ lives easier.

Books & Stationery

Books and stationery products aren’t dying out yet—even though the online world has impacted these industries slightly, people still like reading physical books and writing things down on paper. If you’re passionate about books or stationery products, manufacture your own goods or find wholesale or dropshipping products related to these industries.

Art, Prints & Posters

If you’re an artist or designer or want to commission someone who is, you can create canvases, prints or posters and sell them to consumers online. This is a great way to monetize your passion if you’re creating art for the fun of it right now, and it can be a great way to gain exposure and an audience for your work.


Not only can your art be printed onto canvases or posters, but it can also be printed onto fabrics. This is a pretty niche business idea, but there’s a market for fabric-buyers out there whether they’re looking to make clothing products, home goods, or anything else that requires fabric, so conduct your due diligence and see if there’s potential for your designs in the fabric world.

Fitness Products

The fitness industry is booming right now and consumers are looking for fitness-related products to meet their exercise demands. Products like fitness bands, mats, gloves, towels, water bottles, running shoes, gym bags, athletic gear, etc. are all in-demand right now and they’re products you can manufacture, wholesale or dropship.

Camping, Outdoor, & Safety Gear

There’s a steady market for camping gear, outdoor products, and safety gear, so if that’s a niche market you’re interested in then find online business ideas based around what you would want to see exist. Products like tents, sleeping bags, portable solar panels, outdoor cooking wares, camping apparel, outdoor shoes, first-aid kits, and more are all viable products to sell online within this niche.


Similarly to planner and journal products, notebooks are also a big business right now as consumers are constantly looking for the next notebook for work or personal projects. Consumers are also design-driven so if you’re interested in selling notebooks online, think of what consumers might be attracted to aesthetics-wise and create notebook collections aimed towards that.


Clothing is always a popular business idea and the clothing industry isn’t going anywhere soon. You can manufacture your own clothing products—check out our How to Start a Clothing Line blog post for more information on how to do that—or you can curate clothing products from different wholesale suppliers to create your own online boutique, or you can even dropship clothing products (and other products!) like t-shirts, leggings, dresses, shorts, and swimwear from suppliers like Printful.


Starting a jewelry business can be extremely lucrative, and there’s so much freedom to create the kind of products you want to exist. Either make jewelry products yourself, source them from wholesale suppliers, or work with a manufacturer to create your specific designs for you.


Crystals are definitely a trending product right now, but they’re majorly in-demand by people interested in their healing properties and/or decorative appeal. Selling crystals in their raw form is one business idea, or think of ways to incorporate crystals into other products or accessories.

Personalized Products

Consumers love personalized products, and personalizing all types of products from water bottles to pens to notebooks are all in-demand at the moment. Think of the products that consumers in your target market would love to have personalized and find a way to make that a reality for them.


Skincare is a huge business and niche skincare brands that meet consumer demands have a lot of potential to build a passionate audience. You can source skincare products through manufacturing, private labeling, and wholesaling but if you’re interested in creating skincare products, make sure to research and understand the laws and regulations both in your area and globally so you meet all the requirements. Shipping skincare products can also come with some special rules and regulations, so be sure to look into that, too.


Another steady market that’s not going anywhere, if you have shoe designs that will appeal to your target market, then why not create a shoe brand! There are all types of shoe products out there that you can create your own versions of with a manufacturer, or source shoes via wholesalers or even dropshippers to sell directly to your customers.


Starting a t-shirt business is a great first step if you’re looking to get your feet wet in ecommerce and learn the ropes—that’s how so many entrepreneurs started their first online businesses. It’s a pretty saturated market so you’ll have to have a passionate audience or really unique designs to stand out, but if you’re looking to start a t-shirt business read up on how our founder started and launched his t-shirt business in 24 hours here.

Gift Wrapping

This might be a niche product idea and one that’s often overlooked, but it’s no secret that the gift wrapping industry is a big one and consumers spend money on gift wrapping that appeals to them. Think about your target audience and what they’re drawn to aesthetically—is it bold colors, sleek designs, neutrals, patterns, etc.—and create gift wrapping products that they’ll love.

Hair Extensions

Ever since Luxy Hair put hair extensions on the map in terms of direct-to-consumer brands, it’s shed a light on the hair extensions industry and what consumers look for in their hair extensions products. If you’re interested in the haircare industry, extensions could be a viable product to sell online.

Board Games & Card Games

There’s a passionate market of board game lovers out there and the great thing is that there’s usually always room for another board game or two in everyone’s collection. Taking the time to make up a board game that appeals to a niche or target market can be a lucrative business idea.


Part of most people’s everyday carry, wallets—and high-quality ones at that—are a steady product market to dive into. Create your own wallet ideas with a manufacturer so you can design ones that appeal to your target market, or even source them from wholesalers or dropshippers.


Swimwear is a steady market that has the potential to be “niched down” to appeal to targeted consumer groups. If creating swimwear products appeals to you, think about how the designs, fabrics, appearance, and functions of your swimwear products can be created to appeal to certain consumer demographics. Since swimwear is a highly saturated industry, narrowing your focus will help you stand out and survive in the marketplace.


This is another industry that’s becoming more and more saturated as time goes on, however, there’s still potential to break through and become a top player in this industry if you listen to your target audience and make the kind of watch products they’re looking for. Consider everything that your niche audience wants from their watches and create watches that meet their needs.

Snacks & Candy

Consumers love to snack, we don’t have to tell you that! New snacks and candy are always welcome in the food industry, and snacks that meet dietary preferences or restrictions have the potential to build passionate followings around them. Also, consider whether your snack or candy products could be made with local ingredients to increase the appeal within your local area.

Cleaning Products

With cleaning products picking up steam all over the world, the growing interest in this market is calling for new and innovative products to meet consumer demand. Pay attention to what consumers want from their cleaning products and look at cleaning products and trends in other parts of the world to see if you can bring those product ideas or trends to your area. There’s so much potential in this industry and if it’s something you’re interested in, there are lots of online business ideas to be brought to life here.

Kids’ Toys

There’s a massive market for kids’ toys, so if building a business around toys for children interests you, think of the kind of toys kids would love to play with or parents would love for their kids to have. Alternatively, look at the toys that already exist on the market and find a way to make them better.

Handbags, Bags & Backpacks

This is another steady market that has so much potential for different designs and product variations. Plus, there are so many different innovations that can be made to these products to suit different types of users so take that into consideration when making or manufacturing your own handbag, bag, or backpack products.

Tools, Automotive Parts & Accessories

Household tools like hammers, nails, and screwdrivers or automotive parts and accessories are items you can sell online. If this is an industry you or your audience is interested in, either work with manufacturers to create your own innovative or user-friendly products or find these types of products via wholesalers.


Socks are another steady market that can be made to suit so many different consumer niches, so if you have interesting artwork or innovative sock designs, you’ll be well on your way to competing in this saturated market.

Gardening & Outdoor Products & Accessories

There are all sorts of gardening-related and outdoor product ideas you can sell online such as plant pots, gloves, watering cans, hammocks, umbrellas, chairs, etc. so if you’re looking for seasonal products to sell to plant-enthusiasts or outdoor-loving consumers, this could be a niche area to look into further.

Luggage & Suitcases

With the major success that has been Away suitcases, this business idea had to be featured on this list. Consumers are interested in traveling in style, so creating practical luggage that meets the needs of consumers is a viable market to get into right now. Think about how you can innovate within the luggage space to make traveling easier for consumers.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The non-alcoholic beverages market is on the upswing right now as consumers become more interested in consuming less or no alcohol, so as a result, non-alcoholic beverages like alcohol-free beer, wine, and cocktails are on the rise. The good news about this from a business perspective is that there’s likely much less red-tape surrounding the sales and shipping of non-alcoholic beverage products than there is around the alcoholic kind, which means it’s easier for you to do business.


A useful product that many working professionals and students use, lunchboxes are due for a revamp and restyle in today’s modern world. Think of innovative ways you could update this product to make home lunches more sustainable, stylish, or convenient for the average consumer.

Organizational Products

As consumers lean into minimalism and strive towards more organized spaces, products that help them achieve that are in-demand. Organizational products like drawer organizers, cupboard organizers, organizational systems, desk organizers, standing organizers, stacking boxes, etc. are all product ideas that consumers are using to make their spaces clutter-free and more functional.


A solid product idea that’s stood the test of time, belts are a steady business idea to think about selling if you’re interested in the accessories market. It’s definitely a saturated market so you’ll have to create a product that stands out in consumers’ minds but if you can create a unique, high-quality or functional belt product then you have a chance at measuring up to the competition.


Hats are a tried-and-true accessory and there are so many different variations out there whether it’s beanies, toques, fedoras, ballcaps, bucket hats, etc.—there’s a hat product to suit any niche. Work with manufacturers to create your own hat designs from scratch or source hats from wholesalers or dropshippers to bring your hat online business ideas to life.

Greeting Cards

This is another major industry that’s often overlooked and if you’re an artist or graphic designer, it’s a great business option for you to pursue. Create your own greeting cards with a printing manufacturer or get a local printer to print your designs for you so you can start selling greeting cards online.

Beach Products

This is a seasonal product industry in many places around the world where it’s not sunny and warm all year long, so if you want to sell beach products online think about the seasonality swings you may incur. When selling globally, however, you may be able to navigate seasonality more smoothly if you strategize properly but it’s still worth taking into consideration. As for beach product ideas, think beach towels, beach games, umbrellas, beach toys for kids, sun-blocking tents, etc.

Ties, Bowties & Pocket Squares

These products are definitely part of a saturated market, but if you create the right designs for your niche or have innovative ideas, you have the potential to stand out within the market. Create your own ties, bowties, and pocket squares from scratch with a manufacturer or source them via wholesalers or dropshippers to sell directly to your customers.

Niche Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes can be extremely lucrative as users sign up to your service and pay monthly or quarterly to receive their subscription box so if you can devise a theme for your boxes and curate products to put in them, you have great business-building potential. We suggest choosing a specific niche subscription boxes theme so that you can stand out amongst all the other subscription boxes that are available on the market, and so you can build a dedicated following of consumers interested in that theme.


Stickers are definitely a niche product, however, there’s a passionate market of sticker enthusiasts who use them for decorating their stationery products, or for teachers who use them for their students, and there’s even a growing market of “stickers for adults” that say funny things or reference pop-culture memes. There’s a lot of potential in the sticker market so if it interests you, it’s worth looking into.

Start a Marketplace

Another online business idea that works for so many different industries is to create an online marketplace where sellers and consumers converge to buy and sell goods. If you’re unsure of what marketplaces are and how they work, we recommend checking out our How to Start an Online Marketplace blog post for all the details, but some popular examples include Etsy and Amazon. Digital products can also be sold via online marketplaces like they are on Creative Market and Filtergrade (see our Filtergrade Case Study here to learn more about how it was founded). If you don’t necessarily want to be the one selling products yourself, you can always create an online marketplace where sellers can sell their goods and you can earn part of the profits from each sale.


There you have our roundup of 50 online business ideas so you can sell products online! If this gave you all the inspiration you needed to put the gears in motion to start your online business, then head over to our Online Store Set Up blog post and our Launch Checklist to learn about the next steps to get your store up and running.

This article originally appeared in the A Better Lemonade Stand blog and has been published here with permission.

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