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7 Strategies To Grow Your Messenger List With M.Me Links


M.Me Links plugged into a ShopMessage conversation sequence give you a powerful way to engage with your fans, followers, and customers. Here are 7 ways you can set up M.Me Links powered by ShopMessage for your business today.

1. Migrate Your E-Mail List to Messenger

The first thing you should do is distribute an M.Me link in your emails and email signatures. Then email subscribers will convert into more engaged Messenger subscribers—low-hanging fruit!. Email has served us well for years, but you want to make sure that you are able to reach your customers wherever they happen to be. Using your email list to turbocharge the growth of your Messenger list is a great way to increase your ability to reach customers who may not always check their email.

2. Re-Engage Your Social Media Followers

At the same time, you should share links in social media posts. Name me a social media platform that doesn’t give you the way to share links? Tweet your links, drop them in a Facebook post description, pair with a Pinterest infographic pin, and even your Instagram swipe-up links all at the same time! Tailor the next step of the acquisition funnel to reference the preceding step’s contextual content.

3. Leverage Influencer Reach on YouTube and Instagram

While those are going out, why not sponsor a YouTuber / Influencer and have them stick the link in their video descriptions or bio. Drill down deeper with partnerships with your existing network of ambassadors. When you create a mutually beneficial experience for your two audiences with a personalized and enriching for their audience, everyone wins! Then you can both dive into the detailed conversation metrics at every step of the way.

4. Embed Links in Your Digital Marketing Content

Insert a Messenger CTA link in your digital marketing content. Longtail contacts will still receive the same appropriate messaging whether they find you immediately, or 5 months down the road. Imagine your e-book getting passed around and having the tracking to see all the new customers being driven by that document.

5. Print Dynamic QR Codes on Branded Materials

Put it in a QR Code and print it on your packaging materials right away! It’s a great way to remind customers after they receive their items that there’s more you can offer them. Imagine a code on your boxes or bags that can be scanned to hook your customers up with a Free Shipping discount. Forward-thinking brands can even print limited edition promo QR code shirts for your ambassadors to wear in real life. Guerilla marketing at high-traffic events like Coachella or South by Southwest is about to get a whole lot more interesting!

6. Set-up an M.Me Link in your Footers

Have your M.Me link available as a contact channel on your website. It’s a nice alternative if you don’t have a dedicated customer support agent. When visitors have questions or demand to speak to the manager, you can send them here. An M.Me Link designed to handle inquiries and FAQs can be a great way to get people the answers they need without bombarding your customer support channels.

7. Text it!

Last, but not least, consider a text. Daily Messenger volume now exceeds peak SMS volume. Texting a link is a great way to convert your SMS subscribers into Messenger contacts. Conversations happening over Messenger are less disruptive to your customers. At the same time, you can do a lot more to engage through a Messenger chat than through an SMS conversation. Make your brand more accessible via Messenger with additional signals to reach your customers on Facebook.

Ready to start turbocharging your Messenger list growth?

This originally appeared on Shop Message and is made available here to educate and cast a wider net of discovery.
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