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Anticipation And Odds: Previewing the 2024 Six Nations

This year's highly anticipated rugby union competition will occur in February and March 2024.

Therefore, this is the right moment to get hyped up and prepare for the upcoming sports event. The featured teams include France, England, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales, which already have a ranking and betting score among the fans. 

Are you excited? We surely are. The match that will break the ice on February 2nd, 2024, is the confrontation between last year's champions of the Grand Slam 2023, Ireland and France. This game is so thrilling because both teams are this season's favorites, as is evident on multiple betting sites—talking about starting with style! The first rounds will continue with Italy vs. England at the Stadio Olimpico, Rome, and Wales vs. Scotland at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. 

As the 130th season of this competition is around the corner, The online casino search site AuCasinosList, led by a dedicated team of industry professionals and sports betting experts, has taken it upon itself to evaluate your betting options. We have thoroughly analyzed this year’s contenders and have asked the most prominent sports analysts for their invaluable input. Following months of detailed and rigorous study, we have published our expert predictions for the 2024 Six Nations. Read on for more.

Favorites for the Grand Slam: The Potential Champions

This season's favorites will be able to face each other at the beginning of the championship. The exciting event will occur at the Orange Vélodrome in Marseille on February 2nd. Ireland has had quite a reputation when it comes to Six Nations. Led by the capable Coach Andy Farrell, they have proven their ferocity by dominating the last season. They also boast some of the best players in the business, like the veteran Johnny Sexton and Conor Murray. 

France, the 2022 champion, is equally favored on betting sites. Many rumors have been circulating about critical players missing, and, true, some changes will be taking place. For instance, Gregory Alldritt will replace Antoine Dupont as a captain, which most don't consider a setback. Ireland and France share tight odds of becoming this year's champions, so we'll have to wait and see who wins. 

Challenges for England and Wales

England is a respectable name in the world of rugby. Although they've had some challenging years, they have still managed to make it to the semifinals; therefore, they are by no means to be underestimated. With some experienced players like Maro Itoje and Oliver Farrell, England holds a robust middle position on this season's odds lists. Still, the critical player's injuries (Watson and Vunipola) should not be discarded as a potential setback.

Wales, on the other hand, is always capable of surprising. The team boasts excellent names like Wyn Jones and Dan Biggar and a powerful defense. Warren Gatland's return is a reason for celebration, but they must also deal with Williams and Davies's injury concerns. Despite the fact Wales is not without its merits, this year's betting lists position it very low, competing with Italy for the Wooden Spoon. 

Do you like betting on other sports apart from rugby? Check out this article on online gambling and tennis. 

Scotland: The Dark Horse

Scotland's team has some lovely talents like Jamie Ritchie and Darcy Graham. Under the talented coach Townsend, the squad is a force to be reckoned with. They could have fared better in the recent World Cup, where Ireland and South Africa defeated them. They are unlikely to win this season's championship. However, they might finish higher than many anticipate. During this season, Scotland will play two home matches against France and England and three away matches against Italy, Ireland, and Wales. 

The Wooden Spoon

For those uninitiated, the concept of the Wooden Spoon is a rather interesting aspect of the competition. As the unusual metaphor suggests, it denotes the team's title that finishes last place. Sounds dreadful? It is better than it seems since most teams, apart from England and Ireland, have carried the title since the inaugural Six Nations tournament in 2000. It can happen to anyone, for even the best have bad seasons. The term can also refer to the team that manages to lose all of their games in the championship.

In the following section, we'll peek at the betting list to see how our teams fare this season. Ireland and France top the lists as potential champions, followed by England and Scotland in the middle section. This leaves Wales and Italy at the bottom, competing for this year's Wooden Spoon title. 

As you prepare for the championship, look at this article about the appeal of Australian online casinos for sports enthusiasts. You may discover some novel options for your wagering strategies. 

Let's continue our Six Nations Championship 2024 journey with some predictions. 

Predictions for Ireland

The last year's winners have a good chance of repeating their success this season, which is hardly a surprise. We asked a long-time contributor to AuCasinosList, sports analyst and betting expert Scott Dadsons, to weigh in on Ireland’s prospects.

“Having participated in the research led by AuCasinosList, I can say without hesitation that Ireland is a safe bet with its impressive squad led by Peter O'Mahony after the former captain Jonny Sexton's retirement,” shares Scott. “O'Mahony has captained Ireland on ten previous occasions, so he knows what to do. The Irish have a high chance of coming out on top. The squad has been consistently successful and possesses an impressive ability to adapt to their opponent's strategies,” he wraps up.

The Irish vs. The French: A Crucial Opening Match

The opening game between Ireland and France, the 2023 and 2022 champions and fierce rivals, will set the tone for the championship. The exciting confrontation between this year's two favorites will undoubtedly leave many biting their nails in anticipation. Luckily, our agony will be soon over. The highly anticipated match will take place on February 2nd in Marseille, so get your bets ready! The fact that the potential winners will be the first to face each other will begin a competitive and no-nonsense series of sports battles, and we cannot wait to experience them.

Betting on the Wooden Spoon: The Risk and Drama-Loving Fans

As a sports enthusiast, you have probably noticed people will bet on anything, sometimes even unusual categories. Therefore, besides the champions, the Wooden Spoon is an alluring option for wagerers worldwide. A part of the thrill of betting is the unexpected, and there is no doubt many people enjoy sports for the ability to surprise. Sometimes, the underdog finishes at the top, and the prediction trajectory gets out of line. This is why we always remind people to bet responsibly and remember luck is a slippery factor. But we wouldn't have it any other way. 


This article was hardly an in-depth and detailed discussion of the upcoming championship, but hopefully, we've caught the essence. The hype for the European rugby fans is in the air as February draws closer. The season will have a bombastic opening with the two favorites opposing each other, followed by Italy vs. England and Wales vs. Scotland on February 3rd, Scotland/France and England/Wales on the 10th, Ireland/Italy on the 11th, and so on. The championship will culminate on March 16th, 2024. This year's favorites are Ireland and France, and the Wooden Spoon is likely to be Italy or Wales, at least according to the odds and betting sites. 

Hopefully, you have prepared for the event, whether just supporting your favorite team or hoping to earn money in betting. In the latter's case, remember to be responsible and not bite more than you can chew. The exciting days are upon us, and we can hardly wait for the Six Nations Championship 2024 to start!

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