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The Best Software for Finding Backlink Opportunities


Knowing proper SEO strategies is one of the most important parts of running a successful and growing eCommerce business, however the subject can oftentimes be so broad that it’s nearly impossible to follow along and remember each tip we hear.


Because of this, hundreds of companies around the world have released innovative, new software and tools that can be used in order to more efficiently complete an SEO strategy.


For example, Link Building as a topic has many dedicated tools. Some are paid and some are free, but each have one factor in common: they are designed to help the user more efficiently find and secure backlink opportunities for their page.


Manually searching the web for related blogs and stores for potential backlinks can take hours on end, however Backlinko lists well over a dozen excellent backlinking tools here, which covers nearly every kind of software currently available for this top.


Backlinko also discusses useful tools for other areas of SEO in the article mentioned above, including software to assist with the technical side of SEO.


Finding raw numbers on search data and buyer trends can take hours to complete each week, and it’s important that successful eCommerce businesses invest in some kind of software to streamline the process.


Keyword research in and of itself is a massive undertaking, but it’s absolutely vital that it be done so thoroughly and accurately. Backlinko has a comprehensive list of SEO tools for keyword research, and should be referenced by those looking for fitting software.


Backlinko continues to cover the leading software and SEO tools, including an entire section dedicated to software about rank tracking. When a brand is aware of their ranking, they can more accurately market themselves to improve that rank. Luckily, there are ranking software available that can make this process simple, and can be found in Backlinko’s list.


Finally, Backlinko covers one of the most integral parts of eCommerce success: Content Optimization.


Content optimization is a very broad topic that covers many sub-topics, and it’s no question that many entrepreneurs find themselves lost when faced with content optimization. By using any of the exemplary software listed by Backlinko, companies can find efficient solutions to their content optimization questions.


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