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Bring Social Offline with Pixlee’s In-Store Download Feature


As some retailers begin to reopen in specific locations, brands are looking for ways to bring engaging user-generated content to their in-store displays and print. After months of shopping online, customers have grown accustomed to interacting with user-generated content and influencer campaigns. With Pixlee’s new In-Store Download feature, brands can take top-performing social content and utilize it with print and digital displays. 

While permissioned content has always been downloadable via the Pixlee platform, brands can now include the social aspect of that content when they choose to save the content. This works to create a consistent look and feel outside of channels like Instagram and also resonates with customers who are used to engaging with the brand on social. 

@pixleeteam photo

By downloading an image with Pixlee, brands can keep the social frame for their print media.

Giving your social content a second wind on new channels isn’t a new concept for community-driven brands. With the Pixlee In-Store Download feature, brands are able to increase the ROI from their content by extending it to new (and traditional) channels, all while keeping a consistent social look and feel. 

Special thanks to our friends at Pixlee for their insights on this topic.

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