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Customize Notification Center Icons for your Web Push Notifications to Increase Brand Recall



At PushOwl, we constantly improve how merchants use web push notifications to make it easier for their subscribers to come back to their store and shop. This is why we were keen to optimize how mobile subscribers interact with your web push notifications and provide a better experience. 

You can now add a notification center icon to your web push notifications on PushOwl!

PushOwl Now Lets You Add a Notification Center Icon to Your Web Push Notifications

A notification center icon is the icon shown as a preview when shoppers first receive the notification on mobile. By default, Android only shows the browser logo for the notification center icon on your web push notification. 

PushOwl now lets you add a notification center icon to your web push notifications, making it easy to show your brand logo to Android subscribers within the notification preview.

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Here’s why such a nifty feature is important for your brand— When your subscribers on mobile get a notification, they can instantly recognize it was from you, providing easy brand recall. 

You can add the notification center icon to your web push notification through the PushOwl dashboard. You can learn more about it on our helpdesk.

Here’s how a few Shopify stores have customized icons for their web push notifications: 

Frame 1 1

“Despite being a small feature, Notification Center Icons make a difference in appealing to customers on mobile. We made it super simple to add this icon and instantly boost recall for brands”

Shashank Kumar, CEO and Founder of PushOwl

Why Should You Add a Notification Center Icon to Your Mobile Notification?

Brand recall is crucial when it comes to marketing. When sending a web push notification on Android, our mobile shoppers see a Chrome logo on the notification bar.

Due to this, your Android subscribers will not be able to distinguish your web push notifications from notifications sent by other stores or from the browser directly. 

By customizing the notification center icon, you can make it easier for subscribers to recognize that the notification was sent by you and immediately engage with it.

Special thanks to our friends at PushOwl for their insights on this topic.
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