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The Definitive Guide to Crushing It for Black Friday



Each year, millions of Americans and Canadians wake up at the break of dawn on the day following Thanksgiving in search of Christmas sales – a tradition known as Black Friday.


Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, bringing in roughly $1.6 billion dollars in revenue in 2015.


According to Media IQ, Americans are nearly six times more likely to make purchases on Black Friday than any other Friday of the year. If your store doesn’t participate in Black Friday, you’re losing out on significant revenue.


You’ll need to prepare your store to make the most of Black Friday. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to Black Friday preparation to help you get ready for the biggest retail holiday this year.


When Should I Start Preparing for Black Friday?


You can never start preparing for Black Friday too early, but you should have your plans in motion at least 30 days prior. Your preparation plans should include:


Calculating sale prices
Printing labels and signs
Updating your website
Hiring staff and training them for the crowds


You should begin advertising your Black Friday sales at least a week before the event, but starting two to three weeks before can be more effective. Begin advertising early enough so your shoppers will know what to expect.


What to Prepare as Black Friday Moves Closer


As Black Friday approaches, take inventory of your products. Order inventory far enough in advance to ensure its arrival before the big day. In addition, you should stock up on shipping materials before Black Friday so you’ll be prepared to fulfill all of your orders.


Start marketing your sales through email, social media, and blogs two weeks before Black Friday. Many shoppers prepare their shopping plans well in advance this time of year, and advertising your sales early will help you reach as many potential customers as possible.


Send emails announcing your sales and store hours (if you have a brick and mortar store).
Post sneak peaks about your Black Friday events on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts.
Reach out to influencers in your field and ask them to promote your Black Friday event on their blog.


The week before Black Friday, you should begin announcing your event boldly on your website. Display your sale on your home page so visitors to your site can see easily see them. You should also advertise any other Black Friday savings your store is offering, like free shipping.


Make it clear to your shoppers how long your Black Friday event is going on – don’t be afraid to make yours last several days, a growing trend among retailers during the holiday season.


Black Friday is a crazy time for retailers, both in-stores and online, but preparing your store properly can lead to thousands of new customers and a large influx of sales.


What are your tips for Black Friday preparation? Let us know in the comments below!


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