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Boost SEO And Get Found: Essential Ecommerce And Online Casino Search Marketing Tips

A man is touching a glowing ball on a computer screen while engaging in search marketing.

Online casinos and e-commerce are highly competitive markets with thousands of businesses vying for top positions on Google's first page.

It’s no easy feat, but plenty of professionals out there can help, as well as tons of top tips to get started on things yourself if your budget doesn’t stretch to hiring agencies or digital marketing professionals. And there’s a good reason for doing it, too.

Recent research from casinoalpha.com shows that the popularity of online casinos grows exponentially when marketing strategies are implemented effectively. According to the report, casinos that optimized their website for relevant search terms saw their organic traffic increase by an average of 26% year-over-year. By leveraging search engine optimization best practices such as quality content creation, site speed improvements, and link building, online casinos were able to improve findability and rank higher in search results substantially.

So, how exactly do you do that? Here are three top tips from SEO experts to boost your efforts on getting found.

Optimize your pages and get your site up to speed

If you want your E-commerce, casino, or indeed any website seen, you first need to ensure it’s performing to optimum levels. That begins with your Core Web Vitals.

These are critical ranking factors for Google and are a series of metrics your site must adhere to. It is focused mainly on loading times and ensuring all the content on your page offers a good user experience. Expert help with this is a must as it can be complex, but it is a crucial part of SEO.

From there, you can begin to optimize your site's content. You need to tailor the content on your pages to what people want from a particular search. An excellent way to discover this is to search for yourself. And could you find out what type of content is on the first page?

If, for example, your search term is pinging back pages with videos, it’s perhaps a good idea to include a video on your page, as Google essentially tells you this is what a user wants from that particular search. Other things to look out for include:

  • Word count
  • Headings and titles – what are competitors covering
  • Images/videos
  • Testimonials
  • FAQs

All of these page features will indicate what the search engine is looking for in content. You can then tailor your page to suit this. 

Get your keyword research nailed down

As part of that optimization process, you must also nail down the keywords you want to rank for. While you might know the queries potential customers or users will use, there could be things that could be added.

For example, in the casino industry, you may find that there are a lot of people searching for a particular game. It may be worth creating content and dedicating pages to those games. Alternatively, you may feel those games could be more competitive for your site, and your strategy involves ranking for some of the lower volume searches where you have a higher chance of getting on that first or second page.

Create good content and build backlinks

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; Google will rank good content and high authority backlinks to your website. The search engine looks for expertise in a space, and you can provide that.

Consider guides, blog content, top tips, studies, and reports. These can all offer authority in a space and operate as a resource for other websites to link back to. 

Again, look at what is trending in the space and what people are searching for, and generate your content around those things. What’s more, if you have a solid outreach plan to deliver your content to authoritative and relevant websites in your industry, you can build a solid backlink profile, which is vital to any industry and the final step in ranking well.

Look after and prioritize these three things, and your website will begin to do the talking, generating traffic, improving rankings, and moving your business in the right direction.

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