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Freshen Up Your Shopify Store With These March SMS Templates


Fed up with winter? It’s time to think about putting away your winter boots and open your windows, because March has finally arrived!

Even if the weather still needs some more time to catch up, most of us are ready to get the spring mentality on and come back to life fresh, with a clean house, a new wardrobe, and better habits. And let’s not forget the amazing celebrations that this month has in store: Women’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day! Who isn’t getting excited about March?

Your customers definitely are! 

This is why we put together a few great SMS templates that you can use this March to get anticipate your shoppers’ needs and make the most of spring sales! 

Note: Recart SMS customers can activate these templates straight from this blog post!

International Women’s Day – March 8, 2022

There are so many wonderful, strong women in this world! Encourage your customers to celebrate themselves and all the special ladies in their lives with a Women’s Day Special Offer! With our SMS template, you can send out a 10% coupon within seconds, or customize it any way that fits your brand: for example, dedicating 15% of each sale to a charity that helps women all over the world. 

International Womens Day

St. Patrick’s Day – March 17, 2022

Anyone can have the luck o’ the Irish for a day! Celebrate this year’s St. Paddy’s Day with your customers by offering them a special discount or fun gift! The greener the better 😉

St. Patricks Day

Detox Your Mind And Body

The New Year New Me fever might have worn off by now, but spring is here to offer a fresh start! Many of your shoppers are already thinking about ways to detox their bodies and minds before jumping into the new season. Why not help them out? 

Spring Mind and Body

Declutter Your Home

You can’t have a clear mind without a clear space around you. With all the energy and positivity March brings, your shoppers are excited to dive in, declutter and redecorate their homes.

How can you help them in the process? Can you support them with cleaning supplies, new furniture, decoration, or comfier clothes to make the work easier? 

Whatever it is: here is our SMS template to help you send your offer to your customers with great return. 

recart march sms template declutter

New Arrivals

Your shoppers sobered up from the St. Patrick’s Day celebration, went through a 7-day detox, cleared their minds and rearranged their homes. Winter is officially left behind! It’s time to bring some novelty into your customers’ mind!

recart march sms template new collection

Why We Recommend So Many Different Campaign Ideas Just for One Month 

Based on our experience, those merchants who send 4 messages per month achieve higher CTR, bigger revenue, and better ROI compared to those who send less.  

Check out our previous blog post that reveals what is the most effective monthly campaign sending strategy and see the results of our best-performing brands. 

Start Sending High-Converting SMS Campaigns Now!

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Content marketer at Recart, the #1 Messenger marketing app for eCommerce. Alexandra helps merchants make the most of their Commerce stores by unlocking the full potential of Recart. She enjoys fitness, yoga, blogging, and marketing books.

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