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Grow Your Postscript SMS List 20x Cheaper With Recart


Using the new Postscript integration available in Recart, you can collect phone numbers in Facebook Messenger conversations and sync them to Postscript as SMS subscribers.

Compared to collecting phone numbers using conventional methods, using Recart is significantly more effective and valuable for your business. It’s also more convenient for your customers, so it’s a win for everyone!

Read on to find out why every Postscript user should connect Recart to their Postscript account.

Effortless and effective subscriptions

With Recart Conversation Flows, you have the option to ask for a visitor’s personal information. It’s similar to how popups collect emails and phone numbers, but it all happens within the Facebook Messenger conversation.

Popups and other static subscription tools are easy to use and can be quite effective for desktop visitors. For mobile visitors, however, most popups are less than ideal.

Typing in a phone number or email address on a smartphone is cumbersome or even annoying for many people. In consequence, mobile visitors are very likely to dismiss regular popups, instead of opting into marketing text messages.

Luckily, you can use the Recart Welcome Popup and subscribe visitors in a Conversation Flow to remove this obstacle completely: Instead of typing in their phone number, customers can simply click a button to submit their phone number.

sms capture messenger postscript 1 1

Recart will automatically prefill a Messenger quick reply with the phone number tied to their Facebook account, therefore, they can submit it with no effort at all.


This simple, but important distinction makes Recart Conversation Flows the best converting subscription tool for mobile visitors. Let’s do the math to see how much more value you can get by starting to use Recart for collecting SMS subscribers.

If we have an ad campaign that gets us 1,000 visitors with a $1 cost per click, we could convert around 5% of all visitors to SMS subscribers using a regular, on-site popup. That would give us 50 new subscribers total, at $20 each.

I’d say that this SMS list funnel is a little slow to grow, and also quite expensive. Luckily, we can change that by using Recart.

We can direct the same ad campaign to a Recart Conversation Flow, which usually has around 95% conversion rate. This way, we will get 950 new SMS subscribers, at just $0.95 each. That’s not too bad, is it?


Multi-channel retargeting at no extra cost

What’s even better, your visitors will also become Facebook Messenger subscribers. Therefore, you can retarget them on two different channels: in SMS using Postscript, and in Facebook Messenger using Recart.

Your abandoned cart messages, welcome funnels and other automated marketing campaigns will have a much higher conversion rate, simply because you can retarget these customers on more than one channels.


You can even add email to the mix to set up a multi-channel retargeting strategy that reaches potential customers on all three major platforms.

Collecting SMS subscribers with Recart Conversation Flows will give you faster growth at a fraction of the cost

Moreover, you can use the Recart Welcome Popup, which is a mobile-optimized subscription tool that converts 18-20% of all mobile visitors to subscribers. This popup, among other subscription tools, is available to all Recart users at no extra cost.

See it in action

To see how the integration works, just click this popup, and you will be redirected to our demo Conversation Flow.

popup demo recart postscript

To activate the integration, simply head over to the Recart Integrations page and connect Recart to Postscript.

If you are completely new to Recart, you can get started for free by installing Recart in the Shopify App Store.

Existing Recart users can get started with SMS marketing easily, by installing the Postscript Shopify app from the App store.

Special thanks to our friends at Recart for their insights on this topic.

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