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How To Find Old Bios On Instagram

How To Find Old Bios On Instagram

Have you ever changed your Instagram handle? Did you know that you can find your old IG bio? Maybe you are trying to figure out if a business bio is legitimate or not, and you might be interested in their old bio links.

No matter the reason, you may want to know how to find old bios on Instagram, whether it’s yours or another users.

Instagram has been around since October 2010, so many Instagram users have had an account on the platform for at least 10 years. That’s quite the span of time, so it’s highly possible that you, and other users, have changed their bios and handle as they evolve and change their own lives.

Consider your own Instagram bio and handle over the years you have had an account. Now, can you remember if you have changed your bio in that time? Can you go back and look at it, or edit it?

After all, there are people on Instagram who have saved themselves from embarrassment by deleting their former content.

Could you possibly have a cringe-worthy Instagram bio you want to check on to see if it’s still out there? You can uncover your old Instagram bios, and you can also see your old followers and compare it with your new Instagram followers.

It’s a relatively easy process, so why not have a look?

Step-By-Step Reveal Your Old Instagram Bios

This will tell you how to find your own old Instagram bios to take a little trip into your Instagram past.

  1. Open your Instagram app and go to your profile page by tapping your profile image found in the lower right corner.
  2. Tap on the three little lines in the top right corner.
  3. Tap on ‘Settings‘.
  4. Choose ‘Security‘.
  5. Tap on ‘Access Data‘.
  6. This will direct you to an Instagram webpage.
  7. Select ‘Accept‘ and log into your IG account.
  8. Scroll to ‘Profile Info‘, and look for the ‘Former bio texts’ section.
  9. Press on ‘View All‘.

That is all you have to do to find your old Instagram bios data.

Now let’s learn how to find old bios on Instagram for another user’s profile.

Step-By-Step Reveal Other’s Instagram Bios

Looking at other old Instagram profiles that belong to other users. Why would you want to do that? You may need to find out if an Instagram user or business has a changed their bio or handle a fishy number of times.

Essentially, you are only checking to see if a specific account has changed its username in the recent past, or how many times it has done so.

  1. Navigate to the user account profile page.
  2. Tap the three little lines at the top right.
  3. Pick ‘About This Account‘ from the generated pop-up.
  4. Tap ‘Former Usernames‘ to be directed to a page where the account’s former usernames will be displayed.

If you cannot see the ‘About This Account‘, this usually means the account doesn’t have that information. That means the data has never been altered, or it’s not recent, or too old to find.

If you see several username changes, you may also see the dates of the changes. Understand that you will only see the most recent changes on the account if they haven’t made any changes over a long time. You may not see anything displayed in that case.

If you don’t find any recent username changes, that’s a good thing. That is a sign that the user is legitimate. However, one change in the recent past doesn’t make the account less credible. There may have been a good reason for the change.

Frequent recent changes are a red flag.

Other Data You Can Access About Your Old Instagram Data

Your old Instagram bio is one of several forms of data you can view from the same page; Settings>Security>Access Data.

What other old data can you see for your own Instagram profile?

  • Old usernames
  • Old names
  • Old email addresses
  • Old phone numbers
  • Old links to your bio
  • Join date for Instagram
  • Login activity
  • Story activity

Remember, this is what you can see on your own profile.

More and more Instagram users are choosing to look back at their old data for many reasons. Maybe to see how they have changed over the years on the platform. Perhaps they have embarrassing activities they want to forget about. Several Instagram users have said it was well worth the digging to take a journey into the past on their accounts.

If you’re wanting to check out the legitimacy of a business, be sure that they have not had an excessive number of bios or username changes in the recent past, which is all you can access about them. It’s wise to check them out before you make any purchases.

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