How to Get Your Team Excited about Using Customer Content


You want more authentic and diverse content in your marketing, but how do you make it happen? Pitching this concept to your senior management might be intimidating and difficult. 

You already know why you need a solution, but you need to make the case for management. And while your reasons for wanting a UGC solution are completely valid, you’ll want to appeal to the points that your management cares most about.

Thankfully, there are great user-generated content platforms that can streamline this process. Selling a new tool internally can be tricky at first, but making an argument for a new tool can save you a lot of time in the long run. 

Understand the Challenge

You already know why you need a solution, but you need to make the case for your team. And while your reasons for wanting a UGC solution are completely valid, you’ll want to appeal to the points that your management cares most about. Start with understanding the goals that are critical to your team and how your team measures success. This is where your unique insight also comes into play. Does your manager care most about generating a better brand community, or are they more focused on driving more conversions at a lower cost? Although UGC can achieve both of these things, it’s often helpful to start with the highest priority challenge and address that first.

Here are some potential challenges you can surface as reasons to invest in a UGC solution:

  • Sourcing content manually is extremely time-consuming.
  • We lack the authentic content needed to keep our social media, email, and ads compelling.
  • We don’t have a process for getting permission from our customers who are posting UGC.

There are only a few of the myriad reasons you can use, but even more critical than this, it’s important to attach numbers and values to this. Simply telling your manager that collecting content manually is time-consuming probably won’t tell a compelling enough story – but if you add in the number of hours per week you spend (on average) manually sourcing content, you’ll help paint a better picture.

Evaluate the Solutions and Do Your Homework

Now that you’ve indicated a need, you should have an idea of a UGC solution in mind. Here are some things you should keep in mind when evaluating a technology provider:

  • Can you use the platform to publish across all the relevant channels you use for UGC? (e.g. ads, email, live displays)
  • Does the platform offer customer support in the setup and success of the tool?
  • Does the platform have customers similar to your brand that have seen success?
  • How easy is it to implement the platform? Will it require a web developer to launch?
  • Can you measure ROI from the platform?

Once you’ve found a UGC platform that checks all these boxes, you can incorporate it into your business case presentation.

Show Relevant Examples of Success

Other brands have likely already gone through the process of implementing the very tool you’re pitching, so use that to your advantage. Showcasing brands that have already seen success can create a compelling argument for the platform.

Here are some great examples of brands that have seen success using Pixlee.

Sealing the Deal

Once you’ve identified the need, made a recommendation based on data and relevant examples, you can pass off the heavy lifting to the next person: the team selling the UGC platform. It always helps to sing the praises of your ideal UGC platform to your manager, and once they’re interested, you can make sure the introduction goes smoothly. A good UGC platform and sales team will partner with you to make sure you have everything you need to appeal to your team.

Looking for ways to improve operations and staying ahead of technology trends can make your job easier, but they also make you look like an innovator and can help you move up in your career.

Looking to dive into your UGC platform search? Reach out to the Pixlee team to get a custom demo.

This article originally appeared in the Pixlee blog and has been published here with permission.

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