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How To Play Free Gaming Slots Without Download: Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus is a special promotion in a casino that does not require a top-up of your game balance.

Usually, to receive a gift, you need to perform some action, for example, through verification or activating a promotional code.

No-deposit bonuses are most often cash incentives or free spins for slots. However, it can also take the form of cashback – repletion of some funds spent on unsuccessful bets or deposits made over a certain period.

Why Do Casinos Offer No-deposit Bonuses?

A no-deposit casino bonus is a sure way to attract new players or bring back an old client who has not used the services for a long time. The casinos don’t lose anything since no deposits must be wagered in 99% of cases. As a result, the clients will still be encouraged to top up the game balance of their account to unlock the no-deposit bonus and withdraw winnings to their bank cards.

The Best No-deposit Bonuses

In casinos like BruceBet, no-deposit bonuses come in several forms – free spins, money, cashback, etc. They also differ in actions that must be performed to receive the reward. Let's look at the most popular offers found in casinos.

Promotional code

Using a promotional code is a surefire way to get a no-deposit bonus. One can often find such regulations on the gambling establishment’s social networks, receive them personally from the administration as a reward, or select them on our website.

Phone confirmation

You can receive a bonus for registering without a deposit for confirming your contact information – phone number or email address. The casino needs your valid contact info to send advertising messages. That’s why they offer a special no-deposit bonus for those data.


One of the most desirable bonuses is a no-deposit gift for registering a new client. Usually, the incentive is a modest package of free spins or a small amount that can be spent on games. A no-deposit bonus for registration allows you to immediately gain access to the actual game without making a deposit. You can tap here to learn more about this type of bonus.

Installing the application

To promote the newly released application and motivate customers to use it, many casinos give no-deposit gifts for installing it. Typically, free spins are offered as incentives, which can only be used in the app. This is one of the most profitable bonuses since it is the easiest.

Loyalty program

Many casinos give out gifts to loyalty program participants. Usually, it consists of several levels, each with its no-deposit bonus – free spins or money. To increase their status, players need to make bets or deposits. For this, casinos award particular loyalty points. Here, we note that no-deposit bonuses under the loyalty program often do not require wagering, which makes such gifts even more desirable.

Who Can Receive a No-deposit Bonus?

Each casino sets several rules for the use of rewards. Typically, bonuses are only offered to a client who:

  • is over 21 years old;
  • has passed verification;
  • confirmed contact details;
  • complies with the rules of the game;
  • has only one account on the site.

Please be warned that any attempt at a double registration will result in permanent account blocking.

What Is Better – a No-deposit Bonus or a Deposit Bonus?

In a casino, a no-deposit bonus is only sometimes profitable. The fact is that it is often subject to more stringent restrictions on use and wagering conditions. At the same time, to receive such a bonus, sometimes you need to put in a lot of effort. Also, its size, as a result, turns out to be very small. Deposit bonuses are much easier to obtain, and the wagering conditions are often more straightforward.

You must fulfill the conditions to receive a casino bonus without a deposit. At the same time, each no-deposit has its own rules and restrictions.

Temporary restrictions

No-deposit bonuses usually have a very short validity period, up to 3–5 days. During this time, the incentive must be used and won back. If you don't make it in time, it will be canceled.

What Do Casinos Give as a No-deposit Bonus?

Most often, casinos give money and free spins as a no-deposit bonus. However, other incentives can also be a no-deposit bonus, for example:

  • additional cashback;
  • lottery tickets;
  • loyalty program points;
  • a spin of the Wheel of Fortune, etc.

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of the most typical incentives.

Money to your gaming account

No-deposit money is a popular promotion at casinos. We’ve already mentioned that this is usually a small amount. The benefit of this bonus is obvious – after wagering, the money can be withdrawn from the card or spent on games. The main disadvantage is that the prize can only be used after some time; it must first be wagered. Money for registration with withdrawal is just a marketing strategy. You will have to deposit to be able to gamble the no-deposit amount on the slots and unlock it.

Free spins

Free spins without a deposit are a better deal. The advantage is that they can be used immediately after accrual. Then, you will decide for yourself whether they are worth wagering. If they bring good winnings, it makes sense to replenish the deposit and win back the reward. If the winnings are small, waiting until the bonus expires may be wiser than risking your real money.


A no-deposit bonus is an excellent marketing strategy that allows the casino to get more active players. However, not all no-deposits are equally beneficial for the client. If you have a choice from several offers, we recommend choosing free spins since they can be used immediately after they are credited.

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