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Increase Push Notifications Subscribers to Get Shopify Sales [Guide 2021]


Want a million YouTube subscribers? You need about 4 years.

Maybe a million email subscribers? That’s 3 years.

To collect a million push notifications subscribers for unicorn-level sales…

Actually, here’s a secret–

You don’t need a million notification subscribers to sell for $1 million. You can get that million dollars with less than 20% of that amount of subscribers.

That’s not all–

You can get those subscribers automatically.

In this guide:

  • Six ways Shopify push notifications can increase sales
  • Five proven strategies to get push notification subscribers.

6 Ways Web Push Notifications Increase Shopify Sales

How can you sell on Shopify with web push notifications? Having a packed list of subscribers equals more opportunities to share sales, promotions, and recover abandoned carts.

Here are six ways to build a giant list of subscribers.

1. Share Sales Promotions

Two-thirds of customers made purchases because they just… found a discount online.

That’s a fact.

But why put customers through all the trouble of finding those discounts?

Shopify push notifications can deliver your sale announcements and promotions directly to your customers’ browsers. This will make them happy–no need to wait for a discount to magically appear.

That’s not all–

You’re in charge of setting the times to send promotions. You can try every frequency and strategy you read about in business books.

Let’s show you some sales promotion examples now.

This browser push notification promotes a new sale of bracelets. It offers 30% off–a nice incentive to drive shoppers to Shopify stores.

Pura vida promotional web push notification

Just like that, you can convert high-intent customers.

But there’s more–

With web push notifications, you can notify when an item goes on sale.

Using a Shopify web push app, send a message to encourage shoppers to return and buy a product at a reduced price.

This way, you can convert price-sensitive customers–including those looking for price watch alerts.

Intelligent Blends has sent 2.5 million sale promotion push notifications, and received over 5,500 orders… Want to know how much revenue that was? The answer (and much more) is in this Intelligent Blends case study.

2. Send Price Drop Alerts

Over 50% of customers wait to buy products until they go on sales. Also, they subscribe to price alert websites to get the best deals.

Many of your Shopify customers do that, too–

So let’s bring your awesome deals to them!

One way is price drop alerts. Add them to product pages with a Shopify notification app, so customers could sign up to receive them.

Pura vida price drop alert web push notification

So, your subscribers won’t have to subscribe to a product price alert with third parties.

All you need is a Shopify notify app.

Ultimately, your store can become a go-to place for your community of customers.

The plan: 1) collect web push notification subscribers, 2) keep them in the loop with a price drop notification, and 3) increase Shopify sales!

Shopify store owners don’t need a ton of plugins to notify customers about promotions. Add one free push notification app – it’s got all push notifications types you need.

3. Get More Social Media Subscribers

About 54% of users research products on social media.

That’s millions of dollars in profits. To get your piece of that pie, your business should start building your social media follower base.

Shopify push notifications can help.

It’s simple–use them to share reminders to join your social media group.

Proozy, a Shopify clothing store, encourages subscribers to connect with this web notification.

Proozy web push notification

Subscribing is simple–

Click the push notification to go to a social media page.

And the best news is… you can get social media followers automatically thanks to web push notifications. And start getting the piece of that multi-million-dollar pie.

4. Share Shopify Coupons

Over 59% of online shoppers search for coupons before buying (Business 2 Community).

So why not share coupons with them directly?

Web push notifications are perfect to share Shopify coupons and discount codes with subscribers.

Ideas for website notifications to share coupons:

  • Welcome messages with a new customer discount
  • Regular notifications with coupons.

Here’s an example welcome message from Inked Shop.

The business thanks the visitors for subscribing and shares a new customer discount – a great way to start a positive relationship.

Inked Shop welcome push notification

The visitor clicks on the website push notification to claim the discount code. They get a discount, you make a sale – that’s Shopify marketing at its best.

Ultimately, your coupon strategy will get a boost from push notifications.

Inked Shop generated $68,286 in revenues with push welcome messages. In this Inked Shop case study, you can discover their successful strategy to increase Shopify sales.

5. Recover Shopify Abandoned Shopping Carts

“Oh no, another customer left without buying.”

We feel you. Shopify offers some standard cart abandonment recovery options, but they’re never enough.

You’ve probably been trying to recover sales with shopping cart abandoned emails, so let’s give you one more option–

Shopify web push notifications.

If a visitor subscribes to get browser notifications from your store, you can send cart recovery messages, too. Web push notifications share short messages encouraging to complete purchases.

Pura Vida, for example, uses these push campaigns to recover an abandoned cart.

Pura Vida abandoned cart push notification

The customer can click on the notification’s menu to get back to the product page or directly to the shopping cart.

Note that this push alert has two options. If the customer doesn’t feel like completing the purchase, they can visit the store again (“Shop now”).

Two choices equal more sales opportunities!

6. Send Back-in-Stock Notifications

Someone is visiting your Shopify store. They take a look around and yes–there’s that product they want.

But wait, what’s that?

Product sold out

So close… The customer leaves–no reason to stick around. But we’re going to give them a reason. We want $1 million in sales, remember?

This is how we can make them visit your Shopify store–

Give shoppers a way to know when the product becomes available.

That’s where web push notifications really shine–they get delivered fast, directly to customers’ browsers.

Add a Shopify push notification app to your store. It’ll allow customers to subscribe to browser notifications with a special button to product pages.

If a visitor subscribes, they will get notified with a message like this.

Inked Shop back in stock push notification

Appearing in your customers’ browsers like that will help you to sell on Shopify. But you need web push subscribers to share eCommerce promotions with.

This means–

Add a free push notification app to your Shopify store.

Add Free Shopify Push Notifications to your store


5 Strategies to Collect More Push Notification Subscribers for Shopify Stores

To sell more with web push messages, you need to get web push notifications subscribers. We’ll show you five strategies.

To walk you through the types of push notifications, we’ll use Firepush. It’s one of the best Shopify apps – easy to use/free trial/ 4.8 customer rating.

1. Pop-Ups

A pop-up notification shows a short message and a subscription button.

Here’s an example–courtesy of Viper Tec store.

Viper Tec push notification pop-up

The big question is–

How to convince visitors to click that “Allow” button?

We’ve got just a tip.

To collect more subscribers with pop-ups, give a discount in exchange for signing up (we know that 50% of customers want them).

Create a push notification that says:

“Subscribe to our sales promotions notifications and get a 20% off your first purchase”

A discount will be a nice incentive for a visitor to subscribe.

Here’s an example.

Push notification pop-up setup recommendations

One more thing: this study found that customers who bought once from a brand are likely to buy again if given another discount. So get them once and give another opportunity to convert later.

Back to notifications.

When to show this pop-up to get more website push notifications subscribers?

The best options:

  • 8 seconds after the visitor arrived at your Shopify store (recommended)
  • After a specific number of pages views (choose between two and six pages – up to you)

How to enable and customize pop-ups for Shopify with Firepush:

Add Pop-Up Notifications to Your Shopify Store


2. Browser Prompts

Browser prompts are native browser prompts asking visitors to allow website push notifications.

You’ve seen them before, sure, and probably used both “Block” and “Allow” options. eCommerce stores are required to ask permission to begin sharing product promotions, price drop alerts, and other browser notifications.

Here’s an example from Sara Glove, an online store.

Sara Glove push notification browser prompt-in

The best way to collect permissions to show browser push notifications is to wait for your visitors to browse around.

Let them see your awesome your Shopify store is and what deals you share. When they get an idea of what your online business is about, you need to offer a subscription.

In Shopify push notification app slang, this means setting a delay for a subscription request.

So, how long should you wait?

Try eight seconds.

Yep, that’s short, but it’s a good starting point for most Shopify stores. But to be sure, look at your website’s analytics to see how long visitors stay.

Firepush users easily set up push notifications with a delay by choosing a value in browser prompts settings:

Browser prompt sign-up delay setup

3. Flyout Widget

A flyout widget is a notification that appears on the side of a screen as a bell or a present icon. It’s animated, so can grab the attention of visitors.

It doesn’t interfere with the shopping experience–the shoppers can read the notification only when they click on it.

Here’s an example from Pura Vida store.

Firepush web push notification fly out widget example on Puravida homepage

How to get more subscribers with flyout widgets?

Try compelling copy:

  • Allow price drop notifications–e.g., “Get notified when the price drops”
  • Promise sales and discount offers–e.g., “Get the latest discounts and sales alerts first”

The best option is the one with the most value for the customer.

Ultimately, flyout widgets can share promo messages, shopping alerts, discounts, and improve your Shopify advertising strategy.

With a Shopify push notifications app, you can customize the text in the flyout widget to collect more subscribers. Just type it in, set a delay, and activate!

Flyout Widget recommended setup settings

4. Sign-Up Box

Sign-up box is a small window that encourages Shopify store visitors to subscribe to get push notifications. You could show it on every product page–so a lot of visitors will see it!

With a Shopify app like Firepush, you can get more subscribers to your store with four types of push notifications:

  • Price drop alerts (shopping price alerts)
  • Delivery updates
  • Discount codes
  • Back-in-stock notifications

Sign-up Box: Price Drop Alert

With this sign-up, you offer a price drop alert to subscribers.

If your Shopify store does frequent sales and promotions, having this sign-up box could score many subscribers and sales.

Here’s a price drop alert example.

It appears in the right bottom corner of product pages–exactly where customers are checking out products.

Sign-up Box - price drop alert

Sign-up Box: Product Delivery Updates

“When will my order arrive?”

Order delivery notifications keep customers updated on product delivery progress. That’s one more step toward a better customer experience.

This kind of sign-up notification has a decent conversion rate of 3.3% and auto-sends an update on product delivery. It looks like this.

Sign-up Box - Product Delivery Updates

Try showing a product delivery sign-up box on product pages to engage online shoppers who made a purchase from your Shopify store.

Sign-up Box: Discount Code

Many visitors to your Shopify store would subscribe if given a discount on a product they want.

We know that, so…

Why not use it to your advantage and get more loyal customers?

Give your visitors a way to subscribe with a discount code sign-up box. It can appear almost anywhere on your Shopify store.

Here’s how it looks–a nice way to get promo notifications.

Sign-up Box - Discount Code

With Firepush, you can add this sign-up box to a Shopify store in seconds. Activate this notification, write a compelling call to action, and add to your website.

Want to see Shopify discount code sign-up boxes in action? This free demo will take you to a product page where you’ll see these attention-grabbing messages.

Sign-up Box: Back-in-Stock Messages

Some items get sold out quickly?

Don’t lose sales when inventory runs out. Let shoppers know when a product becomes available again.

How? Back-in-stock web push notifications.

They get delivered directly to a browser instead of a packed email inbox. So, you get a better chance of people seeing your promotional messages.

With a Shopify notification app, you can send notifications like this the moment a product is back in stock.

Sign-up Box - Back-in-Stock Messages

Offer visitors to receive these delightful notifications, too.

How to get started?

Firepush makes adding back-in-stock sign-up boxes to a Shopify store hassle-free, without any coding.

5. Embedded Button

There’s one more way to collect push notification subscribers–

A crafty button on product pages.

With a Shopify web notification app, you can add it to the product pages of your choice. For example, here’s a price drop button, waiting to be clicked.

Web push sign-up - Embedded Button

To collect more web push notification subscribers:

  • Placement–Place notification subscription buttons on pages with your most popular products
  • Color–Make price drop alert buttons stand out with a contrasting color
  • Text–Experiment with button text; instead of “Set Price Drop Alert,” Try “Let me know when the price drops,” etc.

Increase Shopify Sales with Web Push Notifications: Summary

When done right, web push notifications can delight your customers in a big way. If you add a notification app to your Shopify store, you’ll be able to share:

  • Sales promotions
  • Price drop alerts
  • Requests to follow your brand’s social media
  • Shopify coupons
  • Abandoned cart notifications
  • Back-in-stock alerts.

The best news is that you have many push notification options for that.

Pop-ups, flyout widgets, browser prompts, sign-up boxes, and embedded buttons–plenty of opportunities to collect more subscribers and increase Shopify conversion rate.

Here’s to your success.

Special thanks to our friends at FirePush for their insights on this topic.