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Introducing The Activity Feed: Track And Optimize Your Web Push Marketing


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You’re constantly changing and tweaking your web push marketing— renaming a button, switching your opt-in, or even enabling an automated notification. But, viewing these changes and understanding how they affect your web push marketing efforts is tricky. 

We wanted to simplify the task of tracking your changes and how they might translate into better results. This is where the Activity Feed helps. With this Activity Feed, you can view changes you’ve made on your dashboard and notice how these changes affect your web push performance.

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Read how you can access the Activity Feed on your PushOwl dashboard and how you can use it.

How Does It Help?

View all changes

As you enable more automations and continuously tweak your web push strategy, you may have a hard time tracking each change you make and getting a clearer look at how it impacts your web push performance. With the Activity Feed, your changes are tracked automatically and you can easily look back at your activity log.

Notice growth patterns

Besides just viewing all your changes, you can notice how your web push performance is being affected and understand how the changes you have made impacts your growth. 

Ever found that you were capturing more subscribers or revenue on a specific date but weren’t sure why this was the case? With the Activity Feed, you can identify when you earned more subscribers or revenue and then cross-check to see what changes you made during that timeframe. 

So, if you find that you have a higher subscriber rate during a certain time frame, you can easily look at your Activity Feed and the specific dates around the subscriber growth. You might find that the spike in subscription rates is because you changed your opt-in type.

You can use this Activity Feed to continuously optimize your web push strategy, whether it’s the copy within your automations or your opt-in timing and placement.

Test different strategies

The Activity Feed also makes it easier to test different strategies to find what works. So, for instance, you can test a discount ladder for your abandoned cart notifications for a week and compare that to a FOMO-driven copy on another week. You’ll then be able to monitor and get a better understanding of which strategy is converting your shoppers best.

Our goal at PushOwl is to give you all the best features and tools you need to grow with web push. Despite being a simple feature, the Activity Feed helps you optimize your marketing strategy, giving you more context over what works with your web push strategy and helping you increase your subscribers, engagement, clicks, and revenue.

Aren’t using web push to increase your sales and retain customers effectively? Get started now.


Asiya Nayeem

Asiya is the Content and Social Media Lead at PushOwl. When she isn’t talking about push notifications, she can usually be found writing about culture or juggling fictional ideas in her head.

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