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Introducing Welcome Notification Sequence— Build Customer Relationship and Increase Retention


Your shopper’s first interaction with your brand is important. Many merchants have leveraged this by setting up welcome messages to greet the new subscriber. 

A one-off welcome notification isn’t enough to make your new subscribers want to interact with your brand. However, with a sequence of welcome notifications, you can greet the shopper better and nurture the new subscriber into a paying customer.

That’s why we are excited to elevate your brand’s first impression! Merchants can now set up a sequence of welcome notifications on PushOwl, connect with new subscribers better and increase retention effectively.

Importance of a Welcome Notification Sequence

Opportunity to nurture new store visitors

Typically, store visitors are not ready to share their email on their first experience on-site. Due to this, you end up losing the store visitor and miss out on the opportunity to nurture them to re-visit your store and shop from you.

Web push notifications give you the chance to capture your store visitors as subscribers without asking them to leave their personal details like an email address. Once they opt-in, you can set up highly visible welcome notifications to be sent to these new subscribers. 

Build a relationship with shoppers

Turning a new subscriber into a loyal customer is tricky. With a sequence of notifications, you can introduce your brand better, help new subscribers learn more about your brand, and make them invested enough to return to your store and purchase from you. 

You can craft your welcome notification in different ways, sharing your brand’s founding story, your vision, reviews from customers, benefits of using the products, and other such messages that help build trust.

A welcome notification sequence is the best way to nurture a new subscriber into a long-time customer.

“Not enough merchants focus on building a relationship with their shoppers before promoting and pushing their products. With a welcome notification sequence, brands can create a better first impression with potential shoppers and build a rapport with them to retain them effectively.”

Shashank Kumar, CEO and Founder of PushOwl

Better engagement than email 

Welcome messages sent via web push have higher engagement rates. Shoppers have low attention spans and welcome emails, in comparison, take much longer to digest due to their long-form nature.

Welcome notifications, on the other hand, are crisp and take less than 15 seconds to read and interact with, and shoppers are able to come back to the store with just one click. 

Set Up a Sequence of Welcome Notifications

PushOwl’s welcome notification sequence allows you to set up a sequence of 3 notifications sent at different intervals after subscription. With this, customers can be nurtured into interacting with your brand, building a relationship between the customer and your brand. 

Let’s take an instance where a merchant sends a one-off welcome notification greeting the subscriber and instantly nudging them to buy the brand’s products.

Frame 2

While this notification is crisp and quick to read, it’s abrupt and isn’t enough to make the new subscriber eager to shop from the brand. 

On the other hand, if the merchant was able to slowly ease the subscriber into knowing the brand through a series of 3 notifications, the new subscriber will be more receptive to come back and shop from the store.

Frame 1

Setting up a welcome notification sequence is easy! Read our helpdesk to get a walkthrough on how you can set up the welcome notification sequence.

Special thanks to our friends at PushOwl for their insights on this topic.
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