Meta Performance Marketing Summit 2022: The Creator Connection


Content creators personalize your brand experience to their audiences. 

With the disappearance of third-party cookies and the quick development of new channels, we’re navigating a new performance marketing landscape. Consequently, it’s more important than ever that brands lean into creating volume, velocity, and variance of content to be able to find resonance with customers in ways that really drive impact. 

One of the only scalable ways to do so is by tapping into content creators, who are essentially individual content creation studios that can bring your brand story to life in ways that resonate personally with their built-in audience. 

Not only can brands drive full-funnel growth by leveraging these creators’ content on organic channels, but there’s also an opportunity to drive even more impact by repurposing the highest performing content on paid channels — particularly through the plethora of tools that Meta provides, such as Branded Content Ads and Allowlisting. 

Brand-creator relationships are a two-way street.

Consumers crave authenticity when it comes to brand-creator partnerships. And the best way to produce an ad that resonates is by developing genuine relationships with real brand fans. 

Historically, influencer partnerships have been initiated by brands reaching out to creators via DMs and emails. Now, the launch of creator marketplaces is empowering more creators to start the conversation with their favorite brands and pitch campaign ideas. Through creator marketplaces, you can receive hundreds of collaboration proposals from creators who not only are genuinely interested in your brand, but also want to tell an innovative story around your brand in a way that they know will resonate with their audience. 

These two-way relationships are paving the way for brand-creator partnerships that are more authentic, more creative, and more impactful. 

Invest in people, not platforms.

Creators are people. When you’re investing in a person, it is inherently different than just investing in a channel. Although you’re offering payment in exchange for the collaboration, don’t treat your partnership as a one-off transaction. Influencer marketing is a relationship game, and it’ll be in your best interest to invest in creators that you’re going to grow with and work with on a longer term basis.

Remember that it takes time for creators to build trust with their audience. Establishing long-term partnerships with your top performing creators and working with them on a recurring basis will help build that credibility with their audience.

Take co-creation to the next level and make creators feel like they’re a part of your brand building process. This will enhance the relationship, not only between your brand and the creator, but also between that creator and their audience. 

Everyone has influence. 

It’s becoming increasingly clear that everyone has influence among their own circles, whether it be a huge audience on Instagram or just a small group of friends IRL. This presents an opportunity for brands to work with anyone, regardless of if they have a large social media following or not. 

In a time when every marketer is thinking about ways to drive more efficient growth and do more with less, you need to lean into strategies and channels that are most effective — and what’s more effective than word-of-mouth? So, tap into your brand community, whether they’re influencers, affiliates, customers, or employees, and drive growth in a powerful, scalable way. 

Interested in learning more? Watch the full conversation here.

Special thanks to our friends at AspireIQ for their insights on this topic.
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