Nine Brands We Can Learn From In Uncertain Times


Digital community has become a necessity for brands hoping to engage with their customers. But doing that tactfully and authentically is often easier said than done. These brands not only positively engage their customers, but they also serve as an inspiration in unusual times.

1. Sennheiser 

Sennheiser originally built a page to showcase their employees and customers using their products to celebrate their 75th anniversary but adapted the campaign specifically to stay connected during this time of crisis. Sennheiser showcases a great mix of professional creative, branded content, and community connection.

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2. 1800 Contacts

As people shift their purchasing habits to online for categories such as health and wellness, brands are seeing new ways to connect. This huge global company successfully enhanced its brand narrative from contact lenses as a product story on their homepage to the adventures they enable for their customers.

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3. Breckenridge Tourism Office 

While travel and hospitality companies have been hit disproportionately hard lately, this local tourism bureau has begun sharing stories of local businesses giving back. With a local restaurant converting to a free daily meal provider and a local distillery converted to make hand sanitizer, Breckenridge’s tourism office is highlighting positive stories.

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4. Knockaround 

As many consumers shift to working from home, people are sharing a lot more content related to their pets. Knockaround sunglasses is building community through their blog by rallying around content that brings everyone together: customers hanging with their dogs.

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5. Michael’s Makers Stories 

With kids at home, finding new crafts and activities is core to Michael’s customers. To build community, Michael’s is sharing the whimsy of their creators through Instagram stories to encourage more customers to share their creativity with the brand.

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6. Nature Lab 

Highlighting philanthropic work at this time can be important for brands who want to showcase their shared values and shared mission with customers. Nature Lab donates proceeds to local food banks including the LA Food Bank and was able to highlight this message in a community-centric email.

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7. Teddy The Dog 

Teddy the Dog, an apparel company for dog lovers, has embraced that their customers are at home with their dogs more than usual through quarantine. Their community has embraced what they love – sharing pictures of their dogs – while submitting to the Quarantine and Chill gallery at an incredible rate to bond and share their personal quarantine stories.

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8. Maui Jim 

Spreading positivity from home can be tough, but at Maui Jim, they’re sharing #AlohaAtHome with their community by encouraging people to share their ways for staying positive during uncertain times.

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9. Cotopaxi

As a Utah based company, Cotopaxi is supporting its local community affected by COVID-19. Cotopaxi has teamed up with members of the Utah business community to raise $5 million to support those impacted by the current pandemic.

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As brands and consumers alike adapt to changing circumstances, keeping connected digitally has become a more critical part of day-to-day life. Even once in-person events start to return and stores reopen, digital engagement will remain critical to consumer affinity.

This article originally appeared in the Pixlee blog and has been published here with permission.

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