Partner Spotlight: Providing Precise Profit Analytics To Amazon Sellers With Alex Speian From Sellerboard

Partner Spotlight: Providing Precise Profit Analytics To Amazon Sellers With Alex Speian From Sellerboard

Hey, thanks for tuning in to another Partner Interview at EcomBalance. At EcomBalance, we’re all about creating win-win partnerships where we are able to grow with other companies in the ecommerce space.

In this exclusive interview, we have a conversation with Alex Speian from sellerboard.

Alex Speian is currently serving as the Head of Marketing at sellerboard, a position he assumed in 2022. Despite the Amazon selling space being uncharted territory for him initially, Alex has quickly adapted and brought his extensive marketing expertise to the table.

His rich background spans various business sectors such as hospitality (HORECA), automotive, DIY retail, and diverse retail sectors.

Beyond his professional achievements, Alex cherishes his roles as a devoted husband, proud father of two and creatively expresses himself through beat making.

Connor: Hey Alex, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. As a company, one of our goals is to highlight our partners so that our clients can benefit where it makes most sense. To get started, can you give us a high-level introduction to sellerboard and a little bit about how the company got started?

Alex: Sellerboard was born out of a real need back in 2017 in Germany. One of our co-founders, an active Amazon seller at the time, grappled with discerning the profitability of his business as it grew and competition multiplied.

It was then that he identified the necessity for a reliable tool that could help analyze profitability. That was the genesis of sellerboard – a software designed to provide precise profit analytics to Amazon sellers, enabling them to make informed decisions in management, marketing, and procurement.

Our primary focus at sellerboard has always been to arm Amazon sellers with accurate profitability insights. However, we have evolved to offer a suite of robust automation tools that aid in maintaining optimal inventory levels, automating review requests, analyzing PPC campaign performance, and managing bids and keywords.

We also help sellers stay updated with significant events happening in their Amazon business and ensure they get reimbursed for any FBA errors.

In essence, sellerboard is more than just a profit analytics software; it’s a comprehensive solution equipped with powerful automation tools designed to streamline and enhance Amazon selling operations.

Connor: Thanks for sharing that! Can you dive a bit more into the profit analytics tools that you provide? Our audience is always looking for reputable companies that they can lean on for specific parts of their eCommerce businesses.

Alex: Absolutely, I’d be happy to elaborate. At sellerboard, we offer Amazon sellers an intuitive, user-friendly profit analytics dashboard. This interface presents vital profitability metrics at different layers – from a bird’s eye view of the overall business down to detailed performance breakdowns for each ASIN.

For cost accounting, sellers can accurately track the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) by batch, time period, and marketplace. Overhead expense management is also streamlined, with options to amortize monthly costs and integrate them into daily profitability computations.

All Amazon fees and costs are automatically retrieved from the seller’s Amazon account, including PPC advertising costs. Moreover, we consider external marketing channel expenses from platforms like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, or Snapchat. These costs are attributed to the specific products being advertised, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each product’s profitability.

Our ultimate aim is to deliver a holistic view of the financial health of an Amazon business, giving sellers the information they need to make sound, data-driven decisions.

Connor: Jumping off of that…when you’re thinking about your ideal customer, who is that? Where are they selling online? Where are they located in the world? How much sales do they typically have in a year? If there’s any other qualities, please include them as well. We’re all about making introductions where it benefits both parties.

Alex: In terms of an “ideal customer,” we at sellerboard don’t specifically narrow it down to a particular avatar. The fundamental requirement we have is that the seller should be generating sales, as this provides the data that our tools need to analyze.

The absence of sales would, of course, leave sellerboard with no data to assess. Therefore, we warmly welcome any Amazon sellers, regardless of their size, location, or product category, as long as they have sales transactions that we can help optimize.

Connor: For our audience to truly understand what makes you stand out from other SaaS companies, can you share a story of how sellerboard truly helped one of its customers?

Alex: To provide the most genuine insight, I believe it’s best to let our customers speak for themselves. I invite you to explore Twitter and search for mentions of sellerboard. There, you’ll find first-hand accounts and stories of how our software has benefitted users. It’s an unfiltered way to see how sellerboard has helped real sellers improve their profitability and streamline their operations on Amazon.

Connor: As you and your company think about the next year ahead, what does it look like? Are there any specific initiatives that you’re working on as a team to better your product or service for your customers?

Alex: Looking ahead, our focus remains unwavering on refining our profit calculation algorithms, which lie at the heart of our product. Simultaneously, we’re committed to adding new features to our inventory management module. For instance, we’re looking forward to introducing Amazon shipment creation.

Furthermore, there are several exciting features currently in the pipeline. While I can’t divulge all the details now, we’re eager to announce these developments in the near future.

Connor: Okay, here’s an open mic opportunity. If there’s one thing that you’d want the EcomBalance community to hear from you, what would it be?

Alex: I would underscore the importance of vigilance in tracking your profitability. Account for every detail, ensure you remain profitable, and never lose sight of your financial health. It’s the backbone of your eCommerce success. I wish everyone in the EcomBalance community the very best on their journey. Remember, success comes to those who stay informed and adapt swiftly.

Connor: As we close this out, I just have one more question. Where is the best place to find and follow you and the company online? Also, if you have one, is there any special offer that you’ll be offering to the community today?

Alex: We warmly invite everyone to join the ongoing conversations about sellerboard on Twitter and check out our enlightening podcast episodes on YouTube. Moreover, as a token of our appreciation for this engaging dialogue, we’re delighted to offer your audience a two-month free trial of sellerboard. It’s our way of enabling more people to experience the value we can bring to their Amazon business. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

This originally appeared on the EcomBalance Blog and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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