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EP148 Thankful

Your Shopify Ecommerce Business Is On A Journey.  Today’s Shopify Podcast Will Help Accelerate DTC Growth And Scale.

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Our North Star is to inspire founders and marketers to accelerate growth through podcasts and strategic insights. Each week Steve Hutt and his Shopify Expert guest discuss the latest marketing strategies and current marketing tactics to accelerate growth and scale in 2022. You’ll learn how to improve efficiencies, profitably grow revenue, and build lifetime customer loyalty for your Shopify-powered online store. Today’s episode gets you one step closer to learning from those who are winning in e-commerce!

In today’s episode, my guest is James Hotson the VP of Partnerships from Thankful. Their mission is to give every customer access to great service by giving every Shopify brand the technology to deliver it. With Thankful on call 24/7/365, your business can scale and increase customer satisfaction without spiraling costs.

You can let technology do what technology does best so your humans can do what they do best; with Thankful on your team, human support staff can invest more time building customer engagement, and less time with repetitive tasks.

Notable Shopify brands like Untuckit, Puravida Bracelets, MeUndies, Blenders Eyewear, Bombas, Morphe, Pretty Litter, and many more, all trust Thankful to power intelligent automation for their businesses, which leads to world-class customer service.

What You Will Learn Today

  • How technology is solving the pain, sorrow, and desperation that customers feel when they are forced to interact with customer service.
  • How AI in customer support doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing mindset.
  • How deep learning and natural language processing can take the right actions based on the intended meaning from your customer.
  • How to scale multichannel support where your customers want to communicate – such as social media, SMS, chat, and email.

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Thankful's north star is to give every customer access to great customer service. We think great service is linked to lifetime value.Click To Tweet
Instead of acting as a first responder like many chatbots, Thankful's AI sits inside of your helpdesk to communicate with customers in a human-like fashion.Click To Tweet

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