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155: Make Fulfillment An Integral Part Of Your Competitive Advantage And Growth Strategy

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Your Business Is A Journey.  Invest In Yourself Today.

Being an entrepreneur is a life of learning, implementing, and iterating. All it would take is a new idea, a strategy, a Shopify app, or a marketing platform to be the next thing you need to improve efficiencies, drive more revenue, and build lifetime customer loyalty for your Shopify brand.

In today’s episode, my guest is Michael Krakaris the Co-Founder of Deliverr. They are a DTC fulfillment service that helps Shopify merchants of any size to offer 2-day and next-day delivery to their buyers.

Their ultra-fast fulfillment speeds give buyers an unparalleled online shopping experience. This drives positive reviews, customer loyalty, and ultimately more sales and lifetime value for Shopify merchants.

What You Will Learn Today

  • How Shopify brands leverage fast fulfillment as a growth driver and an improved customer experience.
  • How to implement Amazon Prime-like badging next to your products to increase sales.
  • How Deliverr has been able to help Shopify brands reduce their cost-per-acquisition and ad spend efficiency.
  • How to increase sales on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Wish.

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Get ultra-fast fulfillment for your Shopify store by delivering a prime-like experience to your most loyal customers, showcasing free 2-day and next-day delivery promises across your store.Click To Tweet

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