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PushOwl X AVADA Photo Reviews Integration: Review Requests With Web Push


Reviews are a great way to build credibility for your brand and your products. However, getting customers to leave reviews is tricky. You need a communication channel that is directly and highly visible to your shoppers, like web push notifications. 

PushOwl now integrates with AVADA Photo Reviews, allowing you to send review requests via web push notifications to your customers’ device screens.

Why should you be sending review requests via web push notifications?

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, shoppers can’t feel and try your products before buying. Reviews help your shoppers in getting an unbiased opinion, building trust in your products and your brand. In fact, about 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase.

However, collecting reviews from past customers is tricky. Emails tend to end up in spam or customers read it but end up forgetting to click through. Web push notifications, on the other hand, are sent to the customer’s device screen, making it highly visible. They are quick to read and when clicked, take customers directly to the store to leave a review. 

With this integration, you can set up review requests to be sent to your customers, reminding them to leave a review for your product. 


About the apps

AVADA Photo Reviews is a review app that lets you send review reminders, collect photo reviews, and display reviews on your store to build more credibility. Get the app.

PushOwl is a web push marketing app built for e-commerce businesses, trusted by leading brands like Lange Hair and Culture Kings. PushOwl lets you turn one-time store visitors into subscribers, send highly visible web push notifications, and increase customer retention.

Special thanks to our friends at PushOwl for their insights on this topic.
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