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Ready To Move To Shopify Plus? Read This First


If your business is scaling and you’re starting to feel like you’re outgrowing your current Shopify plan, upgrading to Shopify Plus might seem like the right move.

Still, upwards of $2000 per month is no small fee, and you want to make sure that cost is justified before you make the leap. There’s a lot to consider though, which is why we’ve outlined some of the most important conditions you should meet prior to pulling the trigger.

Let’s take a look at whether Plus is right for you.

You’re making more than $1m in annual revenue

Research has shown that Shopify Plus starts to make sense when you’re making around $1-2 million in annual revenue.

If you’re a seven-figure store, the conversion-driving tools and superior support Plus provides will help you get to the next level. Make sure to crunch the numbers so that you feel comfortable paying for the upgrade — and don’t forget to factor in any additional costs such as custom development or third-party apps you may need.

You have everyday tasks that need automating

If you find yourself spending a lot of time on backend tasks such as inventory management and fraud prevention, Shopify Flow will free up a ton of your (and your team’s) time.

This is perhaps the most valuable feature that comes with your Plus plan and it’s ecommerce automation at its finest. Flow lets you build worfklows to automate a range of things, including:

  • Following up on customer review
  • Reordering items that are low on stock
  • Canceling high-risk orders
  • and much more

And because it can access nearly any data point in your store and create endless connections with apps and business tools you’re already using, the sky is the limit on what you can build with it.

You want to expand internationally

Another great benefit Shopify Plus has over other plans is that you can create up to nine completely different stores under your account. This lets you tap into international markets and tailor the experience to that target audience.

You can accept different currencies, give customers the information they need in a different language or use even run a wholesale version of your website with custom pricing, discount structures and shipping options.

You’re looking for new ways to boost conversion

Providing a seamless checkout experience can dramatically increase your conversion rates but Shopify can be very limiting when it comes to customizing it.

With Shopify Plus, you’ll be able to personalize the checkout experience to your brand, run A/B tests to see what works best with your customers and offer more ways to pay on your store, be it through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay or Shopify Pay.

You have more than 15 people on your team

Shopify Plus supports an unlimited number of staff accounts, compared to the maximum of 15 on the Advanced plan.

This means you can get everybody from marketing, operations, web development and customer service on board to manage your store on the platform and boost productivity.

You’re experiencing large spikes in traffic

As a storeowner, the last thing you want to do is direct visitors to a site that’s unable to handle their influx.

One of the great things about Shopify Plus websites is that they run on servers with no bandwidth limitations, meaning you’ll be able to handle massive amounts of traffic during peak events of the year such as Black Friday and Boxing Day.

You need 24/7 support

Shopify already provides decent support on its smaller business plans, but when you’re growing rapidly, you need an advanced team to handle your migration and site issues, which is exactly what Plus gets you.

Before you launch on Plus, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Launch Engineer to help you make a smooth transition. You’ll also receive ongoing support on day-to-day issues from a dedicated Merchant Success Manager who will go the extra mile to make sure you get the most out of your Plus plan.

Everything you need to grow your Shopify store

While other Shopify plans can be great for launching your business, upgrading to Shopify Plus is a smart move when you start to feel limited in what you current plan has to offer.

Your annual revenue and current goals will be a deciding factor in making the switch, and we hope that the above list has helped you decide whether it’s worth it for your business.

Special thanks to our friends at Recart for their insights on this topic.
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