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Secret Shopify Plus Feature You’re Not Using


If you’re a Shopify Plus merchant, there’s a good chance you’re not using one of the most powerful free features you get with your plan — Shopify Flow.

A lot of people are somewhat intimidated by this app and think that just because it does task automation, there must be some coding involved. There isn’t.

In fact, the thing that makes Flow so great is its ease of use. Shopify has created premade templates that solve some of the most common problems storeowners like you face, saving you both the time and the mental energy you’ve been spending on things like:

  • Removing out-of-stock products from your store
  • Giving VIP treatment to customers who have spent a lot of money with you
  • Canceling and restocking high-risk orders
  • Tracking customers who consistently ask for a refund
  • And much more

Let’s take a quick tour of some amazing things you can do with the workflows that are already included in Shopify Flow.

Never run out of stock again

Managing your inventory can be a hassle. This simple workflow lets you notify your team about a low-stock item, send your vendor an email with a reorder request or hide the product from your store.

Deliver priority items first

When a customer chooses expedited or express shipping of their order, you may want to alert your logistics team. This workflow can be especially useful during Black Friday and other busy periods when a high volume of orders is coming through.

Make the most of your product reviews

Product reviews hold a strong influence over your customers’ buying decision and have a major impact on conversion. This workflow is triggered once a new review comes through and takes appropriate action based on its rating. For example, a 5-star review can be shared with your sales and product team so that they know what resonates with customers. Conversely, a support issue is raised whenever a poor review comes in.

Learn from your returns

A responsive customer service is key to minimizing refunds. This workflow lets you tag shoppers who have asked for a refund on their order and creates a ticket so that your customer service team can figure out why they’re unhappy with their purchase.

Cancel fraudulent orders

This workflow serves as an additional line of defense against fraudsters — all you need is the IP or email address of the blacklisted shopper and Flow will automatically cancel, refund and restock their order.

What about custom workflows?

As you can see, Shopify has got you covered with some great ways of automating your inventory management, buyer experience and fraud mitigation. Besides using the templates you get out of the box, you can also create custom workflows within your Shopify dashboard. Simply go to Apps > Shopify Flow and click on Create workflow.

All workflows in Shopify Flow consist of three basic building blocks:

  • A trigger is an event that happens within your store, such as when a customer makes an order or you add a new product to your store
  • A condition is a decision point that has to be met for before an action is carried out. For instance, if the order a customer has made totals $500 or more, do something
  • An action is the ‘do something’ part. This can be as simple as assigning a tag to the customers who have spent $500 or more as VIP.

The nifty thing about Flow is that actions can happen within Shopify or outside of it. For example, you can connect an email marketing app to send your VIP customers an email with a discount code on their next order.

Once you’re done creating your building blocks, hit save, name your workflow and enable it. The one that we went through rewards customers who spend $500 in your store with a promotion on their next purchase. Instead of looking over each order manually and typing out the email yourself, Flow is doing all the work for you and it took less than five minutes to set it up.

Get into the right flow

Shopify Flow is perhaps one of the most overlooked features you can use to run your business more smoothly.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time on repetitive tasks like fulfilling orders and handling customer support, Shopify Flow will free up your time so that you can do the work that’s more creative and fun.

And because it can access nearly any data point in your store and create endless connections with apps and business tools you’re already using, the sky is the limit on what you can build with it.

Special thanks to our friends at Recart for their insights on this topic.
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