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Klaviyo was built to help you learn more about your customers and communicate with them on a more relevant, personal level. Starting today, we’re excited to announce that SMS is available to extend personal conversations beyond email to text messaging. SMS in Klaviyo is now available to select customers and will be rolling out widely early next year.

SMS in Klaviyo will take the experiences you create for your brand to the next level. By combining SMS with best-in-class segmentation and automation (via Klaviyo’s Flow Builder), you can send relevant text messages to your customers that help your business grow. 

You no longer need third-party point solutions that require too much time and too many resources to manage. With Klaviyo, you can create and personalize the customer experience across channels—email, push notification, web, and now SMS—from a single platform. 

Whether you’re already sending SMS through another platform or looking to add SMS to the mix, Klaviyo can get you up and running in minutes and generating meaningful results.  

Before you start sending SMS messages, though, you should be familiar with the rules surrounding SMS in the U.S. 

While the specific rules between email and SMS marketing may be slightly different, the core concept is the same: ensure you can acquire and manage consent from your customers before you send them any messages. 

Klaviyo SMS actually takes care of the difficulty of managing every single customer’s consent through the customer’s profile. Klaviyo also makes it easy to seamlessly collect and manage consent from your customers. 

Use the Klaviyo Form Builder to add a field to a form that collects phone numbers and includes proper consent language for your business. Additionally, Klaviyo can track SMS consent from your standard checkout process. 

Klaviyo will automatically store and track the time and source of consent on every customer profile. If a customer subscribes to SMS on a Wednesday from your checkout page and then unsubscribes three months later, Klaviyo will track and timestamp both of these actions so you have the full history right in front of you. You can always see who’s subscribed and be confident you’re only texting with customers who want to hear from you. 

SMS Consent in Klaviyo

If you’re coming to Klaviyo from another platform, you can upload a list of current SMS subscribers who’ve given you their consent and continue sending text messages to them. Klaviyo will store consent on their profile and allow you to update profiles with SMS consent—no more wasting time by having to match customer lists in countless spreadsheets. Best of all, you never have to log into multiple platforms ever again. Klaviyo takes care of consent across email and SMS, removing the risk of communicating incorrectly.  

Klaviyo doesn’t deal in days or weeks; we work in minutes. SMS setup requires a single click. You can start sending text messages without lengthy onboarding or contract negotiations. If you prefer it for your brand, you can provision other code types (e.g. toll-free, short codes or vanity short codes) whenever you want.


One smart way to include text messaging in your automation strategy is to use a conditional split to send an SMS message to someone who hasn’t opened an email. In Klaviyo, you can simply drag in the split and add a text message. The split criteria can check to see if the recipient has opened your prior email. If not, they’ll receive the follow-up text message as long as they’re subscribed. 

By sending a second message to non-email openers via SMS, you increase the number of conversions and/or engagement with every automation you build.


You can also improve your overall brand experience using SMS in automations

Customers often desire order, shipping, and delivery confirmations, so they’re a great way to get customers to subscribe. As part of your opt-in language, you can include the fact that they can expect to receive other promotional offers in addition to the transactional messages. Then, you can test out sending product offers and flash sales by text. This is a great way to acquire subscribers and then use text messages to sell more of your products in ways that people love to receive communication. 

All of these messages can be personalized with relevant data about your customers in just a few clicks. Want to send a message about a specific item in their order? No problem. Want to dynamically link to the cart URL of someone who abandoned their checkout? Piece of cake. Just like you can create dynamic emails, you can use the same logic in SMS messages.


Klaviyo is where you go to grow. We know how important it is for you to test, learn, and improve quickly, and we’re excited to bring that power to SMS. If you like what you see, have feedback, or ideas, as always, please send them to

Learn more about SMS in Klaviyo and to be among the first to get access to Klaviyo SMS, apply here on our website.

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Mike Greene

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