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Smart Sense Declutters The Modal Mess


Let’s talk about cleaning up your landing pages and optimizing your list-building strategy using Smart Sense.

You’ve probably noticed a resurgence of pop-ups across the internet.

Everyone is building out their lists, which was fine when life on the web revolved around email.

But these days, there’s a new game in town. Email is but one of many channels that people are spending their time on. Messenger and SMS are competing with email for the title of the best channel for reaching customers.

Not to mention people splitting their time between their phones, laptops, tablets, and more.

So Many Channels, So Little Time

Customers are fragmented across the internet, between different channels and devices.

Gone are the days where everyone was accessible via email inboxes.

Ecommerce email open rates hover around just 15%.

People are spending 2.5x more time using Facebook products (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp) than Google products, including Gmail.

Email and desktop market share are under assault as mobile-friendly sites and social media continue to eat up the market. More than 50% of web traffic occurring via mobile devices in 2018.

So how does anyone keep up with it all?

Keeping Up With the Customers

The landscape for customer interaction is evolving. The lines between multichannel and omnichannel marketing and sales strategies are blurring faster than Moore’s law!

Savvy brands are deploying ALL the latest plugins and popups they can to keep up with the shifting trends of the modern consumer.

The goal is to make sure that customers can be reached wherever they are spending their time.

But can there be too much of a good thing?

List-Building Builds Clutter

The problem with trying to cover all your bases is that it’s not always pretty.

This mess of modals isn’t from the 90s—this was seen in 2019.

A pop-up for email, a modal for Messenger, a customer chat widget for onsite communication, and (not pictured) a page takeover modal on mobile devices.

Some shops are able to fine-tune their settings across the various products

It can quickly get hairy—no one wants to end up creating a modal mess on their page. Check out this piece for some help on choosing the right Messenger modal for your site.

A Smarter Solution for Contact Capture

But what if instead of throwing things at the wall and hoping that something sticks, your site was smarter?

The easiest thing would be to allow customers to opt-in with just one click using a Messenger opt-in, but this only works smoothly if the user is already logged into Facebook. Luckily, most users are, and it’s much harder to fake a Facebook account than it is to drop in a bogus email address.

But for the folks who don’t use Facebook, then what?

Typing an email in is no problem for desktop users who have a full keyboard and all their digits at their disposal, but typing in an email address on a phone can be a pain!

In that case, what about having them send you a text message instead?

A bearded man that is logged into Facebook on his phone sees a Messenger modal. A woman sitting at her laptop who is not logged into Facebook sees an email capture modal. A woman walking on her phone doesn't use Facebook, so she sees a modal for SMS capture.
Many factors affect how likely a customer will be to opt-in to your list.

What if your site could automatically detect these details about your visitors? Wouldn’t you want to make smart choices based on what device a customer is browsing from, whether or not they are logged in to Facebook, or if they’ve even been to your site before?

Smart Sense would just do the smart, right thing.

Display the modal with the highest likelihood of collecting your visitor’s contact info with the most frictionless modal at your disposal.

A mobile user that is not logged in to Facebook might find it a hassle to log in but probably wouldn’t mind shooting out a preset SMS message to start a conversation with your brand. 

Smart Sense uses logic to determine which modals to display based on characteristics detected about your visitors.
Smart Sense routes the user to the modal that is most likely to capture their contact information.

ShopMessage Smart Sense Technology

Smart Sense is designed to play nice with other 3rd Party modals, instead of competing for the customers’ attention like crabs in a barrel.

Smart Sense now comes standard for all growth plugins created through ShopMessage.

Visitor traffic will be directed based on factors (like the ones described above) to grow your lists without annoying your customers.

ShopMessage coordinates the various plugins and modals like a conductor leading an orchestra, or an air traffic controller. Create an experience that converts, rather than overwhelms.

Still have questions? Check out this help doc for more details!

This originally appeared on Shop Message and is made available here to educate and cast a wider net of discovery.
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