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SMS Marketing: Don’t Have The Time? We Think You Do


Adding a new channel to your marketing strategy is daunting and can sometimes feel unworthy of the time and effort it takes to sign-up and learn a new tool. But SMS is different and we’re here to explain that it’s pretty easy to implement, yields fast results, and is worth the effort.

If you’re not already using SMS marketing, this is a good time to start. You’ve probably heard that SMS marketing has a 98% open rate but did you know that 3.8 billion people own smartphones capable of online shopping and 75% of clients want to receive offers via SMS? We’re not mathematicians but those numbers are pretty exciting and we’re sure you feel the same.

Keep reading to find out how quickly you’ll see results with SMS and Recart, and some real life examples from our clients that you can learn from.

Fast solutions for more subscribers 

If you’ve built an email list you know the amount of time and effort it takes, but don’t panic, growing an SMS subscriber base is quick and easy if you just discover how. There are many convenient methods to grow your subscriber list with Recart, just ask Bulksupplements who generated 85 000 SMS subscribers in just 4 months. 

Results like these are within your reach. We’ve worked with thousands of merchants and helped them grow and engage via SMS and have compiled a list of some proven tactics to get you started. 

  1. Use website popups that encourage your visitors to sign up using their mobile numbers to receive discounts and deals via text. If you’re already collecting email addresses you’re a step closer and can add a second page and often further discounts if your customers leave their mobile numbers.
  2. Try Facebook messenger if you already have a Facebook following and convert them into SMS subscribers too. Having customers opted in to many channels means you can speak to them using the channel best suited to your goal. 
  3. Text notifications and alerts are a great way for customers to stay up to date on orders confirmations, delivery schedules or even competition entries. Gather mobile numbers by offering communication that serves a purpose for your customer and keeps them in the loop.

Another Recart client, Vanity Table, a Korean beauty brand, also saw huge success using 2 page website popups and grew their subscriber list by 29 000 in just 60 days.

Turning subscribers into customers in a matter of weeks

Once you have the mobile numbers, the next step is converting them into customers. This could take ages through traditional marketing but SMS automated flows and personalized offers move your subscribers quickly down the funnel, resulting in qualified customers.

Vanity Table did just that and converted 42.7% of their subscribers into 20 000 paying customers with their very first SMS. But how? We thought you’d ask…

Here are the steps they used: 

  1. Recart set up a fully responsive, mobile-optimized, on-brand popup to capture mobile subscribers.
  2. New subscribers went through an opt-in series of automated welcome messages that starts with a pre-written message that they need to send to trigger the flow.
  3. Once confirmed, the subscriber received a series of targeted, personalized messages and offers that turn subscribers into buying customers 
  4. Subscribers were also retargeted with tailored once-off campaigns on carefully selected days such as Black Friday.

We also helped convert subscribers into customers by growing their customer profiles and sending personalized offers via SMS. The app pulls in personal data from Facebook profiles to equip you with information such as first name, last name, gender, location, and timezone to enable sending personalized marketing campaigns.

Drive up your ROI in no time

Measuring your results is key when it comes to assessing a channel, strategy or marketing tool, and Return On Investment (ROI) is a clear cut way to do this. What you spent compared to what you made quickly shows you the value of any strategy or channel and Recart clients Her Juice Bar have seen such great results that we just have to share them.

Her Juice Bar generated 49x ROI in just 90 days with Recart SMS marketing, reaching 11 000 new subscribers and with $330 000 in revenue from SMS alone.

After successful subscription via a website popup, subscribers are automatically taken to the Messages app on their phones with a pre-written message waiting for them. The automation flow starts as soon as they hit ‘Send’.

After the welcome flow, Her Juice Bar followed up with once-off offers via SMS as well as abandoned cart SMS flows and also integrated email marketing to create a long term omnichannel strategy.

SMS marketing may hold the key to better engagement, higher conversion rates and boost your sales, in fact, we’re pretty confident that it does. Not only because 77% of consumers are likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers SMS, but because we’ve helped our clients achieve some amazing results in a matter of months. 

Gone are the days that technology takes years to master, book a personalized, live demo with Recart today and discover all that mobile marketing has in store for your business and how quickly you’ll see great results.

Special thanks to our friends at Recart for their insights on this topic.
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