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Social media marketing is somewhat new in business circles, and it’s becoming an ever-increasing part of any successful business strategy.  That being said, many new businesses rush to social media as a freeway to promote themselves, and as a result make many detrimental mistakes that greatly inhibit their potential to succeed on the platform.


One of the biggest mistakes many companies make is not having a set social media strategy. Having a social media strategy makes it far easier to post the right content at the right times, which as a result will reach a larger, more relevant audience.


Posting randomly, or at inopportune times can limit the viewership of posts on nearly any platform. There are specific days and times during which posts will undoubtedly see more traffic than others, making it important that a social media strategy be devised before seriously using any platform.


In addition, it may be tempting to sign up for every social media platform on the web in hopes of reaching a new audience, however this is often more detrimental than helpful in the long run.


It can become a hassle to keep up with multiple social media platforms, which in turn conveys a sense of ineptitude toward followers. Stick to two or three main social media platforms that can be managed easily to begin with, and grow from there.


Another key mistake many entrepreneurs make when first beginning their social media marketing journey is to pay for followers. While 10000 likes on a Facebook page for $10 may sound tempting, these followers do absolutely nothing for your brand.


Real followers post feedback, comments, and reviews on your social media platforms, and will likely mention you in their posts if they enjoy your product. Fake accounts do not provide this valuable feedback, and will also destroy any trust you may have with your already existing customer base.


Fake followers are very obvious to many social media users, and can make you appear untrustworthy or even desperate if it is discovered you are using them.


Perhaps one of the most common mistakes made in social media marketing is with regard to the content itself:


  • It’s important to post relevant content, but not all of it should come from your site itself. Instead, post user-generated content on your social media platforms, or post content created by others in your field across the web. Keep posts from your brand to a minimum, and still work to engage with your followers by posting content that they will enjoy seeing on their timeline.


  • When posting on social media, it’s important not to include too many hashtags.   A post that includes too many hashtags will not be enjoyable for readers, and can come across as desperation for followers. Instead, use hashtags wisely and only use those that are relevant to the post itself.


  • Post content frequently and consistently, but don’t overdo it. Posting too much content in a short period of time can be frustrating for your social media followers, as it can clog their newsfeed and feel like spam. Instead, post quality content consistently but not too frequently. Too many posts in one day will often result in unfollows, which can hurt your brand in the long run.


  • It’s important to always proofread your content before posting it on social media. Many of your followers have a keen eye for any mistakes you’ve made in your articles, and there’s always the chance they will call the mistakes out in a post of their own. Avoid this by editing all content before it is published, in order to remove any mistakes that could otherwise be visible to readers.


Finally, the biggest mistake most new entrepreneurs make with social media marketing is not interacting with their customer base or followers on social media enough. As a friend, it’s important to take time to engage with customers on social media.


Comment on their post, follow them back, or reply to messages they may send. Always be sure to highlight any complimentary tweets or posts that may be created about you, and always stay in touch with your follower base. Consumers love a brand who is active with their user base on social media, which can be achieved by simply being social on social media.


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