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The internet has lead to more innovations in marketing and branding than any other commodity in history. Social media, blogging, and online ads have redefined marketing each in their respective ways, but many entrepreneurs and marketers are on the lookout for the next big breakthrough in eCommerce. As it turns out, that next big breakthrough may just be something we all use almost every day: internet video.


Most people associate internet video with the video sharing platform, YouTube. While YouTube is one of the main players when it comes to video uploads, almost every other social media platform has come up with a video sharing service of their own. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have video sharing options, which opens up their potential as marketing tools. In addition to video uploads, many platforms have implemented video streaming services, which allow individuals or companies to stream content live to their audience. Live streaming is growing in popularity, and may just become a powerful marketing tool in the near future because of its popularity among internet users.


Brands need to understand video marketing before they implement it as part of their marketing strategy. Video marketing can be done in a number of very effective ways, but it must be done tactfully to reach the largest audience and have the greatest impact. Firstly, brands need to understand that video marketing has had a huge impact on business in every niche, and it’s a powerful tool that should not be thrown by the wayside. Other marketing methods are becoming less and less effective as video marketing skyrockets in popularity. For example, blogging used to be one of the most effective ways of marketing a product or service online, but with the booming popularity of video, blogs are less effective than ever before as marketing tools. There is a lot of power to be harnessed by using video marketing, power that cannot be found in non-video mediums for the time being. 


Video marketing goes far beyond simple ads in today’s online world. Viewers don’t want to watch ads, they want to watch content that relates to them, which gives businesses a new focus. Instead of creating video ads that will likely be skipped and remain unwatched, brands are beginning to create feature content that their audience actually wants to watch. Furthermore, many brands pursue video marketing by paying influencers to talk about their products or services. These influencers have an audience of their own that may flock to a company that is promoted in a video, making influencers a powerful tool for businesses in many markets. If brands aren’t creating feature content for their audience themselves, they’ll invest in the help of an influencer to do it for them. If the influencer has an audience of 1 million viewers, this can give a company excellent exposure that would otherwise be lost by relying on ads.


As new forms of video sharing become available, video becomes more easily accessible for everyone. In the past, mobile video was very lacking when compared to watching video on a desktop or laptop. Now, more and more people are upgrading to modern smartphones that allow for easy access to video. This give companies new audiences to market to, audiences they may have not had access to before. Mobile video should be kept in mind when creating your video marketing strategies, as many individuals will watch video on a mobile device at some point throughout their day. One of the best ways to optimize video for mobile viewers is by removing the need for sound in your videos. When your content includes subtitles and clear messages, your audience can consume your content without needing to turn on their speakers or plug in their headphones, giving you a leg up on video that requires sound to be understood.


Realistically, businesses of any size, in any market can take advantage of video marketing. Video marketing can be done by any company, whether they market to an audience in the millions, or an audience of a few thousand people. It doesn’t cost anything to post video on social media platforms and YouTube, allowing companies on any budget to use video marketing as part of their branding strategy. 


As we have learned over the past several decades, technology is always changing. Online video sharing will change as well, with advances in technology. Some advancements to look ahead to include Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, which will change the face of video forever once they see mainstream success. Ultimately, successful video marketing comes down to understanding your audience and understanding your platform. Once you can identify who you are creating content for, you can find success in video marketing by paying attention to trends, and giving your audience what they want to see.


How has video marketing improved your business? Is there anything about video marketing we missed? What are your tips for video marketing? Let us know in the comments below!



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