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What Is A Creator Marketplace & How Can Brands Benefit?


What does your influencer discovery process look like? If you’re just getting started with influencer marketing, you may be spending dozens of hours manually searching hashtags and scouring through the Instagram Explore page. However, there’s a quicker and easier way to connect with well-aligned influencers.

Enter: the creator marketplace. 

What Is A Creator Marketplace?

Put simply, a creator marketplace is a centralized network of content creators who have signed up to a platform with the intention of working directly with brands.

It is a place where brands can publish their campaigns knowing they will be seen by a network of highly engaged influencers, creators, ambassadors, and industry experts. If an influencer is interested, they can apply directly to join the campaign. This allows for faster processes and more authentic partnerships. 

How Do Creator Marketplaces Work? 

For Brands:

Once you’re clear on your campaign goals, you can outline exactly how you want to partner with a creator, including what incentives you’re offering. Then, submit your campaign to the marketplace. 

The top influencer marketing platforms will give you free access to a creator marketplace when you are a customer. Read more about our creator marketplace here

For Creators:

When an influencer signs up to join the marketplace, the platform will conduct an extensive review of the influencer’s account(s) to determine that they meet the eligibility requirements. This ensures that when a brand utilizes the marketplace, they’re only connecting with high-quality influencers with good engagement metrics and authentic practices.

Once the creator’s account has been reviewed and approved, they’re able to view and apply to the live campaigns on the marketplace. 

How Can Brands Benefit From Using The Creator Marketplace?

In addition to creating a two-way discovery process for brands and influencers, there are many perks to utilizing a creator marketplace. 

1. It saves you a lot of time. 

The best part about the creator marketplace is that there is no manual searching involved, allowing you to save dozens of hours per week. Through the marketplace, you can get hundreds of proposals from interested creators and can fully source an influencer campaign in a short period of time. You can even adopt somewhat of a “set it and forget it” mentality, as influencer applications organically roll in. 

2. You can scale without spamming influencers.

If influencers aren’t responding to your outreach emails, chances are that they’re not interested in working with you. Instead of continuing to follow up with these uninterested creators, use the creator marketplace to find influencers who authentically connect with your brand. That way, you can build your influencer programs quickly without spamming creators or potentially hurting your brand image. 

3. You can connect with a diverse group of influencers.

Partnering with creators of varied ages, ethnic backgrounds, body types, and other diverse identities is a must, especially at a time when diversity in ads is so top of mind for everyone. The good news is that the marketplace is teeming with influencers who come from different walks of life. By leveraging a creator marketplace, you can connect with a wide array of influencers who can speak directly to different segments of your target audience. 

Scale Quickly Through The Creator Marketplace

Stop manually searching for influencer partners. Instead, leverage a creator marketplace like Aspire to build your influencer programs quickly and connect with high quality creators with minimum effort. 

Interested in seeing how the creator marketplace works? Request a demo.

Special thanks to our friends at AspireIQ for their insights on this topic.
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