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What’s New At Aspire: Creator Product Selection


Let’s talk logistics. To run an influencer marketing campaign, you first need to get your products into the hands of the creators you’re working with. This means figuring out which products you’re sending to each creator, the timing of the shipment based on where each creator lives, and so on and so forth.

Needless to say, we know that product fulfillment can be fairly cumbersome. Because it’s a manual process, it can take several email threads between brands and creators to iron out all the details. This can be particularly difficult when working with a lot of creators, a third party fulfillment service, and a delivery tracking service.  

That’s why we’ve added a new feature to our existing product fulfillment workflow — creator product selection. 

Introducing Creator Product Selection 

While brands can already automatically send products, track shipments, and update influencers on the progress of their packages, there hasn’t been an option for creators to select the products they want. 

Now with Creator Product Selection, creators will be able to select the items they want for a campaign from a list of options. This selection will then be reviewed by brands and approved before getting processed directly through Aspire.

Whether it’s the right size of jeans, the perfect shade of foundation, or their favorite flavor of kombucha, creators will now receive the exact product they want. Not to mention, the tool will help minimize waste when it comes to product seeding and PR packages.

How does Creator Product Selection work?

Creator Product Selection is project-based and can be selected as an option when creating any new project. To enable Creator Product Selection, head to the Overview page — either through the quick link or the message in the header — and add it as a workflow step related to product fulfillment.

Once Creator Product Selection is added, you will see a new worklet, and from there, you can set up your catalog. 

As part of the Creator Product Selection catalog, brands can set:

  • Collections with specific tags (tags defined for your products on Shopify
  • Maximum number of items
  • Maximum product value

After you set up your catalog, you can bulk select order requests for all creators in this step and wait for their order requests. Once creators select their products and submit their requests, they will move to the “Review Order Request” step. This is where you can review each creator’s items and total product value and make one of three decisions: 

  1. Accept the request: Once you accept the request, the order processing starts and an email notification is sent to the creator. 
  2. Edit the request: You’re able to change the quantity of products, remove a product, or add a new product based on your collaboration guidelines with each creator. T
  3. Reject the request: If you reject an order for whatever reason, the creator moves back to the previous step where they can submit a new order. 

Since there is a direct integration with your Shopify store, the order will start processing as soon as each order is accepted. The creator automatically moves from “processing orders” to “products in transit” once shipping begins. 

Creator Product Selection is available to all Aspire customers starting today. Log in to your Aspire account to get started.

Not on Aspire yet? Get in touch to streamline your product fulfillment. 

Special thanks to our friends at AspireIQ for their insights on this topic.
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