Your Messenger Flows Just got a New Look!


A quick recap: ShopMessage Flows are automated messages that are sent to your customers based on a specific action they take while shopping on your site. After tracking our standard Flow template performance, we’ve decided to give some of our flows an update. Check out our new look– just in time for the holidays!

Our templates pre-populate our best practices to make set-up fast and easy. As always, you are able to customize your flows however you’d like!

Browse Abandonment

Convert your browsers into buyers! Our Browse Abandonment Flow got a much-needed trim. We shortened the text to keep this touchpoint light and friendly. You’ll still find the classic product card that reminders users about their most recently viewed product!

Browse Abandonment Flow

Abandon Checkout

You already know this is our best-converting flow, typically seeing over 80% open rates, 35% click-thru rates, and an average of $9 in revenue per recipient messaged! We’ve made product images larger and more prominent, added an interactive scroll and included a few strategically placed emojis. This two-message reminder is short, it’s sweet, it works!

Order Confirmation

Our most dramatic update for your highest intent audience! Now you can offer users immediate actions after they purchase– include upsells, order tracking and/or whatever works best for your brand! We’ve also replaced our quick replies with buttons for easy navigation and persistent offers.

Order Confirmation Flow

Customer Winback

Show off your latest product releases, best sellers, hot deals or even highlight brand information with our updated carousel. Whatever brings your customers back, showcase it in our two-part Flow sequence.

Customer Winback Flow

Purchase Anniversary

Your customers make your brand successful, celebrate their purchase anniversaries with this short and sweet Flow. Offer a discount, a free gift or even free shipping to show your appreciation!

Activate new Flow templates today by visiting your ShopMessage dashboard > Flows Tab > Create.

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