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3 Game-Changing Merchants Using The Shopify Checkout


The last stop before conversion, your checkout experience has the potential to make or break a sale. Get it right, and customers should seamlessly glide through the purchase process. But if checkout is too slow, cumbersome, or confusing, you risk shoppers abandoning their carts before they’ve officially become a customer. 

For brands that offer recurring purchases, the stakes are even higher. Miss the mark with checkout for a prospective subscription customer, and you don’t just lose the value of one order. You sacrifice a potentially long-lasting customer relationship and the lifetime of recurring revenue that comes along with it.

Looking for inspiration on how to take your checkout process from good to best-in-class? In this post, we spotlight three merchants whose checkouts stand apart from the competition. All of these stores use Recharge’s Shopify Checkout Integration to power their experiences. 

We’ll cover the ways in which each brand goes above and beyond with their checkout, and explore the ways you can get started with Recharge’s Shopify Checkout Integration today.

Benefits of the Shopify Checkout

When it comes to checkout providers, many top brands today look to Shopify Checkout to power this crucial step in the customer journey. After all, research shows that Shopify’s checkout converts up to 36% better than other leading checkout providers. 

For merchants, Shopify Checkout offers numerous benefits, including: 

  • Improved checkout conversions
  • Native checkout, which supports subscriptions
  • Deeply integrated data via the Shopify admin
  • Robust opportunities for customization

Merchant inspiration: 3 stores with exceptional checkout experiences

Looking to visualize what an extraordinary checkout experience could look like for your business? Now, let’s walk through three key examples of merchants whose checkout experiences are seamless, personalized, and convenient for customers. All three of these merchants use Recharge’s Shopify Checkout Integration. 

AutoBrush’s convenient cross-selling

AutoBrush offers easy cross-selling options for one-time purchases on their checkout page.

AutoBrush’s U-shaped electric toothbrushes and other dental hygiene products are dentist-approved and designed to make oral care simple and effective. They not only accomplish this through their products themselves, but also through their nurturing purchase journey, including their checkout process.

With a mix of subscription and one-time purchase products, cross-selling is key to ensure that AutoBrush customers receive exactly the items they need to complete their dental care regimen. Before customers complete a purchase, AutoBrush offers cross-selling options via a “Don’t Forget These” module that provides a last chance to buy items like toothpaste, brush heads, and more. 

Additionally, AutoBrush’s checkout page is customized with a few crucial pieces of context for customers. At the top of the page, they remind customers that they will receive free shipping for life while staying subscribed. Farther down the page, they also communicate key reminders of their value for customers, including flexible subscription management options and a 30-day money back guarantee. 

All together, this experience reassures customers about their purchase, reminds them of the brand’s unique value, and clearly communicates what shoppers are signing up for.

Gnarly Sports Nutrition’s subscription upgrades

Gnarly Sports Nutrition specializes in nutrition products—such as supplements, hydration mixes, vitamins, and more—for outdoor athletes. Through their products and brand experience, they aim to support athletes of all performance levels participating in a diverse array of activity types.

Ensuring a simple and intuitive online shopping experience is crucial for Gnarly Nutrition, whose customers purchase items both as one-time products and via subscriptions as part of a regular routine. Their checkout supports this goal, with easy buttons to upgrade from a one-time purchase to a subscription for a discount. This makes it convenient for customers who are interested in a recurring purchase option to find it before completing the purchase.

Bird&Be’s flexible payments experience

Bird&Be is a DTC Health & Wellness brand that offers at-home fertility tests and supplements via subscriptions and one-time purchases. Their products, mission, and overall experience aim to empower and support people with all the information and resources they need on their fertility journey.

Fertility journeys can already be overwhelming and confusing for many people. Therefore, it’s especially crucial for Bird&Be that their entire customer journey is intuitive and convenient for customers rather than adding to that overwhelm—and their seamless checkout is a key part of this.

Having recently migrated to Recharge’s Shopify Checkout Integration, Bird&Be’s checkout prioritizes flexibility, ease, and convenience for shoppers. One key area that they accomplish this is by empowering their customers with flexibility of payments via Recharge’s multi-currency feature, ensuring that customers can pay in their local currency and removing a barrier to acquisition and retention.

Migrating to Shopify Checkout with Recharge 

Interested in harnessing the power of both Recharge and Shopify to build lasting customer relationships? Since November 2020, Recharge has partnered with Shopify to offer our Shopify Checkout Integration (SCI) using the Shopify Checkout and Shopify’s Subscription APIs.

Looking for more information on the integration process? Our dedicated team of migration specialists is here to support your journey and equip you with all the information you need on benefits, upcoming deadlines, and more.

Special thanks to our friends at ReCharge Payments for their insights on this topic.
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