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3 Reasons Negative Reviews Aren’t So Spooky


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Consumers think 5 star average ratings seem too good to be true.

5 star ratings = drop off in web traffic

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Impact of Average Rating on On-Page Conversion

5 star ratings = drop off in conversion

Conversion Rate v Star Rating

Negative Reviews Exorcise Nightmare Scenarios


Negative reviews have become eerily more important in recent times.

This is because they assure consumers they can live with worst-case scenarios.

How many consumers specifically seek out negative reviews?


Negative Reviews a Superpower for Bigger Spenders

Consumers who spend more online are more likely to seek out one-star reviews.

Consumers who explicitly seek out 1-star reviews when searching review content

Average monthly spend: $0

Average monthly spend: $1-$250

Average monthly spend: $251-$500

Average monthly spend: $501-$1,000

Average monthly spend: $1,000+

How to turn negative reviews into magic dust for your business

  • Consumers clearly find negative reviews useful so give them what they want
  • Show shoppers you care and/or have taken action
  • Product improvements
  • Marketing improvements


Special thanks to our friends at PowerReviews for their insights on this topic.
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