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5 SMS Welcome Series Messages To Hook New Subscribers

5 SMS Welcome Series Messages To Hook New Subscribers

Inboxes overflowing? Short attention spans? Use SMS welcome series to create attention-grabbing messages, leverage high open rates, and convert subscribers into loyal fans. Learn how with these winning strategies.

Are you tired of sending emails that are left unopened and ignored? Nowadays, people have short attention spans and their email inboxes are overflowing. Fortunately, SMS marketing offers the perfect solution. With an SMS welcome series, you can reach out to your audience directly and achieve incredible open rates. This makes them an excellent tool to transform new subscribers into loyal fans.

Keep reading to discover effective message strategies that can help you nurture leads, educate customers, and ultimately drive sales – all in under 160 characters.

Why send an SMS welcome series?

SMS marketing can be an effective way of connecting with new subscribers and cutting through the noise. SMS welcome series messages, in particular, can be a game-changer for the following reasons:

  • High open rates: 90% of people open and respond to a text within 30 minutes of receiving it. This makes text messaging a highly effective and efficient method of communication.
  • Direct and personal: SMS feels personal, reaching subscribers directly on their phones, a device they keep close at hand. This direct connection fosters a more personal relationship with your brand.
  • Action-oriented: SMS messages are perfect for driving immediate action with clear calls to action (CTAs). Because SMS messages are concise and to the point, they encourage subscribers to take action in the moment, rather than later.
  • Conversational: SMS fosters a two-way conversation, allowing for easy engagement. Unlike static emails, SMS allows subscribers to easily respond with questions or requests, opening a direct line of communication with your brand.

Crafting your winning SMS welcome series

Now that you know the power of SMS welcome messages, let’s explore some winning examples to inspire your series:

1. An exclusive offer with urgency

If you want to make a strong impression on potential customers with your welcome series marketing strategy, it can be helpful to incorporate an exclusive SMS offer with a sense of urgency. This approach not only entices customers to engage with your brand but also motivates them to make purchases or take the desired action.

Take Bandier, for instance. This activewear brand nailed its welcome series. The brand sent an SMS welcome message to new subscribers, presenting them with an exclusive and time-sensitive promotion. By creating a limited-time offer, BANDIER was able to effectively motivate subscribers to take swift action and capitalize on the discount available to them. This kind of approach can be highly effective in driving conversions and building a loyal customer base.

Bandier, SMS welcome series message featuring an exclusive offer with urgency.

Here’s what makes this exclusive offer with urgency so effective:

  1. Strong incentive: The 15% discount on the first order is a significant incentive for customers to make a purchase, especially for those new to the brand.
  2. Time sensitivity: Stating that the offer “is expiring” creates a sense of urgency, prompting customers to take action before the opportunity passes them by.
  3. Clear call to action: Through the use of concise and action-oriented language, the message makes it clear how to claim the offer, driving better results.

By including an exclusive offer with a sense of urgency in your welcome series marketing strategy, you can create excitement and drive higher engagement and conversion rates. Use this effective tactic to distinguish your brand from the competition and attract the attention it deserves.

2. Be personal with MMS

SMS marketing is a powerful tool you can use to reach customers and promote your products or services. However, standard text messages may not always be enough to capture the attention of the recipient and make a lasting impact. This is where MMS comes in handy.

MMS, or multimedia messaging service, allows businesses to send messages that include multimedia content such as images, videos, and audio files. This can make the recipient’s experience more engaging and personal, as they can see or hear the message in addition to reading it.

One brand that has effectively utilized MMS in its SMS marketing is Terez, an activewear company. Terez sends a welcome series to new subscribers that features a message from the CEO herself. Accompanied by photos of the CEO, these messages establish a strong connection between the recipient and the brand. This personal touch makes the recipient feel valued and more likely to engage with the brand in the future.

Terez, MMS welcome series message featuring a personal message from the CEO.

The following elements make Terez’s MMS message powerful:

  1. Personal introduction: By adding a welcome note from Zara, the CEO, Terez creates a genuine connection with its subscribers, illustrating the company’s dedication to its customer base.
  2. Visual appeal: The use of photos showcasing the CEO adds authenticity and enhances the personalization.
  3. Exclusive offer: Including a discount code in the message further sweetens the deal for recipients and creates a sense of appreciation for their loyalty.
  4. Clear call-to-action: Terez effectively accentuates its fall collection by providing a direct link for subscribers to shop.

By using MMS and adding a personal touch, you can transform your SMS campaigns into a powerful tool that fosters a genuine connection with your audience. Building trust, showing authenticity, and nurturing relationships will effectively enhance customer retention and drive results for your brand.

3. Enhance customer experience through two-way conversations

In today’s world, customers have come to expect personalized experiences from the brands they engage with. Two-way conversations are a great way to create such experiences. By engaging in conversations with customers, you can understand your customer’s needs and preferences better. This will help you tailor your offerings to suit the customer’s requirements. This, in turn, can lead to improved satisfaction and brand loyalty.

LG Electronics is a great example of a brand that leverages two-way conversations to enhance customer experience. The company uses a welcome series SMS message to create a personalized experience for its subscribers. This message is designed to introduce the subscriber to the brand and its offerings while also providing them with an opportunity to ask questions or provide feedback. By doing so, LG Electronics can establish a stronger connection with its customers, leading to improved satisfaction and loyalty.

LG Electronics, SMS welcome series message using personalization.

Here are the key components of this personalized message that make it impactful:

  1. Two-way conversation: The message appears to be from an individual named ‘Jordan,’ making it more personal and increasing the likelihood of engagement.
  2. Expressing gratitude: The phrase “We are so glad you joined” showcases appreciation for the subscriber’s interest and communicates a warm welcome.
  3. Custom-tailored experience: LG Electronics entices customer engagement by offering a time-sensitive contest with the statement “You’ve been entered to win,” creating an appealing incentive for participants.
  4. Strategic timing: Providing a 10% discount code that is valid for 30 days enhances the value of the message and prompts subscribers to take action soon.
  5. Encouraging interaction: By inviting the recipient to ask questions or seek assistance, LG Electronics fosters an open line of communication, contributing to a positive customer experience and ensuring that any queries are promptly addressed.

It’s important to have two-way conversations with your customers in today’s highly competitive market. This approach shows your brand’s commitment to comprehending and resolving customer needs. By adopting personalized communication strategies, you will enjoy several benefits, including increased customer satisfaction, strengthened brand loyalty, and improved customer retention.

4. Show a snapshot of your brand story

A brand story is a powerful tool that can help you connect with your audience on a personal level and differentiate your brand from competitors. By incorporating your mission, vision, and values in your messaging, you can establish a strong emotional connection with your audience and enhance your brand identity.

One example of a company that effectively uses its brand story to connect with its audience is Flare, an innovative self-defense company. Flare uses its SMS welcome message to greet new subscribers and share a snapshot of its brand story. By highlighting the company’s motive of empowering people to feel safe and confident, Flare establishes trust with its audience and showcases the driving force behind its products.

Flare, SMS welcome series message showing its brand story.

Here are some key aspects of incorporating your brand story within a welcome message:

  1. Mission statement: Flare’s SMS clearly states, “Flare is a safety bracelet + app that gives you immediate help with the press of a button.” This effectively conveys the brand’s primary objective, providing subscribers with a glimpse into the company’s purpose.
  2. Commitment to values: Flare ensures subscribers know that its products are designed to empower users, emphasizing safety, confidence, and control as core values.
  3. Opt out option: Flare provides a way for recipients to opt out of receiving future messages, which can be done by texting “STOP to opt out.” By offering an opt out link or instructions, you can show that you respect your users’ preferences and give them control over the communications they receive. This helps to build trust in your brand.

By sharing a snapshot of your brand story within your messaging, you can foster a strong emotional connection with your audience and effectively differentiate your brand from the competition. Incorporate your brand story in your SMS communications to drive engagement, create trust, and build lasting relationships with your customers.

5. Cultivating customer loyalty with exclusive VIP experiences

Creating a sense of exclusivity has been a proven strategy you can use to stand out and attract more customers. By providing early access, sneak peeks, or exclusive promotions, you can create a feeling of importance and appreciation amongst your customers, which can lead to increased engagement and long-term customer loyalty.

Here’s a winning example, PromGirl, an online store for special occasion dresses, gets subscriber engagement right from the start. When new customers subscribe to its services, PromGirl greets them with a VIP-oriented SMS message that welcomes them as a “VIP Insider.” This personalized messaging strategy makes the audience feel valued and special, generating excitement and encouraging customer loyalty.

PromGirl, SMS welcome series message for VIPs.

Here are the essential elements for this successful VIP-oriented message:

  1. Exclusive label: The use of “VIP Family” in the message creates a sense of exclusivity for the subscribers, making them feel part of an elite group.
  2. Expressing gratitude: The use of the phrase “We are so glad you’re here” expresses gratitude toward the subscriber, creating a sense of appreciation and helping establish a connection with the brand.
  3. Clear call-to-action: The message directs subscribers to go “Back to the site” with a link, providing a straightforward and easily accessible way for them to explore PromGirl’s offerings.

By adopting the sneak peek and VIP treatment approach in your messaging, you can create a rewarding experience for your customers. This approach drives loyalty and ultimately results in higher conversion rates and stronger customer retention.

Start creating SMS welcome messages that they’ll never ignore

SMS welcome series messages are a game-changer for building relationships and driving sales. By leveraging SMS’s high open rates and direct connection with your audience, craft SMS messages that capture attention and convert subscribers into loyal fans.  Remember, personalization, value, and a touch of urgency or exclusivity are the keys to unlocking the power of SMS. Don’t wait any longer. Start building your winning welcome series today and watch your subscriber engagement skyrocket.


This article originally appeared on dotdigital and is available here for further discovery.
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