Aircall Strengthens HubSpot Partnership To Scale Customer Offering


This next phase of the partnership will create a destination for SMBs, providing a suite of features to grow their business 

New York, October 13, 2022

  • This next step allows Aircall and HubSpot to strengthen their focus on addressing the ever-growing complexity of today’s businesses and their need to scale.
  • This latest development is part of Aircall’s continuing mission to empower every professional to have richer, more meaningful conversations.
  • The announcement comes at a time when customers are increasingly looking to navigate the economic downturn with efficiency and productivity.

Connected business phone Aircall and CRM platform HubSpot have announced they are strengthening their strategic partnership based on their shared vision for best-in-class technology to deliver increased efficiency, productivity, and customer experience. 

To cement this new level of partnership, the two leading companies are offering new advantages to their respective customers. Those using Aircall will benefit from a 20% discount with HubSpot, while HubSpot customers will get two months free for annual sign-ups, plus a complimentary one-hour business consultation session. 

This move comes at a time when, owing to the current economic environment, many businesses are looking to upscale their customer service and increase customer retention.

Aircall’s mission has long been to empower every professional to have richer conversations. Now, by strengthening their partnership with HubSpot, Aircall is upscaling its credentials as a source of education and information for business owners working on scaling their businesses. 

This latest development will build on the accomplishments of Aircall and HubSpot’s partnership so far: 

  • Enabling Aircall customers to provide superior customer service – from marketing to sales to customer service.
  • An 80% average growth in HubSpot users within Aircall’s customer base since 2021 – with over 4000 Aircall customers using both technology solutions within their tech stack.
  • A significant addition to Aircall’s growing partnership ecosystem that amplifies both its and its customers’ voice by connecting best-in-class solutions.

Surpassing 100 integrations on its own app marketplace earlier this year, Aircall has long championed the value of such partnerships with like-minded businesses and the value these can deliver to its customers. 

The announcement of Aircall and HubSpot’s strategic partnership is the latest exciting development in a relationship that began back in 2016 and was reinforced in early 2022 via a strategic investment by Hubspot Ventures

Antoine Moreau, Senior Director, NA Partnerships added: “The strategic partnership between Aircall and HubSpot is another step in our common mission to help our mutual customers grow better by leveraging modern voice and messaging technology. We share the same product DNA of building software that is both powerful and incredibly easy to use, and I’m looking forward to taking this a step further with strong go-to-market collaboration with HubSpot.” 

With over 7500 installs, Aircall is HubSpot’s number-one most installed telephony app on the HubSpot Marketplace.  This is a powerful indication of how both apps are already bringing the value of voice integration to their CRM setup to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Scott Brinker, VP, Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot added: “Customer centricity is core to our mission at HubSpot, and Aircall’s dedication to helping customers succeed makes them a natural partner. Aircall’s robust voice platform enables businesses to do what we work to accomplish every day—build stronger, more meaningful connections. We’re thrilled to deepen our partnership with Aircall as we work together to provide exceptional experiences for our shared customers.”

Special thanks to our friends at Aircall for their insights on this topic.
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