All Killer No Filler: The Facebook Amazon Bridge


In this episode of All Killer No Filler, the Pilothouse team debriefed on their recent success bridging Facebook and Amazon to absolutely crush Amazon Prime Day to the tune of a $40K day, and ongoing $100K months.

For the uninitiated, Prime Day is a popular Amazon-specific equivalent to Cyber Monday with significant discounts offered across the site.  Prime Day may have passed, but these techniques are perfect for BFCM, as well as part of an evergreen holistic strategy.

Here’s how we did it:


🚀 The Facebook-Amazon Bridge

“The Bridge” as we call it is simply running Facebook Ads promoting Amazon Prime Day. If you’re not doing this, make sure it’s in your arsenal for next year because it’s been lucrative.

For your Facebook Ads, you’ll want to test running discounts, specific promos that mention Prime Day. Basically, you’re hijacking Amazon’s hype to inspire purchases of your products.

We split traffic and tested two approaches: In the first, they went from the ad directly to the product’s Amazon listing. In the second we use Prime branding on the creatives but ultimately drive to the Shopify store using the same promotion.

🚀 Optimal Prime

Using a combination of evergreen content (primarily static images with Prime Day copy inserted) and new content, the Pilothouse team invested a 200K total spend,  with 30K allocated to driving to Amazon. The majority of traffic went to back Shopify links to maintain the integrity of pixel conversion event captures while scaling.

Amazon saw the benefits of this campaign, with about 15% of purchases occurring on that platform.

With this basic formula, we broke records for both ROAS and volume, and we’re looking forward to doing the same on BFCM.

🚀 Additional Benefits

Before Prime Day, the client wasn’t even on the top 100 list, and they now sit in the top 30, which will provide a tremendous boost to organic sales. They’ll be reaping the benefits of their Prime Day optimization for the rest of the year.

🚀 Bottom Line on Amazon Prime

If you’ve built up a strong brand, don’t be afraid of Amazon. Know that you aren’t diminishing brand loyalty in sending traffic to Amazon rather than to your store. Be confident that people will come back for your brand and not for Amazon.

Particular buyers are Amazon-only buyers. If you don’t have a presence there, you’re going to lose that sale. Facebook is the optimal place for these conversions to happen, as you can scale more rapidly, allowing you to take advantage of sales days when you know customers are, well, primed and ready to shop.


Special thanks to our friends at Pilothouse for their insights on this topic.
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