Can You Make Money With eCommerce? Tips to Get Started

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Ecommerce is still booming, with more than $1 trillion being spent online each year. New companies pop up every day, but you need to know what to do to succeed. The truth is that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for making money selling products online. There are numerous ways to approach the market and build your business into something sustainable.

In this article, you will learn some tips on making fast money online. We cover everything from choosing a platform to finding suppliers.

Start By Creating a Blog

If you want to start an eCommerce business, it makes sense first to create a blog. A blog may be used as a marketing tool and a sales funnel. It allows you to promote your products and services through content marketing.

You can use your blog to educate potential customers about your industry or niche. It will help them understand what they should expect when buying from you. It also allows you to sell directly to those who visit your site. If you have a product that people might like, you can discount if they sign up for your newsletter or follow you on social media.

Choose Your Platform

Many platforms allow you to set up an online shop. These platforms all have their pros and cons. Some of them have been around since 2000 and are relatively easy to use. However, they do not provide any inventory management capabilities. On the other hand, big commerce offers a robust suite of tools to manage your inventory.

Find Suppliers

Once you have selected a platform, you will need to find suppliers. Finding suppliers can be difficult because there are so many options available.

However, there are two main types of suppliers: manufacturers and distributors. Manufacturers produce the actual goods while distributors buy the raw materials and then resell them to retailers.

Set Up Inventory Management Tools

When setting up your inventory, you will need to decide whether you want to keep track of stock levels yourself or hire someone else to do it for you.

Some platforms require you to enter data such as quantity and price manually. Others let you upload an Excel spreadsheet.

Create Products

Now comes the fun part – creating products! The best way to learn how to make fast money with eCommerce is by doing. 

Start small and only focus on one type of product at a time. For example, try to stick to clothing items rather than electronics if you start.

Promote Your Store

Once you have created your products, you need to develop how to promote your online store.

Promoting your store means getting the word out about your products. It could mean using social media platforms or other traditional marketing avenues.


You need to ensure you have a website with great content, a clear value proposition, and a conversion funnel that converts visitors into buyers. Your products must also be well-priced and easy to buy. The key to earning money with eCommerce is always learning new things and improving your skillset. Once you get begun, you will quickly realize that this is something that you enjoy doing.

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