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Tips from the Pilothouse Facebook team on prospecting VS. retargeting:

A typical Facebook campaign structure usually sits around 70% prospecting (cold TOF) and 30% retargeting (warm BOF). Most Media Buyers split campaigns out by prospecting and retargeting, but we started doing things differently about a year ago…

🤑 A useful scaling trick is the “Combo Campaign.” Try putting BOTH your TOF prospecting PLUS your BOF retargeting ad sets in the SAME campaign.

We find that by doing this, our campaigns have more longevity and stability. If PROS is having an off day, RTG may pick up to maintain the performance you’re looking for.

It’s our go-to strategy for scaling through the iOS apocalypse and if you aren’t doing it, yah might wanna try. 😉

NOTE: The retargeting ad set will obviously get sales faster. As the “Combo Campaign” collects conversion data, your prospecting ad sets eventually start to scale. It’s an investment, but we think it’s a good one.

🧐 Structure Tip:

This is what your first Combo might look like:


Prospecting TOF

1x Open prospecting

1x Top interest prospecting

1x Top lookalike

Retargeting BOF

1x Site visitors

1x Top engagers retargeting

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The Pilothouse Facebook team often runs one ad set with Instagram and Facebook Engagers going back 7 days, excluding site traffic.

Then, another retargeting ad set with website visitors, view content, and add to cart audiences stacked together going back 14 or 30 days with exclusions on purchase.

Special thanks to our friends at Pilothouse for their insights on this topic.
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