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How To Setup A Failover Number For Your AXvoice Home Office Connection?

AXvoice has been a big VoIP business name for the past 15 years.

It was one of the earliest adopters of VoIP technology when it was barely utilized. But now, there have been several new companies that have harnessed the power of this tech after finally realizing its true potential.

But despite the stiff competition, AXvoice is still going strong. Its popularity has increased even more because, at first, the company mainly targeted the corporate sector. Still, it has become a great and dependable option for home offices, allowing cheap calls for landing clients and communicating with remote team members.

AXvoice transmits data in bits rather than interacting with conventional phone towers. A strong enough Internet connection enables communication even in remote areas. 

AXvoice's VoIP services have only improved over time as technology has advanced. Along with better connection speeds, there have been improvements in terms of stability and audio quality.

This is why AXvoice's home solution is becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Meanwhile, landline calls continue to be costly because of the setup and maintenance charges and the hidden expenses associated with each connection, mainly when it's a non-domestic call. 

The exorbitant cost of international calls alone will cause landline connections to become obsolete gradually.

Whereas AXvoice's residential setup only costs $8.25 per month for a single connection, no other fees are associated with the service. AXvoice also provides unlimited local and international calls at a set monthly price, along with complimentary features and options such as free VoIP setup assistance and round-the-clock customer service for any of your queries.

On the other hand, a landline phone system (POTS) or traditional phone line typically costs $50 per month for each connection. Furthermore, the amount may increase based on the number of international calls made. 

Meanwhile, AXvoice's Home office VoIP phone services do not incur international fees, so you don't have to worry about blowing all your monthly savings on international calls. As a result, the average monthly cost of AXvoice is much less than that of a landline network connection.

AXvoice can do far more in features and is more dependable and adaptable than traditional phones. In addition to more robust connections and sophisticated call control features, it also provides conference and emergency calls.

It is precisely why VoIP makes perfect sense for home offices. Additionally, most VoIP service providers make setting up VoIP at home simple. This helps you quickly start running your business from the comfort of your home. 

And if you are running a business from home, you will need more money to handle all calls by hiring a secretary. So, a failover number will be helpful here.

What Is A Failover Number?

A failover number is precisely what the name suggests; it is a failsafe number you might need in case your primary number is busy or not getting through. It redirects a dropped call to a different number. 

Organizations may use failover numbers for their phone systems or communication channels to ensure customers can reach them even if the primary phone line is down due to technical issues, natural disasters, or other disruptions.

Failover numbers can redirect customer traffic to a secondary number if the primary number experiences downtime. This helps maintain availability and minimizes service interruptions so customers do not feel inconvenienced. 

This is especially important if you use a single VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) number to run your business from home. Several companies employ failover numbers to reroute phone calls if the primary Internet connection or phone system experiences problems like power and Internet outages, ensuring uninterrupted voice communication.

With AXvoice, you can easily set a failover number for your main AXvoice VoIP number. In the following guide, I'd like to explain how to use this feature via AXvoice's control panel.

How do you use AXvoice's Failover Number?

This feature is available to all users who have subscribed to either the AXvoice Residential or Business Plans. To enable call forwarding, go to the configuration page on your AXvoice online control panel and allow the Failover to feature. 

And right next to the checkbox, there is a text box. Enter the failover number of your choice in that textbox, and AXvoice will automatically forward your calls to that number if there is an issue with the main number. It is that simple. 

  • Go to your AXvoice control panel.
  • Then, navigate to Features.
  • Select call forwarding
  • Choose failover call forwarding
  • Click the turn failover checkbox on/off
  • Enter your failover number

If you want more details on setting up AXvoice failover numbers, please refer to this guide.

This will help you redirect your calls automatically if your AXvoice Home Office VoIP phone services go down for any reason. But remember that with AXvoice, you can only have one Failsafe number, so make sure to add one always available so you can attend all critical calls. 

Also, I'd like to point out that the calls that are forwarded via AXvoice Failover will be charged depending on the VoIP plan that you have chosen. 

With the USA/Canada Unlimited plan, you get unlimited call forwarding/Failover; with the USA/Canada 200, you get 200 minutes of call forwarding/Failover; and with the Pay as You plan, you will be charged 1.5/c per minute.

AXvoice Has Your Back

It is good that AXvoice has implemented a failover feature for its customers because there can be several technical difficulties and scenarios where you cannot serve your customers or answer essential calls. 

This becomes especially consequential if you have a small business or are operating independently. Small businesses must keep customers, so having an always-on number is necessary. And for this, AXvoice will always have your back.

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