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From Custom Apps To Expert Marketing: The OpenStore Boost Advantage For Shopify Merchants

Graphic showing features of openstore boost for Shopify Merchants, including a custom iOS app, new ad creatives, and time off for hard work, with corresponding images within a sleek, modern interface.

In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, businesses constantly seek innovative ways to grow and stay ahead of the curve.

The challenge is even more pronounced for Shopify store owners, given the platform's vast ecosystem of merchants. Enter OpenStore Boost, a program designed to arm promising Shopify businesses with the tools and expertise they need to scale.

OpenStore Boost: A Game-Changer for Shopify Merchants

OpenStore Boost is not just another e-commerce tool; it's a comprehensive program that offers Shopify merchants exclusive access to advanced growth strategies and technologies. By joining OpenStore Boost, businesses can tap into the economies of scale and efficiencies that come from being part of a more extensive portfolio of nearly 50 Shopify brands.

Why Choose OpenStore Boost?

1. Custom iOS App Development: Mobile apps have become a cornerstone of modern e-commerce. With OpenStore Boost, qualifying businesses receive a custom iOS app, eliminating the need for hefty development costs. This app can drive growth, enhance brand affinity, and provide a direct communication channel with customers through push notifications.

2. Expert Marketing Support: OpenStore Boost doesn't just hand over tools and leaves businesses to figure things out. The program offers hands-on support, developing ad creatives, assessing marketing strategies, and optimizing ad spend. This ensures that companies can make the most of their marketing dollars.

3. Potential Acquisition Offer: After a 10-week intensive collaboration, OpenStore may present an offer to either buy or manage the store. This gives business owners an opportunity for liquidity, allowing them to take a break or venture into new entrepreneurial pursuits.

Eligibility and Benefits

To be considered for OpenStore Boost, businesses should have net sales ranging from $50k to $500k, primarily cater to U.S. consumers, and not be restricted on platforms like Facebook. The benefits of joining are manifold, from receiving a custom iOS app to potentially getting a life-changing acquisition offer.

The Vision Behind OpenStore Boost

OpenStore, under the leadership of CEO Keith Rabois, envisions a future where e-commerce businesses, regardless of their size, have access to the same advanced tools and strategies. By democratizing access to these resources, OpenStore Boost aims to level the playing field, allowing smaller businesses to compete effectively and achieve their growth potential.

Next Steps

If you’re interested, apply by September 17th by clicking here

Frequently Asked Questions

How does OpenStore Boost compare to other growth programs?
OpenStore Boost is unique in offering both technological and strategic support explicitly tailored for Shopify merchants. The program's focus on custom iOS app development and hands-on marketing support sets it apart.

What are the odds of my business being chosen for the fall cohort?
Selection is based on various factors, including business potential, fit with the program's objectives, and current performance metrics.

Is there a fee associated with joining OpenStore Boost?
While the iOS app development is free, businesses in the fall cohort are charged a small percentage of net sales to cover the cost of developing new ad creatives.

How does OpenStore Boost support businesses post the 10-week program?
Beyond the program, businesses can continue to leverage the tools and strategies provided. Additionally, there's potential for an acquisition offer from OpenStore.

What challenges does OpenStore Boost address for Shopify merchants?
The program addresses common challenges like customer retention, effective marketing, and technological barriers, offering solutions that drive growth.

How does OpenStore Boost's strategy differ for different product categories?
While the core offerings remain consistent, strategies are tailored based on different product categories' specific needs and challenges.

Can international businesses apply for OpenStore Boost?
While the primary focus is on U.S.-based businesses, international businesses can apply and will be considered based on their fit and potential.

How does OpenStore Boost ensure the quality of the custom iOS apps?
OpenStore has a dedicated engineering team that ensures the apps are high quality, user-friendly, and effective in driving growth.

What happens if my business doesn't qualify for the custom iOS app?
Even if a business doesn't qualify for the app, it can still benefit from other aspects of the program, including marketing support and strategic insights.

How does OpenStore Boost handle data privacy and security?
Data privacy and security are paramount. OpenStore Boost adheres to strict protocols to ensure that business data is protected and used ethically.

Are there any hidden costs associated with joining OpenStore Boost?
There are no hidden costs. All charges, including the potential percentage of net sales for ad creative development, are communicated transparently.

How does OpenStore Boost measure the success of its strategies?
Success is measured using a combination of metrics, including sales growth, customer retention rates, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Can businesses exit the program before the 10-week period ends?
Yes, businesses can exit the program if they feel it's not the right fit.

How does OpenStore Boost handle feedback and suggestions from businesses?
OpenStore Boost values feedback and allows businesses to share their insights, suggestions, and concerns.

What is the vision for OpenStore Boost in the coming years?
OpenStore Boost aims to evolve continually, incorporating new tools and strategies to ensure Shopify merchants have the best growth resources.

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