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Headless In The Wild: Spotlight On Harry Rosen



Headless commerce experiences give business leaders the power to secure “best of breed” partners and stitch these services together to create decoupled architecture, allowing for impressive flexibility and scalability.

It’s no wonder that Canadian menswear stalwart Harry Rosen decided on a headless commerce model to add even more personalization to their already deep investment into personal care. 

Harry Rosen, founded in 1954 and boasting more than 17 stores across Canada, faced a tough challenge in moving off their legacy ecommerce platform, where upgrades and adding new features required months of development time and steep expense. Site performances often became sluggish during peak traffic periods, frustrating an increasingly online customer base. 

Bringing personalized service and strong vendors to their digital assets became the obvious next step. Working with their agency partner, Myplanet, the replatforming timeline to headless ecommerce platform commercetools shortened from 9-12 months to 6 months.

Among other upgrades, this new tech stack encouraged Harry Rosen to see how valuable a high-performing, flexible checkout would be to their consumer-facing site. The company wanted to extend the role of checkout beyond transacting payment; why not immerse customers in a frictionless experience that serves as the foundation of some of the retailer’s most mission-critical operations and value propositions?

To meet the compressed time-to-market schedule, Bold Checkout brought a customizable, high-converting solution for Harry Rosen with an optimized single-page checkout flow styled for a branded experience. It included multiple payment methods as well as custom plugins to allow for gift cards and loyalty points as payment.  

“Headless commerce allows us to say, ‘Let’s not stop at selling off the website, let’s empower our 450 clothing advisors to serve up digital experiences to their client,’” says Ian Rosen, VP of Digital and Strategy, in an interview with Retail Touchpoints. “That’s when you start changing the game of what ecommerce is, how you personalize it and leverage your existing assets, including your people and stores.”

Opting for a headless commerce model allows Harry Rosen to usher in more personalized shopping experiences across all channels. Their Clothing Advisors create curated looks based on known customer needs, occasions and preferences, and send hand-picked selections to their individual clients as part of an expanded web experience. With customer profiles embedded into the online experience, shoppers can buy exactly what their stylist planned for them, down to the size and color, adding all selections to cart with just one click—rather than having to choose each item individually, indicate their preferences and input shipping and payment information. 

Harry Rosen is joining a growing number of companies and agencies opting for headless commerce approaches to their online assets. By 2023, Gartner predicts organizations that have adopted a headless approach will outpace competition by 80% in speed to market with new feature implementation. 

As Harry Rosen’s future-ready ecommerce solutions demonstrate, headless commerce isn’t just a passing fad; it’s an enterprise-friendly model that’s here to stay.

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This originally appeared on Bold Commerce and is made available here to educate and cast a wider net of discovery.
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