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Hey, Tell A Friend: Loyalty & Referrals Make The Perfect Pair


Referrals can turn shoppers into an effective acquisition pipeline, but when paired with Loyalty, you can turn shoppers into organic brand ambassadors and life-long brand lovers. Effective loyalty programs give consumers a reason to return — VIP experiences, perks, discounts — and have become an increasingly popular strategy as brands double down on retention efforts.

While loyalty does have more of a lift than a referrals program alone, the benefits of launching the solutions in tandem make it all worthwhile.
Loyalty & referrals make consumers loyal advocates, not just one-time buyers
Unlike a standalone referrals tool, loyalty and referrals programs help accomplish your distinct business objectives. With these two solutions, businesses can increase customer lifetime value, average order value, repeat purchase rate, and reduce churn, while also creating a community around their brand.

Here’s why the two solutions make the perfect pair.
Achieve a greater overall ROI …

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