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Hola, España! Aircall Officially Opens Its Office In The Spanish Capital


Since our founding in 2014, Aircall’s international customer and partner base has been growing at pace. Now, as our team spans four continents and serves 13,000+ customers in more than 90 countries, we’re growing our international presence by opening our very own office in the Spanish capital of Madrid. 

Spain’s digitalisation adventure

Companies in the EMEA region currently account for 53% of Aircall’s customer base, and the expansion of our physical presence across the continent helps us bring the power of conversation to the region’s resilient and ambitious business community. 

As one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe, Madrid is an ideal location for Aircall’s third European office. The Spanish startup ecosystem alone has grown 5x in value since 2015, resulting in a combined value of €46B billion. This growth has been driven by the thriving tech scene, which has seen the creation of nine unicorn companies including Aircall customers Wallbox, Travelperk and Devo.

With Venture Capital investment in Spain having grown 3.8x year on year in 2021, there is, of course, an increasing pressure to beat the competition, work more efficiently and have greater visibility over the performance of business activities. As a result, companies across Spain are increasingly turning to cloud services to take their operations to the next level while simultaneously enhancing the value they bring to customers.

“Spain is a strategic market. With technology as one of the national drivers of economic growth, the speed of digitisation of its companies and the unstoppable rates of investment and adoption of SaaS solutions, it is a suitable ecosystem for Aircall. If we also add their first-class technological professionals, our development in Spain is a natural step in our expansion plans.”

– Michael Haske, CEO of Aircall

Enabling impactful conversations as a competitive advantage 

In this increasingly crowded and pressurised market, impactful conversations can be the difference between achieving and sustaining both revenue and reputation or losing it. 

That’s where Aircall comes in.

Our mission is to empower teams to have richer conversations with their customers and prospects by providing them with the tools to create memorable moments—over the phone, in real-time. 

Aircall’s integrated and easy-to-use cloud-based phone solution acts as a competitive advantage that can help Spanish businesses deliver real value through meaningful conversations while also overcoming inefficiencies and enhancing productivity.

Having experienced 102% growth in the Spanish market in 2021, we’re excited to open our very own Madrid office and better deliver our trademark in-house support and industry-leading features to businesses across sectors such as travel, financial services, education and technology. 

So while the competition is delivering a sub-par service, losing deals and operating inefficiently, Aircall customers are creating meaningful connections, securing revenue and building a sustainable business. 

Best serving the Spanish market with a local Aircall team

As a scaling company ourselves, and with more than 1,000 Aircall customers in Spain, we know how important it is to have quality support from people who deeply understand your needs. 

That’s why our 80-strong team in Madrid is working closely with teams across the business to ensure our product and services meet the needs of the Spanish market. Not to mention, all of our Spanish market teams are native Spanish people.

Our Madrid office will enable more than 1,000 customers, such as Colvin, Wallbox, and Spotahome, and over 35 local technology partners—including HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zendesk and Salesforce—to benefit from personalised support.

But that’s not all. With Spain being one of the 20 most recognised countries for tech talent, our Madrid office will also allow us to tap into a new local talent pool that can help us build the best product for our customers.

“We already had a small technology hub in the region. We’ve now gone a step further by establishing an official headquarters in Spain, where a part of our executive team is located, and where a part of the company’s technology area will be present, as well as other functions such as customer service, marketing, etc. Our purpose as a customer-obsessed company is to be closer to our clients, and thus, we have made the decision to have more business areas in Spain.”

— Anna Núñez, Regional Sales Manager at Aircall 

Speak to one of our Aircallees in Madrid today to learn more!

Special thanks to our friends at Aircall for their insights on this topic.
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