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How GoBiz USA Is Optimizing The B2B & B2C Experience For All

If you have a business, you've used the same manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, and shipping system for years.

… I bet you think your operation is running smoothly, so you don't need to make any changes, am I right?

What if I told you that you could…

  1. Diminish the back-and-forth communication with your production teams by using one platform that structures all your connection needs.
  2. Keep your products and replenish them in a low-cost, quality-controlled US-based warehouse.
  3. Have access to a highly sophisticated software system that tracks and manages all your orders and data in real-time.
  4. Get cost-effective, high-quality bulk products within 2-5 business days instead of coping with customs clearance and 4-6 week shipping delays.
  5. Receive net 30 terms on all your orders and free shipping with our Business Member Program.
  6. RFQ from reliable vendors can drop ship your products straight to the consumer.
  7. Request private label products and utilize our virtual manufacturing system to get your products out faster to consumers. 

Do I have your attention?

The times have changed, and there is now an easier way to buy, store, private label, and ship your products in one place with GoBiz USA

Do you probably think what GoBiz USA is?


GoBiz USA is a globally-driven, US-based service platform and marketplace designed to help business owners structure and scale their operations by providing unique resources, efficient shipping solutions, and an optimized end-to-end customer experience.

Organizations now have access to carefully curated selections of wholesale goods to grow their businesses. At the same time, vendors can enjoy a fair marketplace that offers non-competing products for a healthy environment.

GoBiz USA uses customer data to curate a customized shopping experience while giving vendors an equitable marketplace to offer their goods efficiently. 

When you choose GoBiz USA for all your B2B needs, you will alleviate unnecessary time spent with your operation and get a team of experts to help you expand your business.

This is not just a marketplace; GoBiz USA is an enhanced all-in-one experience created to economically synchronize the buying and selling process for B2B and B2C companies.

GoBiz USA recognizes that air and water pollution, along with high energy consumption levels, are some key factors contributing to global warming. This recognition has motivated us to promote environmental sustainability in various ways. 

As a Supply Chain, GoBiz USA is involved in manufacturing, storing, processing, and distributing US-based goods. GoBiz USA is the connection between ground-based and overseas transport, warehouses, and logistics systems, all of which l impact our environment. 

So how are they reducing their carbon footprint?

GoBiz USA is redefining and optimizing the end-to-end supply chain process from an environmental perspective by doing the following:

  • Reducing waste and improving efficiency in shipping by land and sea.
  • Lowering carbon emissions by consolidating shipments.
  • Minimizing energy usage by limiting the use of lighting in all facilities.
  • Conserving natural resources by recycling. 
  • Promoting sustainable resources such as virtual manufacturing.

GoBiz USA is committed to investing the time, resources, focus, and energy necessary to make our GoBiz USA environmental program succeed.

With so many supply chain platforms, they want to differentiate themselves by providing you with a tailored approach for all your fulfillment needs. 

They aim to ensure that you have complete confidence and trust that a dependable team of experts quickly accommodates your orders, special requests, and certification needs.

GoBiz USA will provide you with advanced operational solutions, competitive advantages, and the following benefits:

  • Quality Grade-A Products
  • 4% Cashback on purchases
  • Free shipping with FedEx
  • Net 30 terms upon approval
  • Membership Perks and Resources
  • GoBiz USA Debit card with incentives
  • Hands-on customer service and solutions team
  • Virtual manufacturing for private label
  • Drop-ship dashboard feature
  • Oracle Netsuite calculated reporting system
  • Eco-Friendly shipping for bulk items

They offer thousands of products ranging from office supplies, home goods, outdoor, sporting, apparel, health, beauty, gaming, and industrial products at a great advantage.

Here are some other things that I want to share with you…

  • GoBiz USA prides itself in being a true B2B Marketplace Platform by providing a front-end built for Enterprise level purchasing and a back-end consisting of a robust ERP system to best support our product vendor. 
  • They have constructed a sophisticated AI Product Indexing Matrix that takes multiple dimensions of Product Data, Purchasing Data, Interactional Data, and Financial Data from Vendors and Customers to provide an optimal structure built to scale both parties.
  • Their expert customer support specialists have extensive training on all products and services to quickly provide practical solutions to any requests. The GoBiz USA support team is trained to create SOPs with each product vendor to act as an additional avenue that has been measured to decrease returns and increase sales.
  • GoBiz USA built an advanced credit assessment system directly integrated with our website. With this feature, they can thoroughly assess the credit background of any given company in fractions of a second. 
  • They partnered with one of the largest Business Credit Bureaus in the world to bring ease and certainty when extending credit lines to our customers, assessing and cross-checking over 400 million business records worldwide.
  • GoBiz USA has an international team of highly experienced subject matter experts to support all GoBiz USA verticals.
  • Their US-based fulfillment centers operate on an automated Warehouse Audit System (WAS) which guarantees that all depots are in line with state regulations, labor conditions, and safety standards.  

GoBiz was created to be the leading go-to reliable, helpful and dependable marketplace for all your B2B and B2C manufacturing, distributing, and wholesale needs.

As we all know, B2B companies have a complex process that they must go through to provide clients with bulk shipments. That process includes uniquely configured label requirements, various shipment certifications, and detailed specs and packaging guidelines. 

GoBiz USA understands that steps must be taken, and exceptional documentation will be provided for bulk orders. They have made it easy to acquire those certifications through our Enterprise ERP system.

They can also provide B2B companies with the following:

  1. Product Specifications
  2. Environmental Certifications
  3. RoHS Compliance Forms
  4. Country Of Origin Certifications
  5. Prop 65 Certifications
  6. Customer SOP Documentation

…and if you need any other forms to fulfill your transaction, GoBiz USA can accommodate you with those requests. 

What differentiates them from our competitors; they provide quality bulk shipments with all certifications faster than average wholesalers. 

Whereas some manufacturers and warehouses can take up to 5-6 weeks to deliver cases and pallets, GoBiz USA can fulfill bulk shipments in the US the same week the order has been created. 

Additionally, their warehouses are on the ground in the US, and shipments coming by sea auto replenish for on-hand products to be delivered through a set program specific to your needs. They want to ensure that your customers are getting their products on time, so they monitor when items arrive and how quickly they can get them out for delivery.

GoBiz USA has partnered with Oracle NetSuite to provide an optimized, scalable, and integrated system that tracks all orders and documentation and mitigates any supply chain issues. 

“There are endless manufacturing-driven logistics solutions built into NetSuite that we're now digitalizing through a platform; the answers to complex B2B problems are built into NetSuite – we just have to make them available to the customer.” – Turker Hidirlar, GoBiz USA CEO.

This system allows GoBiz USA to process and prepare bulk orders, track inventory, leverage supplier and vendor relationships, and exceed delivery expectations while minimizing shipping costs. 

GoBiz USA also offers on-the-spot credit lines so that you won't have to worry about product costs for up to a net 30 payment term. Their relationship with the world's largest credit bureau allows us to support your company quickly with an enterprise-level system. 

As GoBiz grows, the team seeks to expand its portfolio beyond products and into the service and technology sectors by offering a wide array of business-focused services, software, templates, and educational content.

On the vendor side, GoBiz aims to reimagine the way that today's marketplaces function. Instead of creating a race to the bottom where vendors are constantly asked to slash prices, and only those with the lowest prices survive, creating an unsustainable business model for vendors, GoBiz creates a healthy marketplace that encourages competition between vendors. 

“We have entered an age where customers expect their specific needs to be met instantly. To fulfill this need for the customer, we have created a modular front-end marketplace system that can grow and adapt as the economy, supply, and demand shift, ensuring that we have healthy competition between vendors and a painless purchasing process our customers can rely on.” – Cameron Rose, GoBiz USA President & CMO.

I hope that was convincing enough for you to switch to GoBiz USA for all your B2B and B2C needs. 

To learn more about GoBiz USA Business Membership Program, CLICK HERE

To browse GoBiz USA products, CLICK HERE

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